10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

From when you started dating as a teenager to your twenties, you must have gotten lots of relationship advice from the women in your life.

Some weird, some good, and others not so good.

But you see, the relationship advice that messes things up is the one given by judgemental women.

They will judge you for your choices, to make themselves look good.

And they’d never accept that everyone is not the same.

That relationships are not one size fits all.

And if you look at dating based on one person’s experience, you may ruin your chances of success.

So this post will cover ten bad dating advice women give each other.

Let’s begin.

10 Bad dating advice women give one another

1. Play hard to get

10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

First off, playing hard to get is childish as eff, in my opinion.

I don’t understand why you’d play hard to get if you’re still going to say yes at the end of the day.

Some women have created this idea that if you agree to date immediately, you’re cheap.

Yes, I’ve heard that before.

And they also claim that a man would appreciate you more if it took him longer to win you.

I call bull on that.

If a man thinks you’re not worth it because you showed you like him, then he’s not worth it.

Some men enjoy the game of chasing you.

And when they finally get you, they disappear.

I think they just wanted to see what’s special about you.

Some also enjoy the chase and will have a good relationship with you.

Then again, some guys will not chase you, especially if they know you like them but want to play games.

So you see, these are three different examples.

But my point is, if I like a guy, I will show him.

Suppose he doesn’t like me, okay, bye. I’ll move on with my life.

But if I waste time playing games with a guy I like, he might find someone else that shows she likes him.

And ignore me and my little games.

Do you see my point?

2. Stay with him even if there’s another person

Please don’t listen to anyone telling you to stay with a man with another woman.

What sort of bull is that?

You didn’t sign up to compete to be with him.

If he’s not sure where he wants to be, please leave him.

Trust me; it is harmful to your self-esteem.

When I discovered my ex had a girl the whole time we were dating, I told a friend.

She said, “stay and continue dating him. Eventually, he will choose you”.

I was like, WTF!

I broke up with him and moved on with my life.

And my ex? He married that girl.

Me? I got my chance to be with someone that wanted to be with me.

3. Wait till the third date to have sex

10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

Another common lousy advice women give each other is to wait till the third date to have sex.

Whether you have sex on the first or third date, it is still sex.

Who makes these silly rules?

Please don’t let anyone make you feel less because you had sex when you chose to.

There are lots of happy couples that had sex on the first date.

And there’s no guarantee that sex on the third date means your relationship will be more successful.

Also, please stop acting like you’re doing a man a favor by having sex with him.

You are both pleasuring each other.

So the first or third date, sex is still sex.

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4. You are the prize is common bad advice women give one another

The prize mentality is another lousy dating advice women give each other.

And it is one of the worst dating advice I’ve ever heard.

Look, dating is not about who wins or who loses.

It is two people trying to create something special together.

Society has made us believe women are on a pedestal.

And a man is lucky to have you in his life.

But they fail to tell you that he’s the prize just like you.

And both of you will benefit from having each other.

It is a two-way street, sister.

That’s why you must make an effort as much as he does.

5. He will change if you do XYZ

10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

This dating advice is terrible.

And it is one of the reasons some women stay in horrible relationships.

They’ve been made to believe it is their fault their partners mistreat them.

And if they act a certain way, the partner may treat them better.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of women in abusive relationships.

And you hear other women, even their moms, advising them that if they behaved better, their partners would change.

I call bull.

If a guy is horrible, nothing you do will make him change.

The only thing you can do is leave him alone.

The moment you notice he’s a jerk, end it and move on.

Let him go and fix his issues. It is not your job to change him.

And you don’t need anyone going hot and cold with you.

6. Give him a chance even if you don’t like him

Another lousy dating advice women give to each other is “give him a chance even if you don’t like him.

Sometimes, this advice suggests that men are scarce. So take what you have, even if it’s not good enough.

They even suggest you marry a man you don’t like that you’d grow to love him.

Yes, it works for some people.

But still, it is not good advice, in my opinion.

If I don’t like a guy, I won’t lead him on.

Here’s what I’ve done in the past.

If I like him, I’ll go on a first date and get to know him.

But if I don’t like him after that, there won’t be a second date.

I won’t waste my time and his.

Don’t let anyone pressure you to spend time with a guy you can’t stand.

A friend once advised me to date and maybe eventually marry a guy I didn’t like.

Well, she introduced us. One of the main reasons I’m not too fond of match-making.

We always talked on the phone, but things weren’t flowing like that. (we were in different countries)

Again, I’m not a fan of long-distance relationships.

Anyway, we had a misunderstanding, and he showed himself.

Then I ended it.

Here’s what my friend said to me:

Ken told me what happened.

It’s best you fix things and continue dating him.

Or aren’t you tired of changing them (men)?

Okay, let’s say I’m tired of changing men.

Is that why I should let him put me down like that?

Well, that’s people for us.

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7. “He’s mean because he likes you” is one of the worst pieces of advice women give each other

10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

Advising a lady that a man is mean to her because he likes her is wrong and dangerous.

And it makes me sick to my stomach.

This dangerous dating advice excuses bad behavior in kids and adults.

If a man likes you, he would not be mean to you.

He would not bully you into falling in love.

That’s not love. It is subjugation.

And it would be best if you did not date such people.

Because that cycle never ends.

Please don’t interpret nastiness as affection.

Or allow anyone to fill your head with that bull.

8. Another bad advice women give is “Love is hard”

What do you hear when they say “love is hard”?

I hear people scaring you from being in a relationship.

That relationships are only for the strong at heart.

Remember, “marriage is not a bed of roses”?

I heard that since I was a kid until I got married.

Look, love is not hard. Neither is it work.

We’ve focused so much on the negatives that we don’t see the positives of love.

Think about it.

Is a happy relationship entertaining to the public?

Not very much.

Instead, they are considered boring.

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But a breakup is what most people see and listen to.

So they’d have stories to tell.

So what are we talking about?

If you love someone and he loves you, love won’t feel like work.

Because you both want to be together.

And you will do what is needed to keep your relationship.

And after a while, it just flows because you now know each other better.

But if you are giving love, and your partner is not reciprocating, please leave them.

Now, that kind of relationship is considered work. And it never works.

See what I did there? LOL.

9. Stay with them no matter what

10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

This is one piece of dating advice that is more confusing than helpful.

To stay with your partner no matter what means being together when things are good or bad.

But this advice also keeps people in bad relationships.

Someone told me about a friend whose husband hit her.

And her mother-in-law says to endure.

What sort of endurance is she talking about?

Please call the domestic violence hotline immediately if your partner is abusive.

10. Don’t bring up the future – you’d look desperate

If you’ve been dating a man for some time, it is okay to ask about the future.

After all, you need to know where the relationship is headed to plan accordingly.

And if your boyfriend is not ready to move forward, you can leave him and find someone else.

Don’t waste your time waiting for a day that may never come because you don’t want to look desperate.

You should know as soon as possible instead of wasting years with an unserious person.

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Conclusion on 10 pieces of bad dating advice women give each other

So that’s 10 pieces of bad dating advice women give each other.

If anyone says them to you, please stop discussing your relationships with them.

Talk to the man you’re dating, and get to know them.

Then you can make decisions based on that.

Please, don’t judge your man based on someone else’s experience.

And you’ll be okay.

What lousy dating advice has a woman given you?

Please share them in the comments.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post. It would mean everything to me.

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