Does He Love You if He Cheats on his Wife with You?

Does He Love You if He Cheats on his Wife with You?

So this lady asked why her married boyfriend said he loves her but won’t leave his wife for her.

I’ve seen it so many times.

A married man might even tell you he’d marry you if he met you before his wife.

And I raise an eyebrow like, “duuuuuuude.”

Unfortunately, some guys would say crap about their wives to get into your panties.

So what does it mean if he cheats on his wife with you?

Does it mean he loves you?

This post will answer your questions today.

Why would a married man cheat on his wife with you?

I don’t endorse cheating or making excuses for it.

But we won’t blame the husband alone for cheating.

It takes two to tango.

So here are reasons a married man is cheating on his wife with you:

1. He’s spending more time outside than with his wife

Sometimes it’s not like this guy wants to spend time away from his wife.

But, it is likely because his wife isn’t supportive.

We see ladies on social media say they don’t want to hear about their man’s problems.

Some say he sounds like a little B-word.

And because we all need someone to lean on, this guy might start talking to a lady friend.

Before you know it, he’s developed a friendship with this lady.

And this friendship can turn into dating and sleeping with each other.

2. He wants more sex that’s why he’s cheating on his wife with you

Some married couples have regular sex, and some don’t.

So your married boyfriend might be cheating on his wife with you because he wants regular sex.

And some guys would say they love you and whatnot so they can get more.

3. He might be in love with you

If you’re the only one he’s sleeping with outside his wife; there’s a chance he’s in love with you.

Because if you guys have regular sex, he will associate your face with love at some point.

Also, because it is your face, he sees when he gets that dopamine hit (remember, he’s likely not sleeping with his wife).

So it’s possible he loves you and no longer has feelings for his wife.

4. His wife is cheating on him

Yes, some married women cheat on their husbands too.

So he’s doing the same to her.

And they both stay in the marriage and continue cheating on each other.

This is just crazy and unhealthy.

4. He’s not communicating with his wife

Many couples don’t know how to communicate without fighting.

So they tend to avoid dealing with issues until things get worse.

And before you know it, they live like roommates, and everybody is doing what they like.

It’s likely your married man-friend has communication issues and running away from his marital problems.

5. He’s cheating on his wife with you because he’s insecure.

Most guys that cheat on their partners are insecure.

They need constant validation.

And sleeping with several women helps him feel manly.

6. Marital issue is an excuse for some married men to cheat on their wives

Marriages will always have problems.

But some use marital issues as an excuse to cheat on their partners.

And if he’s cheating on his wife because he’s no longer attracted to her, it says a lot about him.

Did he marry her just for her physical appearance?

Yes, it’s part of it.

But there’s more to loving someone than just their looks.

7. He’s a serial cheater

He’s always been a cheater before he got married.

And even if he had the best wife in the world, he would still cheat on her.

Some women knowingly marry cheaters hoping they’d change for them.

But a cheater cheats on every woman he comes across.

So even if he leaves his wife for you, he most likely would cheat on you.

Unless, by some miracle, he decides he’s done with cheating.

8. He’s bored with his marriage

At some point, marriage becomes routine – which is not bad.

But some people cannot deal with routine because everything has to be fun.

And instead of working together to spice up their relationship, some partners start looking for excitement outside.

So it’s possible your man-friend is bored with his marriage, and that’s why he’s with you.

9. He’s unhappy in his marriage

Another reason he’s cheating on his wife with you is that he’s not happy in his marriage.

Instead of making things worse by cheating on his wife, isn’t it better to try to work things out?

People who throw their relationships away when they hit trouble are hardly stable people to build connections with.

So if he’s unhappy in his marriage, he should do what he must.

10. He’s not a good person

Some guys cheat on their wives, which is bad enough.

But if your man-friend bad-mouths his wife so he can get some from you, he’s horrible.

Even if his wife is terrible, you don’t need to hear that information.

He’s only pumping you to feel more special to him than his wife so you can give him some.

And you don’t want to deal with such a person.

Can a married man cheat and still love his wife?

There is no straight answer to this question because of so many variables.

For some men, long-term commitment (not sex) to one partner is their definition of love.

So they might sleep with other women but will always return to their wives.

And another variable is the wealthy, good-looking stud that doesn’t have to do anything for women to throw themselves at him.

With that wealth, single and married women would want a taste of him.

And if you’re one of many women he’s cheating with; it’s likely he still loves his wife.

Crazy, right?

Now, if he’s committed to just one mistress outside his wife, there’s a chance he’s in love with her and no longer has feelings for his wife.

So why cheat on the woman he loves?

Maybe his wife stopped intimacy with him, and he needs to get some from other women.

Also, some men sleep with everything and deny their wives regular intimacy.

Again I’m not endorsing cheating; just pointing out the nuances.

What should you do if he is cheating on his wife with you?

1. Ask yourself if you can trust him

I know of someone who left his wife for another woman.

He even started a whole family.

For the time, the other woman was enjoying the time and resources he was supposed to spend on his family.

But that relationship didn’t last.

Now he doesn’t even have a relationship with his kids from that relationship.

And he’s now with another woman.

Even if you feel you won him from his evil wife (as he painted her to be), do you think you can trust him not to do you the same?

2. Know that you deserve better

Some ladies brag that they can take another woman’s husband.

You can’t take someone else’s husband unless he wants to be taken.

And if his wife was a good person, and he dumps her for you, then you’re not getting a good guy.

In fact, the wife will thank you for taking out her garbage.

So tell yourself you deserve better.

3. Would you be happy in a similar situation?

Another question is if you’d be happy if we turned the tables.

I know it’s not your fault that the married man wants to be with you.

But you can refuse him.

And get with a single guy who wants to be with you and treat you well, especially without the guilt of breaking someone else’s home.

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4. What if he hurts you too?

Like I said about the guy who left his wife to start another family.

Remember, he left the second lady too.

So don’t ever think it would be a smooth sail.

Someone known for jumping from woman to woman will leave you when he finds another.

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5. It’s okay to end the relationship

Maybe this man-friend of yours was so cool and all.

Maybe he said he loves you, and you love him too.

But you can leave the relationship if you want something serious.

Also, you don’t want to deal with the guilt of breaking another woman’s home.

Then give yourself time to heal and move on from there.

Conclusion on dating a married man

So does he love you if he cheats on his wife with you?

It depends.

But some people make excuses to cheat because they are and will always be cheaters.

At the same time, some wives deny their husbands intimacy, which makes them look for it outside.

Instead of waiting and hoping a married guy will leave his wife for you, why not find a single guy to date, and marry someday?

Think about it.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Please share it: it would mean everything to me.

Thanks for reading.

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