Your Ex Suddenly Wants Marriage After You’ve Broken Up – What to Do

Your Ex Suddenly Wants Marriage After You've Broken Up - What to Do

Your ex didn’t want marriage, but you did, so you broke up with him.

A few weeks after you’ve broken up, he suddenly wants marriage.

How do you handle this situation?

That’s what we’ll be talking about in this blog post.

We’ll discuss why your ex-partner changed his mind.

And what to do when your ex suddenly wants marriage after you’ve broken up.

Let’s get started.

What you should know about people who don’t want marriage

Most people who choose not to marry hardly change their minds.

They must have decided in their late teens or early twenties that they’d rather date someone but never marry.

So, it’s almost impossible for them to change their views and get married.

But it doesn’t mean it has never happened.

Some people change their minds about kids, marriage, etc., because they love and don’t want to lose their partners.

That’s why we can’t shut the door on the chance that your ex-partner might want marriage now.

Why your ex-boyfriend suddenly wants marriage after breaking up

He changed his mind because he loves you.

If your ex-partner changes his mind and decides to marry you, it’s probably because he loves you.

And you know he does. Or don’t you?

And wants to be with you.

Which is good.

He doesn’t want to lose you.

Your Ex Suddenly Wants Marriage After You've Broken Up - What to Do

Another reason your ex-boyfriend suddenly wants marriage after you’ve broken up is that he doesn’t want to lose you.

A friend was dating and looking to get married.

When they started discussing kids, she discovered he didn’t want children.

So she was about to end the relationship because she wanted kids.

But her boyfriend (now husband) loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.

So he decided he would have kids with her.

And they’ve been happily married with a kid for over ten years.

My point is some people are honest when they change their minds about these things.

But I don’t know your boyfriend.

You alone know the kind of person he is.

If he’s being honest, you’ll know.

He wants only you

There are many people out there to date.

But your ex-partner wants only you.

That’s why he changed his heart and now wants to marry you.

So what can you do?

What to do when your ex-partner now wants marriage after you’ve broken up for a few weeks

1. Discuss it

If your partner suddenly wants to get married after you broke up, talk about it.

And hear what he has to say.

He must be clear it is what he wants.

But as I said earlier, most people who don’t want marriage have been like that for years.

So changing their minds is almost impossible.

Still, it doesn’t mean it never happens.

That’s why it’s important to talk about it.

2. Ask why the sudden change of heart

Your Ex Suddenly Wants Marriage After You've Broken Up - What to Do

Seriously, what changed between when your ex didn’t want marriage, the breakup, and now?

Does he need a breakup to know he wants to marry you?

Yes, it happens like that sometimes.

Maybe he realized how much you meant to him after you left him.

And he doesn’t want to live without you, so he changed his beliefs.

Anyway, these are the answers he should give you when you talk.

3. Consider taking him back if…

You can take him back if he’s willing to start wedding plans.

At this stage, you already know each other well.

So there’s nothing like “let’s wait another six months or a year before getting married.”.

And if he’s serious about wanting to marry you, he wouldn’t have a problem getting engaged.

Also, ensure his words are backed by actions like buying you a ring, fixing a date, telling family, etc.


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4. Don’t take him back if he’s not showing any signs of seriousness

Your Ex Suddenly Wants Marriage After You've Broken Up - What to Do

Please leave him if he doesn’t want to start planning your life together.

He’s not serious about wanting to marry you.

He wants to string you along.

And please, don’t let him lead you on.

He can say he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you.

But if you’re not on the same page regarding your future, let him go.

It would be hard because you love him too.

But you’d hurt more when you stay with someone that doesn’t want the same things.

And you might even begin to resent him for not giving you marriage.

And you’d regret your decision to stay with him.

So leave him and start healing from the heartbreak.


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5. Talk to friends to help you deal with the situation

It’s expected you’d feel hurt and want to stay with him.

But sometimes, we can’t think straight when we’re in love.

So it’s important to talk to a trusted friend about the issue.

They might help you see that your ex is saying whatever he can to get you back.

Not because he suddenly saw the light and now loves the idea of marriage.

And especially if he’s not making plans to get married.

6. Move on and find someone who wants the same things.

Now it’s time to move on.

Take time to deal with the heartbreak.

And when you’re better, go back to dating.

And find someone who wants the same things.

7. Discuss what you want early in your new relationship

Moving forward, please talk about the kind of relationship you want.

When your relationship starts getting serious, talk about marriage.

So you’d know if you want the same things before spending years and years together.

Please don’t wait for more than a year to discuss marriage.

Most people know they want to marry someone after six months to a year of dating.

There is no shame in saying you want marriage.

And if the man you’re dating doesn’t want marriage, he will tell you.

Or you’ll see the signs.

Please stop dating without knowing where your relationship is headed.

As you’re talking about careers, your favorite restaurants, etc., talk about marriage and kids too.

To have an idea if you are on the same page.

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Conclusion on what to do if your ex wants marriage after breaking up

I hope this post helps you deal with your ex’s sudden change of heart to get married after breaking up.

Did you marry an ex that didn’t want marriage but changed their mind after you broke up?

Please share your experience with us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it.

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