10 Toxic Traits To Kick To The Curb To Be A Girl’s Girl

10 Female Toxic Traits To Kick To The Curb For A Happier Life

In this blog post, we’ll shed light on ten toxic traits we women need to kick to the curb for a happier life.

Now, let’s be honest.

None of us are perfect.

I’m not, and neither are you.

But you know what?

Addressing these not-so-pleasant behaviors can help us check ourselves and bring us closer to happiness.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore these toxic female traits we can do without:

10 Toxic Female Traits to Give Up To Be Happier

Let’s take this as a journey.

Taking one day at a time.

Trust me, I still struggle with these things because we’re only human.

But unlearning these behaviors and checking ourselves can make us better people.

So here are toxic female traits to quit now for a happier life:

1. Being judgemental

Woman making a judgemental face

It’s time to drop the habit of passing judgment on our fellow women.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique.

And who are we to rain on someone else’s parade?

I used to judge other women based on their choices.

But the funny thing was that I didn’t like it when my friends judged my choices.

Which was hypocritical because I was judging, too.

Also, I didn’t understand how life challenges can shape our choices.

But after several life experiences, you begin to see that judging others is our way of hiding our insecurities.

And I was done being friggin insecure.

So, I focused on myself and worked on my insecurities.

I taught myself that everyone has the right to choose how they live their lives.

2. Jealousy

Ah, the green-eyed monster!

Let’s banish jealousy and celebrate the successes of others.

After all, there’s room for all of us to shine.

Back then, when I saw another woman, I’d price and estimate the cost of everything she was wearing.

It was my thing.

But deep inside, I was jealous of her style and how she carried herself.

I wasn’t taught self-confidence as a young woman, which made me miserable and insecure.

So, seeing other women shine in their confidence ate into my soul.

And I’d try to dampen their shine.

Well, in my head, of course.

But I started working on myself, growing my self-confidence.

And learning to see the beauty in other women.

And when that voice that finds faults with them creeps in, I tell myself, “Well, it’s not up to me how beautiful or confident they feel.”

Just that simple sentence shuts the jealous voice in my head.

3. Comparing your life to others

Comparing ourselves to others only leads to misery.

Let’s embrace our path and stop measuring our worth against someone else’s highlight reel.

And comparison is toxic because it makes you hate your life.

There was a time when I was very active on Instagram.

And during that time, I’d see other women with perfect pictures and clutter-free backgrounds.

Then, I started comparing and finding faults in my content.

And I became unhappy.

So, I quit Instagram for a while.

But over time, I understood that social media life isn’t real.

And even if it’s real, what’s the point of comparing my life to some stranger on the internet?

It doesn’t help anyone.

4. Causing drama

10 Female Toxic Traits To Kick To The Curb For A Happier Life


Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, instead of arguing over meaningless things, we can overlook the small stuff.

Or is it the toxic trait of being moody whenever something isn’t about us?

Yes, some of us do that.

It’s very toxic and chases people away from us because they’ve had enough of our drama.

Instead, let’s avoid unnecessary conflicts and strive for meaningful connections with other women.

5. Vengeful behavior

Being vengeful is one of the most toxic female traits anyone can have.

Holding onto grudges only poisons our well-being.

Some of us take pride in revenge.

We’d say this person did ABC, and we will do XYZ to hurt them.

But the satisfaction you think you’ll get from hurting that person is never worth it.

And most times, it’s better to cut that person off and move on with your life.

So we don’t end up hurting ourselves in the long run.

Choose forgiveness and let go of that negativity.

6. Being controlling

woman wearing a helmet holding and baton and pointing a finger

Nobody likes a control freak!

We all have that friend who likes to control everything.

They want to control what you do, who you become friends with, date, etc.

And if you’re not playing by their rules, they get mad at you.

Maybe you have such friends, or you’re the friend who wants to control everyone.

Such behaviors can get exhausting and can chase our friends away.

So, let’s loosen the reins and embrace the beauty of diversity in choices and lifestyles.

7. Breaking the sister code

Ladies, let’s lift each other instead of tearing each other down.

We’re stronger together when we support one another.

We keep saying “women for women”.

But we still come on social media to brag about seducing another woman’s boyfriend or partner – in her presence.

That’s a very toxic female trait that you must avoid at all costs.

Which brings me to the next point.

8. Engaging in competition

Life’s not a race, and competing with others only breeds discontent.

Let’s celebrate each other’s victories without feeling the need to one-up.

Some of us constantly compete with other women whether we know them or not.

Examples of competition I have witnessed and experienced are:

  • Rushing into a likely bad relationship because your friend is in a relationship.
  • Or going after your friend’s man because you must win or have something she has.
  • Another common one is competing with your friends to buy or acquire everything they have.

Competing with people never makes anyone happy.

Especially when it costs you good friendships and peace and puts you in debt.

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9. Being a people-pleaser

Coffe and a note saying stop being a people pleaser

It’s okay to say no!

Some of us are people-pleasers because we don’t want others to judge us.

We’ll say, “I don’t want to do XYZ, but I can’t say no because people will think I’m not nice.”

We focus on being seen as nice even if we inconvenience ourselves.

But the truth is that people will always judge you.

Some time ago, some ladies I met were planning a trivia hangout.

And because I don’t see trivia as fun, I said it’s not my thing and didn’t go with them.

But some of us will lie that we like trivia because how others perceive us is more important than who we truly are.

And also we want to belong.

Someone even said I was supposed to make an excuse (a lie) as to why I wouldn’t be able to join them for trivia.

But I believe in being honest.

And if someone gets offended that I don’t enjoy the same hobbies as them, then I don’t want to be friends with them.

Because I’m not a people pleaser.

Besides, it only takes time before you explode from the exhaustion of pleasing everyone.

So, let’s prioritize our well-being and authenticity over trying to please everyone else.


10. Selfishness

Another female toxic trait to let go of is selfishness.

Selfishness means putting your needs first, often ignoring how it affects others.

This can harm relationships and personal growth, leading to resentment and conflicts.

To change this behavior, let’s try to understand and care about others’ feelings.

Being generous and considerate can lead to better relationships and a happier life.

So, let’s be kind and considerate towards those around us.

Conclusion on 10 female toxic traits to forgo to be happy

Letting go of these female toxic traits can pave the way for happier and more fulfilling lives as women.

So here’s to embracing positivity and spreading love wherever we go!

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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