First Date Checklist For Ladies – 21 Things To Do + FREE Checklist

First Date Checklist For Ladies - 21 Things To Do

Are you nervous about going on a first date because you have no idea what to expect?

Depending on how well your first date goes, there might be a second or third date and maybe a budding relationship.

But how do you plan for a first date?

Here’s a first-date checklist for ladies: 21 things to do to prepare you for a great date.

Let’s begin.

The Ultimate First Date Checklist – 21 Things To Do For A Great First Date

1. Plan your outfit

First Date Checklist For Ladies - 21 Things To Do

Think of what you want to wear on your first date.

On one of my first dates, my friends said not to wear a dress or skirt.

So I wore jeans, a tank top, and peep-toe heels.

But I’d have preferred to wear a dress with heels.

What I’d suggest is to dress according to where you’re going.

So if you’re going to a coffee shop, maybe a simple dress with wedge or block heel sandals.

But if you’re going to a fancy restaurant, please wear that lovely red or black dress with heels you can walk in.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re comfortable.

2. Do some mani-pedi to prep for your first date

Before your first date, take some time to get a mani-pedi.

You don’t have to make a mani-pedi appointment if you have no time or money.

Just make sure your nails are clean, trimmed, and polished if you like.

Please don’t go on a date with chipped nail polish on your fingernails.

You can hide your toes in shoes, but not your hands.

3. Take a shower and use deodorants

First Date Checklist For Ladies - 21 Things To Do

Most people do not shower daily.

But if you have a date, please take a shower and clean yourself thoroughly.

And remember to lotion your body, use deodorant, and some perfume.

While you’re unsure how the date will go, you might as well enjoy your clean body.

4. Get rid of hair on your body

Hairy underarms can make it hard to decide what to wear for your date.

I wear primarily sleeveless clothes and wouldn’t want to risk raising my arms and showing hair on a first date.

So remove hairs in your underarms and other body parts.

The plan is to make sure you’re comfortable whatever happens.

5. Clean your mouth

Even if you brushed your teeth in the morning, clean them before leaving for your date.

Most of us are completely turned off by bad breath.

And because you’d be talking and getting to know each other, your breath must be fresh.

6. Do your hair

You don’t want to go on a date with your hair looking like you just woke up.

Please wash and style your hair.

7. Pick a venue for your first date

7. Pick a venue for your first date

You don’t just decide where to go on the day of your date.

It’s best to have an idea of what the place is like.

What kind of food and drinks do they serve, what’s the dress code, etc.

Pick a place, and find out if you have to make reservations.

Also, ensure you know when they open and how late they stay open.

8. Have a backup place

You must have a backup place if your first choice doesn’t work out.

Maybe you got to the first restaurant, and it’s full; it’s great to know another place you can go.

Or you had a great time at one diner and would love to spend more time together.

Instead of sitting at the same place, you can go to a pastry shop, or an ice cream parlor or take a walk in the park.

9. Arrange transportation

Do you have a car?

Make sure it is clean and presentable.

And if you don’t have a car, plan to get a taxi for your date.

Don’t ask your date to pick you up since you don’t know them well.

10. Have enough money (vex money), just in case.

You must never go on a date without enough money.

Where I’m from, we call it “vex money.”

Girls ask each other, “hope you have vex money” when you’re going on a date.

If you have to split the bill, it’s great to have money on hand.

Also, if the date isn’t going well and you decide to leave, you must have money for your ride.

Because it would be humiliating when you choose to leave but have no money to sort your meal and transportation.

So please have vex money on hand.

11. Have an emergency contact

When going on a first date, inform someone you trust.

Crazy things happen on dates.

So a friend or family member must know where you’re going.

And if things go crazy, they can send help or pick you up.

12. Watch your drinking

First Date Checklist For Ladies - 21 Things To Do

If you can’t handle your alcohol, please don’t drink on your first date.

While it is crucial you’re aware of your surroundings, you don’t want to make a bad first impression.

Some people will take care of you when you’re drunk.

But some will walk away and never call you again.

Another reason you must not get drunk on your first date is you’re not sure if the person is a creep.

So it’s best to be in the right mind to make decisions and protect yourself from harm.

13. Plan what to talk about on the first date

Another thing to plan for your date is what to talk about.

Some of us know how to start conversations and go with the flow.

But some of us have to prepare ourselves for them.

If you fall in the latter, maybe plan what you’d love to talk about.

From there, you can discuss other topics.

14. Give your undivided attention on the first date

You don’t want to go on a date and spend the night scrolling or chatting on your phone.

It shows you have no respect for your date and their time.

Also, this is not the time to take pictures of your food for social media.

Your date needs your undivided attention.

If you must have your phone, keep it turned upside down on the table, and focus on your date.

15. Listen but don’t monopolize the conversation

Listen but don't monopolize the conversation on your first date

Your first date is when you’re getting to know each other, so listen when your date talks.

Also, talk about yourself.

But don’t steal the conversation by talking non-stop and giving your date no chance to speak.

16. Have regular conversations, nothing deep

Any conversation you have on your first date should be about regular stuff.

You can talk about your culture, favorite food or place, pets, etc.

But please don’t talk about your ex or ask them about theirs on a first date.

You want the first date to be simple without any awkwardness.

17. Be on time for your first date

Women take more time to prepare, so maybe start on time so you’re not late for your date.

And if you’re running late for some reason, let your date know.

Just don’t leave them in the dark wondering if they’ve been stood up.

18. Be polite

Please leave bad manners at home when going on a first date.

In short, be on your best behavior.

Hehehe sounds like I’m talking to a child.

Anyway, remember to smile, say please, thank you, etc.

And if, for any reason, the first date feels odd, and you decide to leave, do so without drama or making a scene.

19. Rank the date

How did the first date go?

Would you like to meet again?

If you can’t stand spending time with that person again, let it end on the first date.

There’s no point in planning a second date if you don’t like them.

20. Say your goodbyes

Now, if your date went well, first, you won’t want the day to end.

And when saying your goodbyes, a hug or a kiss on the cheek sends a positive message.

But a handshake may seem childish.

Do what you’re comfortable with.

21. Stay in touch

First Date Checklist For Ladies - 21 Things To Do

Lastly, when you get home, text your date to tell them you had a great time and would love to do it again.

And they’ll reply if they feel the same way.

But don’t text if you don’t want to see them again.

And if you don’t hear from them, you’re both on the same page.

Or you can try one more time; maybe something happened.

And they were unable to reply to your previous text.

Let’s wrap up 21 things for ladies to do for a great first date

So that’s 21 things to do before, during, and after your first date.

I hope you found this first-date checklist helpful.

Please remember to share this post; it would mean everything to me.

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