15 Habits Of Couples In Happy Relationships

15 Habits Of Couples In Happy Relationships

Have you seen couples that are genuinely happy in their relationships?

Have you ever wondered why they’re so comfortable around each other?

Or do you admire the way they get each other?

I’m not talking about couples that put up an act whenever people are around to give the facade of happiness.

I’m talking about couples that are friends and honest with each other.

Those couples don’t care about proving anything to anyone.

They don’t care if you believe it as long as they’re happy.

And I’m in that kind of relationship with my man.

So I know a thing or two about the habits of couples in happy relationships.

Keep reading for 15 habits of couples in happy relationships.

Let’s dive in.

15 Habits of couples in happy relationships

1. They make each other priority.

15 Habits Of Couples In Happy Relationships

Most couples in happy relationships put each other first.

These days we say it’s no longer 50-50; it’s 100-100.

Whichever works for you, prioritize your partner as much as he prioritizes you.

Don’t be the type that says I’m more important than my husband because of XYZ.

He’s equally important, and you must show him that he is.

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2. Habits of couples in happy relationships: they spend time together

Happy couples have the habit of spending time together.

It’s like a ritual to them.

While they may not go on dates often, happy couples enjoy each other’s company in many ways.

For some, a walk in the morning or evening is their thing.

Others enjoy talking in the morning over a cup of coffee.

My husband and I sped our time talking, playing, and watching sports or movies in the evenings.

Whatever you choose, make sure you spend quality time together daily.

3. They talk about serious and silly stuff and laugh together

3. They talk silly and laugh together

Most happy couples talk about serious and stupid stuff.

They laugh at each other’s jokes or tease each other.

And they’re not afraid to act silly and make their partners laugh their butts off.

Also, healthy couples talk about everyday things like science, sports, society, etc.

It shows they are friends and can talk about several things outside their relationship.

So break the walls and be silly.

Life is already too hard, so why not laugh at the small things with the one you love?

And you don’t have to talk about your relationship all the time.

You can have ordinary conversations like friends.

It makes your relationship stronger.

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4. They respect each other’s uniqueness

Happy couples respect each other’s differences.

I prefer slow grocery shopping, dragging myself around the store, and taking my time.

But my husband prefers to go in, get everything on the list, and get out.

We used to argue about how he was always rushing at the grocery store.

But it’s just his way.

And I respect that.

Also, I eat some food combinations that my husband will never try.

He teases me and laughs about it.

And I tease him that his kids eat them with me.

But we understand that we’re two different people, and that’s okay.

5. Plan their future together

Happy couples plan their future together

Most happy couples are always on the same page.

They plan their future together.

So what plans do you have?

Where do you want to live before or after retirement?

Do you prefer to buy a house in the city or the country?

Talk about it, and work together to bring your plans to fruition.

6. They argue but resolve their issues

It may come as a shock to you, but happy couples argue too.

But their willingness to resolve issues and move on sets them apart from others.

And because they value their bond, they hardly stay mad at each other for too long.

So get mad, but don’t keep a grudge or do the silent treatment, as it creates a wedge between you.

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7. They argue but don’t throw each other out

Happy couples argue but don't throw each other out

Most couples think kicking your significant other out of the house is okay because you’re mad at them.

In my opinion, happy couples don’t do that.

Yes, it’s okay to be mad at your partner.

But kicking them out of bed to the couch or out of the house is over the top.

Instead, you can stay mad and talk about your issues when you’re both calm.

Again, please save the timeout for your kid, not your SO.

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8. Couples in happy relationships appreciate each other

Happy couples appreciate each other.

Even if your partner is doing their share of the housework, you must thank them.

Some say, why thank your partner for doing the bare minimum?

Please thank your partner for doing the bare minimum because some partners don’t.

You see them differently when you thank your partner for helping.

You see more to love about them.

I thank my husband for grocery shopping, making hospital appointments, and doing all he does for the family.

And he thanks me for cooking, caring for the kids, and other things I do for the family.

Even randomly, I remember him and say, “John is a great guy.”

Every day I see more reasons why I love him because I appreciate him.

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9. Habits of couples in happy relationships? They understand each other.

Habits of couples in happy relationships? They understand each other.

Couples in happy relationships understand each other.

For instance, when you understand your partner, you know how they react in certain situations.

Before, when I got overwhelmed and cried, my husband would ask me what was happening.

And the last thing I want to do when crying is talk.

I want to cry uninterrupted. Lol.

So I told my husband I don’t like talking when crying.

And he understands now that all he has to do is comfort me, then talk later.

Also, I give him space to vent when he’s mad about something.

And when he’s better, we talk about it.

These are just two examples.

I’m sure you’d find other ways to understand your partner better.

10. They understand each other’s personalities

Some think they’d be happy if they had similar personalities to their partners.

I’d say it depends because people are different.

Two introverts may thrive in their relationship, but two extroverts may not, and vice-versa.

So couples in happy relationships are not looking to be more like their partners.

Instead, they bring their unique selves to the relationship and appreciate their differences.

11. They support each other

They support each other

Another habit of couples in happy relationships is they support each other.

Maybe you or your partner are planning to return to school; you must support each other.

Make compromises for each other.

Also, another way to support your partner is to be here for them when they’re celebrating or grieving.

Be their biggest fan and a shoulder to lean on.

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12. Couples in happy relationships are teammates

What you’d hardly see with happy couples is competition.

They see each other as teammates.

You and your partner must be willing to work as a team for your relationship to flourish.

There shouldn’t be any room for competition in how you do chores, parenting, or other responsibilities.

Some compete about who loads the dishwasher or washing machine better.

It doesn’t matter as long as the laundry or dishes are done.

That’s what’s important.

Please leave the competition for your video and board games, etc.

When you work together, you win together.

13. They spend time apart

They spend time apart

Couples in happy relationships also spend time apart.

Yes, they spend lots of time together but also value time alone.

You must be able to enjoy your own company when your partner isn’t around.

And even if you’re in the house together, you can do what you enjoy while your partner does theirs.

Sometimes I read a book in the bedroom while my husband plays video games in the living room.

Then we return and spend time together when we’re done with our hobbies.

You can also visit your friends if you prefer that.

Take some time away from your man, and have a great time with your girls.

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14. Couples in happy relationships connect

Another habit you must emulate from happy couples is that they connect.

Connect at home and while you’re away from each other.

Sometimes, text or call your partner to check on them.

Or randomly send a text to say I love you, I miss you, or thank you for XYZ.

Make your message brief and sweet, so your beau can read it, smile, reply and return to whatever they’re doing.

15. They love each other

15 Habits Of Couples In Happy Relationships

Finally, couples in happy relationships love each other.

When my daughter was under 2, her nanny asked why I was always happy when my husband got home from work.

Me *shocked face*

I replied because I love him.

I’m always excited when my husband returns after a hard day.

It means we eat dinner together, talk, tease, flirt, cuddle, and enjoy each other.

You don’t have to do anything crazy like helping your man take off his shoes every day he returns from work.

That’s unrealistic.

Don’t start what you can’t finish.

But welcome each other with a smile.

Hugs and kisses are welcome too.

Show each other love.

Wrapping it up!

Couples in happy relationships focus on each other.

They might not be your Instagram couple goals, but it doesn’t matter.

And that’s because they spend more time building a loving relationship instead of showing strangers how happy they are.

And I think that’s how you should approach your relationship.

You and your partner must work together, appreciate, put each other first, and watch your relationship thrive.

I hope this helps.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

Thanks for reading.

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