He Flirts With Other Women (To Your Knowledge) – What To Do

He Flirts With Other Women (To Your Knowledge) - What To Do

If he flirts with others and you don’t find out, it’s one thing.

This says he respects you.

But to an extent.

And that doesn’t make it right.

However, flirting with other women in front of you or not caring if you find out is even worse.

It is outright disrespect.

Because now your partner is showing you that they can rubbish you.

And you can do nothing about it.

If you’re currently in a relationship with someone who flirts with others and doesn’t care if you know, I empathize with you.

But after reading this post, I hope you’d make the right decision.

This post will discuss the following:

  • Why he flirts with other women in front of you.
  • Why you stay even when you know it’s wrong.
  • And what to do when your partner flirts with others to your knowledge.

Let’s dive in.

Why he flirts with others in front of you

I’ve dated guys who flirt with other women in front of me and behind my back.

I had an ex that once left me with a bunch of his friends to check out a woman and her kids playing at the beach.

And he came back to give his friends a report about her looks.

Right in front of me and to my hearing.

I saw it happen.

How they talked about the family, and how he walked down to check her out and returned with his report.

And when I talked about it, he made me feel like I was crazy even to insinuate that what he did was wrong.

It’s one of the reasons I’m still mad at my ex.

And I’ve had many other experiences like that.

So here are reasons why your partner flirts with others in front of you.

1. He doesn’t respect you.

When your partner flirts with other people in front of you, they have no respect for you.

It’s enough disrespect to flirt with other people.

But in front of you?

That’s outright disrespect.

Or they flirt with other people, and you have the receipts, and they don’t care?

That’s another level of disrespect.

And nobody should tolerate it.

2. He wants you to depend on him for your self-worth

Another reason he flirts with other people in front of you is because he wants you to depend on him for self-validation.

Maybe he knows your insecurities.

Of course, he does; he’s your partner.

So instead of helping you deal with them and assuring you that you’re more than your insecurities, he weaponizes them and treats you like crap.

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3. He believes you won’t leave him is another reason he flirts with others in your presence.

Your partner flirts with other women in front of you because he believes you won’t leave him.

Especially if you’ve been dating him for a while, and he’s been acting that way.

And you’d be shocked that he’d be surprised when you finally say you don’t want to date him anymore.

Like, where did that strength come from?

Yeah, he believes you can’t/won’t leave him.

4. He thinks he’s the best you can get

Sometimes our partners flirt with other women in front of us because they believe they’re the best we can get.

Maybe they’re good-looking, wealthy, and have women falling all over them.

So for all he knows, you’re lucky he chose to date you.

Even if he’s disrespecting you to your face, he wants you to focus on the privilege you have to be called his girlfriend.

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So why do you stay with him even when he flirts with others in front of you?

Let’s discuss why we stay with partners that flirt with other women and rub it in our faces.

1. It’s because sometimes we don’t know our worth.

We stay with our partners that flirt with other women in front of us because we don’t know our worth.

Sometimes, we think we’re unworthy of a partner – how much more a good-looking one?

Some of us put ourselves down even more than others do.

So when we finally meet someone who wants to date us, we think they’re doing us a favor.

Like they could have anybody out there.

But they chose us.

So we’re the lucky ones.

Yes, it might be true.

But you must realize that they’re also lucky to have you.

But low self-esteem blinds us.

This makes us stay with people who flirt with others before us.

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2. You love the idea of him, not the reality.

Another reason we stay with people who flirt with others, to our knowledge, is because we love the idea of them.

Not their reality.

So maybe you are in love with the idea of him.

Maybe you see or imagine him as this great guy that you love.

Or you’re drawn to his achievements and what he could be in the near future.

But his reality is that he’s a cheater who doesn’t even respect you enough to hide his cheating.

But because your idea of him is easier to live with, you avoid or ignore the reality.

3. You think you can change him

One mistake most of us make when dealing with guys who flirt with others in front of us is thinking we can change them.

Even when we’ve seen several signs that this person isn’t the one for us.

We still say that’s the person we want to love.

Because, for some reason, we believe we can change him with our love, sex, cooking, etc.

But the truth is you can’t change anyone.

They will only change if and when they’re willing to.

But you shouldn’t stay and wait for it to happen.

4. You’re scared to start over is why you stay when he flirts with others in front of you

Also, it’s possible that

No, scratch that.

You know that what he’s doing to you is wrong.

But because you’re scared to break up and start over, you stay with him.

But, girl, you must be strong and know you deserve better.

So let’s discuss what you can do when your guy flirts with others to your knowledge.

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What to do when your man flirts with others in front of you

Before we get into this, I need you to keep an open mind and prepare for the worst.

Your guy might get mad that you call out his disrespectful behavior.

He might even turn it around and blame you for his conduct.

But don’t let that distract you from addressing the issue.

Some guys would make you feel like you’re creating trouble out of nowhere.

Look at me…

Come closer…

Listen to me…

At this stage, you want to trash out this issue.

We don’t care if he says we’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

It doesn’t matter, sweetie.

How defensive he gets tells you all you need to make a decision.

And in most cases, you’d end the relationship.

So here’s what to do:

1. Talk to him about his flirting with other women in front of you

First, talk about it.

Let your partner know you’re uncomfortable with them flirting with other people.

And even worse doing it in front of you.

Or to your knowledge.

Some partners would tune it down and change because they don’t want to lose you.

But some would act like you’re making a big deal out of nothing.

If your partner does the latter, make you feel like it’s not a big deal; prepare yourself for the next.

2. Break up with him if he flirts with other women in front of you

I know every misunderstanding in a relationship shouldn’t lead to a breakup.

But the moment your partner started flirting with other people and rubbing it in your face, your relationship ended.

And if they make you feel like you’re crazy for talking about it, you should have broken up with them yesterday.

So please break up with him.

Don’t let him continue to use you to play his little game.

He wants you to be okay with him flirting with and sleeping with other women and calling you his woman.

Girl, you’re not his woman.

Neither is he your guy.

End the friggin relationship and…

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3. Then rebuild your self-esteem.

Knowing and seeing your partner flirt with other people can ruin one’s self-esteem.

So after breaking up with this person, the next step is to rebuild your self-worth.

You can read books about knowing and rebuilding your self-worth.

Take time off the dating scene.

If you’re insecure about your body, work on that.

Also, spend time with your friends and family.

Just learn how to be by yourself and love yourself again.

So that when you go into another relationship, you’re not relying on your partner to know your worth.

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4. Take your time when you start dating again.

Another thing to do after ending the relationship is to take your time to know who you’re trying to date.

And please don’t ignore your dealbreakers.

Dealbreakers are things you can’t stand or won’t tolerate in a lover.

And your partner flirting with others and rubbing it in your face is a major dealbreaker.

And let me tell you,

  • Good looks are okay because we’re all attracted to appearance first before the character.
  • And achievements are good as well.
  • But someone that treats you well is better than a hot partner that destroys your self-worth.

So focus more on how they treat you than how cute you’d look as a couple.

When you and your partner are good to each other, you won’t need outside validation about what cute couple you make.

Because it wouldn’t matter.

What matters is that you know you’re with a good person.

5. Know that you’ll be okay

He Flirts With Other Women (To Your Knowledge) - What To Do

And if you never meet anyone to date, remember you’re better off alone than with someone that mistreats you.

Don’t ever stay in a bad relationship for fear of being alone.

And if you still want to date, keep an open mind.

When you least expect it, you’d meet a great person.

In the end, you’ll be okay.

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Conclusion on what to do when your guy flirts with others in front of you

Only a jerk will flirt with others in front of their partner and make a fuss when you talk about it.

Remember that a guy who loves and respects you sees only you.

He might notice other beautiful women out there.

But he knows it’s you he loves and wants to be with.

So he wouldn’t even consider flirting with them.

Or even making you feel insecure about who you are to him.

If your guy cheats on you and is mad that you don’t like it, please dump him.

It would hurt, but you’ll be okay.

That’s my two cents on this topic.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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