9 Simple Ways To Be Your Man’s Friend

9 Simple Ways To Be Your Man's Friend

One of the key secrets to a happy relationship is to be friends with your partner.

And while friendship happens naturally in some relationships, that may not be the case for you.

And it’s okay.

But if you want to improve your friendship in your relationship, I’ve got some tips for you.

This post will discuss how to be friends with your man in nine simple ways.

Let’s begin.

How to be friends with your man – 9 Tips

Some people frown at being best friends with your partner.

I don’t see anything wrong with being close friends with your boyfriend/husband.

In fact, I encourage it.

But when people talk, they always take it to the extreme.

Also, they put everyone in a box.

Like all relationships are the same.

They talk like you’d replace your female best friend with your man.

And tell your partner the things you’re supposed to discuss with your girlfriends.

No, that’s not how it works.

And if it works like that for your relationship, that’s okay.

All relationships are different.

My husband calls me his best bud. And I call him my best friend too.

But my female best friend is my cousin.

And I talk to them both about different things.

Anyway, here are 9 simple ways to be friends with your man:

1. You have to like your man to be friends with him

9 Simple Ways To Be Your Man's Friend

To be friends with someone, you have to like them first.

When you like your man, you’d always want to be with him.

Then that closeness can grow into a loving relationship.

My husband was my good friend in college.

He was that nice guy I always wanted to see and hang out with.

And I was always happy whenever he called.

Though we weren’t dating, I liked him a lot.

So when we left college, and he wanted to meet, I didn’t hesitate to go see him.

And it was somewhat easy to start and build a relationship with him because I initially liked him.

Now married for several years, our friendship is even stronger.

2. Show interest in his passions

Another way to be friends with your man is to show interest in his passions.

If he doesn’t talk about them, maybe you should ask him.

You know people love talking about themselves a lot.

I’m guessing he would love to tell you about his passions, dreams, etc.

Sometimes it gets boring, I know.

My husband can talk about his love for science and football until God knows when.

I even tease him that he’s never tired of discussing these topics.

But these days, I find myself asking him about them.

So if you’re interested in what he’s talking about, you could learn a thing or two.

3. Learn your dude’s hobbies and enjoy them with him

9 Simple Ways To Be Your Man's Friend

I never watched football religiously until I started dating John.

But I know it’s something he loves.

And because I enjoy spending time with him, I started watching every game with him.

We’ve even gotten to the point where I watch football games on his behalf when he’s out of town and can’t catch it.

I remember someone said something snarky, like, “you have time to watch football on your husband’s behalf.”

And I was like, “girl, you don’t understand. Football is our thing”.

My husband and I watch every Arsenal match together.

I can’t even believe I’m a real Arsenal fan.

And after watching his football games, we watch “This is Us” together.

So we share our hobbies.

And this little thing makes our friendship strong and our relationship sweeter.

So maybe try what your man likes and he tries your hobbies too, and see how it goes.

And if you don’t like it, it’s not a big deal.

I’m sure there are other ways to be your man’s friend.

4. How to be friends with your gentleman? Be the shoulder he can lean on

Your man should be able to tell you his struggles without feeling looked down on.

And sometimes, all you have to do is be there.

Maybe he wants to vent and let it all out.

Just put an arm on his back and let him know you’re there for him.

And when you’re in a similar situation, he would do the same for you.

That’s how friendship works.

5. Be his friend, not his mother

9 Simple Ways To Be Your Man's Friend

There’s a way you talk to your man that shows you’re a friend, not his mother.

So talk to him the way you do your friends.

Maybe you like things done a certain way; you can tell him like an adult.

But not like an adult scolding a kid.

I hope this makes sense.

And if you catch yourself sounding like his mother, please stop talking altogether.

Then retrace your steps, and rephrase what you’re about to say.

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6. To be your beau’s friend, support him

Also, don’t jump and wear the pants when your man tells you his plans.

Instead, ask him how he plans to go about it and offer your support.

When my husband decided he wanted to come to the US to study, I wasn’t sure how it would happen.

So I asked him, and he explained stuff to me.

Then I realized he would spend lots of time studying and everything.

And our lives would change for a while.

Girl, you better believe it when I tell you our lives did change.

But the best I could give him was my support and care for our kids.

And I prayed that everything would work for him, which would mean a better life for our family.

We’re still on it, but things are better than before.

7. How to be friends with your guy? Learn to trust him

9 Simple Ways To Be Your Man's Friend

To be your man’s best friend, you must learn to trust him.

A lack of trust ruins many relationships.

And if he hasn’t given you any reason not to trust him, then you’re good.

Now, trusting your man also means believing he knows what he’s doing.

But it doesn’t mean your input is not needed.

Oh! He needs your input while you trust that he can achieve his goals and be a family guy.

Be his biggest fan.

My husband once told me he doesn’t understand why I believe he can achieve his goals.

And I told him I knew because of what I’ve seen him accomplish and how far we’ve come.

But the funny thing is I don’t trust myself as much as I trust him.

And he also tells me I can do stuff I’m scared of trying.

In other words, believe in your man because we all need someone to believe in us.

And your trust in him and his in you can help you achieve more.

8. Don’t compare him to other people

All our friends are unique; that’s why we like them.

And life would be boring if we were all the same.

So to be friends with your man, don’t compare him to your friend’s guy.

Accept and love him for who he is.

Because no matter what you do, he can only be himself.

And friendship is about love and appreciation.

I always ask people, “would you like it if your partner compared you to his ex?”

If your answer is no, don’t compare your guy to others.

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9. Lastly, play with your man

9 Simple Ways To Be Your Man's Friend

Friends play with each other.

Don’t be so serious in your relationship.

If you want to be friends with your man, please play with him.

Because playing with your dude lightens the mood.

And makes it easy to be yourself with each other, strengthening your relationship.

So relax, show your beau your goofy side, and be his friend.

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Conclusion on how to be friends with your man

So can you be best friends with your guy?


But even if you’re best friends with your man, it is okay to still have your close girl pal.

Let’s recap how to be friends with your man.

  • You must like him,
  • Show interest in his passions,
  • Learn his hobbies and enjoy them with him,
  • Be the shoulder he can lean on,
  • Be his friend, not his mother,
  • Please support him,
  • Trust him,
  • Don’t compare him to other people, and lastly
  • Play with your guy..

I hope you find these tips to be your man’s friend helpful.

Back to you. Are you friends with your guy?

Please share your tips with us in the comments.

Also, remember to share this post with your friends and family.

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next one.

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