How To Be Your Man’s Priority – 9 Simple Tips

How To Be Your Man's Priority - 9 Simple Tips

To be your man’s priority, you must make him yours.

But before trying to be his priority, you must ask yourself if he’s someone you want to prioritize.

Does he check all the boxes in what you want in a guy?

How does he treat you?

Does he want the things you want out of the relationship?

Does he want to live together, get married, have kids, how many kids, etc.?

How does he handle conflict?

Is he willing to talk and resolve issues, or he runs away?

Does he like your quiet boring life, or he’s a party monger?

And are you aware of your dealbreakers?

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If you’re sure he’s the one, this post will show you how to be his priority.

Let’s begin.

How To Be His Priority – 9 Tips

My husband and I were already friends before we started dating.

So hanging out and spending time together was easy and something we were used to doing.

Also, we had lots in common.

He’s the type that shows he likes you. And the same with me.

And we don’t believe in playing games when we like someone, making it easy for us to prioritize each other.

So from my experience, here’s how to be your man’s priority.

1. Make him your priority

How To Be Your Man's Priority - 9 Simple Tips

To get a guy to treat you as his priority, you must treat him as yours.

We shouldn’t expect people to put us first when we put them last.

So if you’re already dating, think about him when making plans.

Maybe you want to hang out with your colleagues after work; let your man know ahead.

Letting him know where you’re going isn’t asking for permission.

You’re just putting him first, so he knows where you are and that you’re okay.

And he would do the same for you.

Sometimes my husband lets me know a day before if he’s having drinks with the guys.

Or even if it’s last minute, he calls to let me know his whereabouts and when he will be home.

Why? Because I’m his priority.

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2. Be available to spend time with him

When you’re available to spend time with your guy, it tells him you like him as much as he does you.

And it also means you prioritize him over other things, which is good.

Also, it shows you’re not playing mind games and all that childish stuff women advise each other to do.

But a crappy guy would interpret you being available as an opportunity to treat you like crap.

Please cut him off when you notice he’s taking advantage of your availability.

He’s not worth it.

3. Know your worth

How to be his priority? You must know your worth.

Know what you can and can’t tolerate.

Don’t let anyone treat you poorly when you deserve more.

So as much as you make him a priority, don’t accept being treated as the last thing on his schedule.

My ex wouldn’t call me to have dinner at 6 pm.

But he would call me at 11 pm when all his options weren’t available.

If your guy treats you as a last resort more than once, you’re not a priority to him.

Please let him go.

4. To be his priority, go out with him in public in the daytime.

How To Be Your Man's Priority - 9 Simple Tips

It shows you’re not ashamed to be seen with him.

And he’s not hiding from being seen with you.

Your man should want to take you out and show you off.

And while you’re out, throw in some PDAs like handholding, soft kisses, etc.

But something isn’t right if a guy never wants to be in public spaces with you.

I had an ex that only wanted to meet on Friday nights and spend the rest of the weekend indoors.

We never had brunch or lunch in public, not once in our one-year relationship.

It took me long enough to realize he didn’t want anyone to think he was in a relationship, at least with me.

5. Be independent but also offer help

To be your man’s priority, you must be independent.

Just as you’ve been paying your bills before you met him, continue doing so.

If he offers to help, please accept it, and be thankful.

And sometimes, you can ask him to help with stuff you can’t do yourself.

But don’t dump all your responsibilities on him.

And also offer to help him when he’s stuck too.

A good guy would appreciate and put you first when you reciprocate the help.

6. Have your hobbies and goals

How To Be Your Man's Priority - 9 Simple Tips

You’re still a whole human being, even when you’re in a relationship.

So continue to enjoy your hobbies and chase your goals because that makes you unique.

Don’t drop everything you love because you want him to make you his priority.

And as much as some women like to say men are intimidated by our goals, they’re not.

Some men love you more for having goals and enjoying hobbies like a regular human being.

7. Compromise

If you want to be his priority, shift your schedule to make time for him.

Maybe you guys only see in the evenings because that works for you.

Try to create more time during the day to spend together.

And he would do the same when he notices that you make time for him.

So don’t be afraid to compromise for your man.

Only a jerk would mistreat you for making compromises for him.

8. Keep friendships to balance out your life

How To Be Your Man's Priority - 9 Simple Tips

Our friends and family will always be there for us.

And sometimes, our friends are the ones that help us see that a guy truly cares for us.

Especially when we’re not used to people treating us well.

Also, you must continue seeing your friends and not depend entirely on your man for company.

It shows you still have a life.

And when you spend time with your friends, it helps you balance everything out.

Though I don’t have close friends here in Charlottesville, I still jump at invitations to hang out with my husband’s colleagues.

Going out with other women is like self-care to me.

It helps me relax and find a balance.

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9. Say what you want

Some say don’t ask a guy where your relationship is headed because you’d look desperate.

Better to look desperate now than be sorry later.

So don’t be afraid to say what you want from a relationship.

And if he wants the same or not, he will let you know.

Then you can move forward.

Conclusion on how to be his priority

To be his priority, you must first be sure he’s someone you want to prioritize.

Then show him he’s your number one, be available, be ready to compromise for him, and always say what you want.

And if he’s a sensible guy, he would see that you value him and make you his priority.

But if he’s an unserious person that tries to play games, please cut him loose.

I hope this post has shown you how to be his priority.

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Thanks for reading.

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