How I De-Escalate Arguments With My Husband – 5 Simple Tricks

How I De-Escalate Arguments With My Husband - 5 Simple Tricks

Are you constantly arguing with your man?

Does every argument go over the top?

There are five simple tricks to win your man.

And if you practice them in your relationship, you and your spouse will get along well.

And you’d have fewer arguments.

This post will show you how I de-escalate arguments with my man.

And also show him I hear and understand him.

Let’s begin.

Little back story.

When I started dating my husband (then boyfriend), I’d argue and scream on the phone.

I used to get upset and irritated.

And because I had been in some bad relationships, it felt odd that he treated me right.

So you know what we usually do when we don’t have sense?

I tried to ruin the new relationship because it felt abnormal.

The loudmouth

How I De-Escalate Arguments With My Husband - 5 Simple Tricks

Anyway, one day I was at the salon doing my hair.

I can’t remember much of the story.

But my boyfriend was expecting me, and I was taking too long.

So we got into an argument.

Trust me; I started screaming on the phone.

I was feeling cool with myself.

Like I won’t take nonsense.

But I was being childish and a loud mouth.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend talked calmly on the other end of the line.

It takes a lot for him to raise his voice.

The intervention and advice

When I dropped the call, my stylist asked who I was talking to.

Me: my boyfriend

My stylist: you like the guy?

Me: yes

My stylist: you don’t talk to your man like that. If he’s upset, don’t get mad too. Instead, say sorry to calm him down. Then talk about it when you see him. And he would understand your viewpoint and apologize too.

He said that’s how to win your man.

Learning the hard way

In my mind, I was like, “please, I don’t have time to apologize to anybody.”

But I kept the advice still.

Sometimes I used it.

Other times, I’d do my usual scream feat.

But with time, I noticed screaming wasn’t helping our arguments.

So I dusted Alex’s advice and started using it whenever we had a misunderstanding.

And it works like a charm.

So if you feel you’re winning an argument because your voice is louder, you’re not.

And if we continue that way, we’ll drive our partners away.

That’s why I’m sharing these simple steps to resolve arguments quickly.

How to de-escalate an argument with your spouse in 5 simple steps.

1. Apologize and mean it.

How I De-Escalate Arguments With My Husband - 5 Simple Tricks

Please apologize if you guys are mad at each other and the argument is going nowhere.

And when you do, don’t just say, “Okay, sorry.”

Say sorry as you mean it, and you want to de-escalate the conflict.

2. To de-escalate an argument with your spouse, admit you see their point of view

After you’ve apologized, let your man know you understand his viewpoint.

This tells him he’s not crazy.

Because sometimes we women can make a guy feel like he’s crazy when he’s trying to make us understand what he’s talking about.

Then leave him to calm down.

3. Take a few breaths

Next, give each other some time.

Take a few breaths to calm down, and think about the argument.

Breathing and reflecting will help you approach the conflict calmly and with a clear mind.

4. Next, explain your side.

How I De-Escalate Arguments With My Husband - 5 Simple Tricks

When things feel a bit normal, then explain your side.

You can also tell him how it makes you feel when he does or says XYZ.

Please don’t sound like you’re trying to be right.

Instead, talk to your spouse with sense, and they will apologize to you too.

No, you’re not doing this to get apologies.

You’re doing it to make things right and ensure you are understood.

I hope this makes sense.

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5. Make up and move on

How I De-Escalate Arguments With My Husband - 5 Simple Tricks

So after your beau has apologized to you, make up and move on.

Please don’t keep any grudges.

If you’re still in a funk, take your time.

But don’t take forever, or push the silent treatment button.

There’s no need for that.

If you both have apologized, then it’s time to move on.

Conclusion on how to de-escalate arguments with your spouse

Resolving conflicts with your spouse shouldn’t be difficult.

Sometimes we just need to know when to be quiet and listen to our partner’s side.

We don’t have to argue and always try to be right.

Your spouse has the right to be mad.

So when he’s upset, please don’t get mad too.

Be the one that calms the storm.

Then tell your side, and he will listen to you.

This is my secret to de-escalating arguments with your spouse.

I hope you find it helpful.

I wish you all the best.

Please share this post.

It would mean everything to me.

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