11 Tips To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

How To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

Are you always rushing to discuss your relationship with people?

Or do you take every misunderstanding you have with your spouse to your parents?

If you’re doing either of the two, you could ruin your relationship.

And if you want to keep your relationship, you must rethink your actions.

This post will discuss tips to keep people out of your relationship.

So you can have a union built on your and your partner’s input alone. Not the world.

Let’s dive in!

Okay, a little story about how my husband and I keep people out of our relationship

I used to brag about my relationships with my friends. And when things are bad, I’d also tell them.

And that was my way of doing things until I met my husband (then boyfriend).

For whatever reason, I chose to keep my relationship with him private.

Our friends knew we were dating.

But they didn’t need to know about our issues.

And at some point, we lived together before we got married.

Then I got pregnant, and all hell broke loose.

Our families were doing their thing.

But one of my husband’s relatives (a great guy) advised us to stand together and ensure no one breaks through.

And we took his advice.

When both our families saw they couldn’t break us, they backed off.

And we’ve kept friends and family noses out of our marriage since then.

They don’t know our business.

They only know what we tell them.

So here are tried and tested tips to keep people out of your relationship:

11 Tips To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

1. Be on the same page

How To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

If you want to keep people out of your relationship, you both need to get on the same page.

And that means agreeing with each other about decisions.

Don’t let family or friends interfere in your decision-making.

No one can break through when you’re always on the same page.

2. Stop silliness before it goes far

When you ignore snarky little comments, you encourage your friends or family to make big ones.

Because they see that you entertain these comments, they’d someday say it to your spouse.

And you won’t be able to rebuke them because you allowed it in the first place.

3. Never entertain expensive jokes disrespecting your spouse

How To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

Another tip to keep people out of your relationship is to refuse costly jokes.

I learned this from a former colleague.

When one of our colleagues asked her, “how’s that your small husband?”

She replied instantly, “my husband is not small. And don’t ever say that again.”

Then said colleague replied, “I was only joking.”

What sort of joke is that?

Another example was early in my relationship.

My boyfriend dropped my tablet by accident and cracked the screen.

And I told a friend about it.

Her response was, “He’s so destructive?”.

I was not too fond of her reaction.

So I quit telling her and other friends things about him.

Because I don’t want to make room for anyone to insult him.

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4. Social media is not your therapist

We’ve seen it countless times.

Married people take their problems to social media.

And random strangers pop in to advise them.

I cringe at those people. And wonder what they thought when typing the post.

If that’s you, please stop it.

Social media is not your counselor.

Why are you letting strange people insult the one you love and respect?

Also, if you listen to relationship advice from strangers on social media, you may unknowingly ruin your relationship.

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5. Don’t make your partner the enemy

How To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

To keep people out of your relationship, learn to resolve issues together.

You don’t need to take everything your man does to your mom or friends.

While you think they are helping you, their judgment may be biased.

Because they don’t know your man like you do.

And what’s worse is when they treat him like the enemy because of what you told them.

Also, how do you bring everybody back to normal when things are better?

Please don’t put yourselves in such a position.


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6. Tell your partner first

When something happens, your partner should be the first to know.

Whether it’s good or bad news, your partner should be the person you want to tell.

Don’t let them hear from a third party because it means you’re not on the same page.

And gives room for other people to enter.

7. Keep your relationship private

How To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

Whatever happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

Avoid discussing personal bedroom stuff with your friends.

First, it may seem like regular gist.

But such talks can also spike interest in your girlfriends.

If you haven’t noticed, men don’t give details about bedroom activities.

But we, ladies, want to tell it all.

Please keep your relationship private.

Also, keep intimate imaginations between you and your man out of your friends’ minds.

Because they might want to test what you’re talking about.

if you know what I mean.

8. Accept each other

Once you’ve accepted each other, you won’t run others to complain about your man.

You have your flaws, just as he’s got his.

So learn to appreciate his good, and live with his shortcomings.

Looking closely, you may see how he accepts you with your imperfections.

9. Avoid public bickering

How To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

While you think it’s best to act immediately when things happen, it’s not.

So if you’re with friends, and something happens, wait till you’re alone.

Then deal with it.

If you act in the heat of the moment, you will invite mouths into your relationship.

Also, you don’t want to embarrass each other like that.

10. Avoid trash-talking your partner for fun

Some of us trash-talk our partners to make others think we’re strong.

It’s utter nonsense.

You’re letting people in if you’re suddenly rude to your partner whenever your friends or parents are around.

And what happens after everyone leaves, and it’s just you two?

Do you suddenly switch back to the person he knows?

And how do you plan to kiss him with the mouth you used to belittle him?

Think about it.

11. Seek professional help instead of friends

How To Keep People Out Of Your Relationship

If matters are beyond you and need external influence, please seek professional help.

Everything you discuss with your therapist is confidential.

And hopefully, you’d get an unbiased look at your problems.

Conclusion on keeping people out of your relationship

So that’s 11 tips to keep people out of your relationship.

Remember, people will treat your spouse how you let them.

And it’s your job to set boundaries and keep them in line.

Your families and friends say they want the best for you.

But they’re not married to your man. You are.

This means they don’t know him as you do. And will treat him like the enemy when things are bad for you.

Look, it’s not hard to keep people out of your business. You only need to know what to not talk about in your relationship.

If you want to vent, do it with your partner.

You will be okay, I promise.

Please share this post.

And I’ll see you in the next one.

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