How To Prioritize Your Marriage – 10 Tried & Tested Ways

How To Prioritize Your Marriage - 10 Tried & Tested Ways

First, what does it mean to prioritize your marriage?

Prioritizing your marriage means putting it before other things in your life.

And how you deal with your marriage determines the outcome.

When my husband decided he wanted to get a doctorate, we chose to come together.

Because we both are not fans of long-distance relationships.

And we also knew that being apart for so long could ruin our marriage.

So we put our marriage first and came with the family.

And over the years of being together, our relationship has been through good and bad times.

But our friendship is much stronger than before.

This post will show you how to prioritize your relationship for good outcomes.

Let’s begin.

So how do you prioritize your marriage?

Prioritizing your relationship doesn’t mean throwing your life away and losing yourself.

It would help if you remembered that you still have a life, hobbies, etc., that you enjoy.

To prioritize your marriage:

1. Keep people out

How To Prioritize Your Marriage - 10 Tried & Tested Ways

The first step to prioritizing your marriage is keeping people out.

Sometimes you want to share stuff about your marriage with friends or family.

But you may be oversharing and indirectly hurting your relationship.

Maybe talk about basic stuff, like what you enjoy doing with your spouse.

But keep your bedroom business or arguments between you and your spouse.

If you have issues with your partner, discuss and resolve them.

Avoid letting in third-party.

They may seem helpful, but most of the time, family and friends take sides and only make matters worse.

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2. You and your boo come first.

To prioritize your marriage, you must put each other first.

The wife must put the husband first, and the husband must do the same.

Not one partner is more important than the other in a prioritized relationship.

Because if you’re not getting the love you give, things can go south.

So learn to put your partner first at all times.

Once you’re married, your partner comes before your family.

Some people won’t agree, but it’s true.

If you and your spouse put each other first, dealing with difficult in-laws would be less complicated.

There’s a post on quora where the husband wants his parents in his wife’s delivery room because they want to see the birth of their grandkid.

Tell me he’s not putting his family before his wife.

And for the family to even ask to be in the delivery room says a lot.

Well, that’s a post for another day.

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3. Consult each other before making decisions

How To Prioritize Your Marriage - 10 Tried & Tested Ways

When you prioritize your marriage, you consult each other before making major decisions.

This brings us back to putting each other first.

Some consult other parents before making decisions that will affect the lives of their spouses.

That’s not how to prioritize your marriage.

Your parents or friends should not be the ones deciding for your partner.

So whether you’re thinking of starting a new business or you were offered a job out of state, the only person’s opinion you need is your spouse.

Because they’re the closest person to you.

And it is their lives that will be directly affected by your decision, whether good or bad.

4. Make sacrifices to prioritize your marriage

Another way to prioritize your marriage is by making sacrifices for each other.

I had a hat-making business before we came to the US.

Though I knew I’d lose money if I stopped my business and came to the US.

I also knew that my husband getting his doctorate would benefit our family.

So I chose to put my marriage first and the business on the back burner.

Of which I can continue hat-making or start something different.

But my marriage might have fallen apart if I had stayed back because of my millinery business.

I don’t know, but anything can happen.

But I prefer to focus on long-term plans, not what I can get now.

5. Choosing to resolve issues instead of throwing in the towel

Choosing to resolve issues instead of throwing in the towel

When you put your marriage above everything, you’d always work to save it instead of throwing in the towel.

This means acknowledging your union is important, and you don’t want to lose each other.

So always work together to preserve your relationship.

Of course, you’d have issues like every couple, but choosing to work it out is a sign you prioritize your relationship.

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6. Prioritize couples’ time

Without couples’ time, there is no relationship.

No matter how busy your lives get, always make time to be with your love.

Look, you don’t need regular date nights to spend time together.

Just create a ritual that works for you.

I didn’t say you must watch football or movies every evening like my husband and me.

I said do what works for you and your spouse.

This is you prioritizing your relationship.

What do you enjoy doing with your partner?

Is it cooking, walking, watching sports, or just talking and laughing?

Ensure you’re spending quality time together every single day.

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7. Practice self-care regularly

How To Prioritize Your Marriage - 10 Tried & Tested Ways

Most of us forgo self-care when we get married.

And that’s not okay at all.

For your marriage to thrive, you and your partner must prioritize self-care.

What do you love to do for self-care?

Or what hobbies help you relax?

  • Do you like to read?
  • Play video games?
  • Binge-watch your favorite shows?
  • Do your hair or nails?
  • Or you prefer to meet with friends for drinks?

Your marriage may suffer if one person is taking care of themself and the other isn’t.

Some days, when I’m overwhelmed, I take a 2-mile walk around my neighborhood.

And when I get back, I usually feel a lot better.

Asides from walking, some of my favorite self-care things are reading, soaking my feet, or binge-watching “This is Us.”

Pick something you enjoy and make it your self-care thing.

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8. To prioritize your marriage, be friends

For your marriage to thrive, you and your beau must be friends.

A strong friendship keeps you together when the romance fades off.

Some couples were friends before marriage, while some built friendships after marriage.

It doesn’t matter how.

Just make sure you treat each other like good friends.

  • Taking care of and putting each other first.
  • Talking and laughing together.
  • Resolving problems and moving forward, and more.

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9. Choose to stay faithful to each other

How To Prioritize Your Marriage - 10 Tried & Tested Ways

Being faithful is another way to prioritize your marriage.

When you value what you have, you wouldn’t want anything to ruin it.

I always say I don’t want any complications in my life.

If I cheat and mess up my marriage, what happens next?

Do I want a life where my kids live apart from their dad or me?

And why do I think I’d ever find a relationship as great as I have now?

It’s a complicated topic.

Well, one of the ways we prioritize our marriage is by staying faithful to each other.

10. Keep friendships

Lastly, keeping friends is important whether you’re married or dating.

Friendships outside of marriage help us balance life out.

So once in a while or as often as you can, plan to meet or call your friends.

Talk and have a great time.

And your partner should be able to do the same.

After hanging out with your friends, you both return to your relationship.

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Conclusion on how to prioritize your marriage

To prioritize your union, you must:

  1. Keep people out.
  2. Put each other first.
  3. Consult each other before making significant decisions.
  4. Make sacrifices for each other.
  5. Resolve issues and choose love.
  6. Prioritize spending time together.
  7. Prioritize self-care.
  8. Be friends.
  9. Stay faithful to each other.
  10. Keep friendships.

Remember, your relationship is different from everyone else’s.

So do what works for you.

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Thanks for reading.

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