How To Show Your Man You Respect Him – 7 Simple Ways

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

Mutual respect is one of the qualities of a happy relationship.

But if the respect is one-sided, things can go bad quickly.

Has your man mentioned that he doesn’t feel like you respect him?

Or maybe you’re in your world doing things.

And you don’t care how they affect him.

That could be a sign that you don’t respect your man.

So this post will discuss signs you don’t respect your man.

And how to show him you respect him.

So you two can treat each other right and enjoy a healthy relationship.

Let’s begin.

6 Signs you don’t respect your man

1. You demean him in front of others

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

Demeaning your man in front of your friends, colleagues, or family shows you have no respect for him.

It is one thing to joke about stuff in the privacy of your home.

You understand your private jokes when it’s just the two of you.

But belittling or berating your man for entertaining your friends and family is disrespectful.

2. You name-call when arguing with him

Another sign you don’t respect your man is name-calling when you guys argue.

Eish! It is so low.

Please don’t go there, no matter how heated the argument may be.

And the moment you start saying mean words to your man, you lose the argument.

Not like there’s anything to win.

But when you name-call, it shows you’re only interested in winning the argument.

Not trying to resolve the issue.

And because most men will never engage in it, it hurts them greatly.

Besides, name-calling is verbal abuse, and you shouldn’t allow it in your relationships.

3. You compare your man to other people

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

Comparing your man with your ex, your dad, or other men in your life is a sign you don’t respect him.

Let’s face it. Your man will never be like your friends’ boyfriends or husbands.

So comparing him to them is unfair.

And it only suggests that he’s not enough.

Which is hurtful and disrespectful.

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4. You criticize him all the time

We all have our ways of doing things.

But criticizing everything your guy does makes you sound like his mom, not his spouse or girlfriend.

I used to criticize my husband a lot. And he didn’t like it.

And he made sure to tell me he didn’t like it.

Of which he gives me space to be myself.

So why do I think I should nitpick at how he does things?

Nobody likes that.

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5. You flirt with other people in front of him

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

Some couples flirt with other people for fun.

Trust me; I don’t understand the fun in it.

To me, flirting with others in front of your partner shows you don’t regard them at all.

It takes a level of disregard to do that.

6. Your need to be right

If you want to be right every time you argue with your man, you don’t respect him.

Arguments are to resolve conflicts.

Not a competition for who is right or winning trophies for being right.

Also, if you are always right, does it mean your guy is always wrong?


7 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Respect

So we’ve covered signs you don’t respect your man.

Now let’s talk about ways to show him you respect him.

1. Appreciating your man is a sign you respect him

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

Showing appreciation for the little things your man does for you is a sign you respect him.

Thank him for house chores or filling up your gas tank.

My husband does laundry and folds all the clothes. Sometimes, I join him; sometimes, I don’t.

And I have certain house chores I do too.

But I see him and thank him for doing his part for the family.

When you appreciate your man, it makes him feel good about himself.

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2. Consider his feelings

Showing your man respect means considering his feelings when you do things.

Think about how something you say or do will make him feel before doing it.

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3. To show your man respect, let him lead

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

To show your man respect, you should be willing to trust him to lead.

He has his strengths and weaknesses. And so do you.

So let him shine where his strength lies.

My husband may leave a coffee mug here and there.

But I trust that he won’t miss the kids’ hospital appointments or other important commitments.

Thank him for remembering vital obligations.

4. Involve him in decision-making

Asking your man for his opinions when making decisions shows you respect him.

He might have a few more ideas to add to yours.

Even if he doesn’t have anything to add, the fact that he knows makes him feel needed and valued.

5. Make him a priority

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

Another way to show your man respect is to make him a priority.

It’s not just by telling him he is.

It would help if you showed him he’s a priority.

And this means he comes before your friends, family, etc.

So before you plan to stay out late with your girlfriends, make sure he knows about it.

He’ll be okay with you having a good time.

But he should know where you are and that you’re okay.

You don’t want to leave him hanging.

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6. Don’t discuss him with people

Sometimes your man annoys you to your core.

But remember, he’s your guy. Not your friends’ man.

So instead of discussing him with outsiders, talk to him about what he did that got under your skin.

Don’t give anyone the chance to talk nonsense to him.

Besides, they don’t know him as you do.

So their judgment will be biased and make him look like the enemy.

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7. Have intimate time with him

How To Show Your Man You Respect Him - 7 Simple Ways

Sometimes you may be tired and can’t sleep with your man.

It happens to all of us.

But work with your man, and make time for intimacy.

And accept the love he’s giving you.

Besides, sleeping with each other can help you relieve stress.

So de-stress together.

Conclusion on how to show your man you respect him

Showing respect to your man isn’t hard.

Little things like “thank you, babe.”

“Sweetie, what do you think about this thing I’m planning to do?”

Or defending him when your family makes snide comments about him.

Those are ways to show your guy you respect him.

Respect him when he’s there and behind his back.

And you’d see how love flows in your relationship.

I hope you find helpful tips on showing your man respect in this post.

Please share this post.

Thanks for reading.

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