Why Friendship Is Vital In Relationships (& Marriage)

Why Friendship Is Vital In Relationships (& Marriage)

This post will discuss the importance of friendship in a long-term or married relationship.

But before we move along, let’s consider what friendship means.

So friendship can be regarded as enduring affection, esteem, intimacy, and trust between two people.

And when it is lacking in a relationship, you might struggle a little.

But some relationships will survive if the couple works together to be better friends.

While some will end due to a lack of friendship.

Please stay with me; let’s explore friendship and how it affects your relationships.

First, let’s discuss the five elements of friendship

Friendship comprises five factors that can be referred to as seeds of friendship.

1. Trust

Trust is crucial in friendships.

When you trust someone, it means you have confidence in the person, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

A trustworthy friend will never mock you but rather listen to you.

Regardless of the situation, they stand with you through thick and thin.

A trustworthy friend will never sell you out.

2. Equality

Another essential part of a relationship is equality.

Because for a healthy relationship to succeed, you must see yourselves as equals.

Your needs or desires aren’t more important than your partner’s.

And vice-versa.

And the ability to compromise and consider each other’s feelings is vital.

3. Compassion

The ability to show genuine empathy for a friend daily and during difficult times.

You can count on someone with this quality.

For example, a friend that’s there for you when you’re grieving a loss, listens to you and is supportive.

That’s a compassionate friend.

4. Honesty

That is transparency when dealing with each other.

No lies.

And most of all, you’re both open to hearing the truth at all times.

Ready to take correction.

And when you say this is how it is, the information is verified at any time.

It remains as you said it.

That’s honesty.

5. Independence

You must be independent even when in a relationship.

So you’d have space to express yourself and move with other friends.

And you’re not choked on this one friend or your partner.

In relationships, everyone needs their space.

So these five elements of friendship are the seeds that strengthen a relationship (platonic or romantic).

And eventually, lead to marriage or a strong tie throughout a lifetime.

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Now, what makes you a friend to your partner?

1. By accepting them unconditionally.

Treat them the way you want them to treat you.

2. Always be attentive to your partner.

Importance of friendship in a relationship - a couple talking

And avoid drifting away during conversations.

And always give a genuine response because this shows your partner if you are mindful of them.

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3. Agree to disagree but do it with an open heart, no grudge.

It’s possible to validate what you disagree with since your partner’s perspective is just as meaningful and authentic as yours.

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4. Tactful and modest in correcting your partner when you observe characters you don’t like in them.

Likewise, make it clear to your partner that they can do the same to you.

This will help you both find a balance in your characters.

5. Make decisions that affect both of you jointly.

Even when it is not convenient for you, sympathetically consider their input as against dismissing it.

This point relates to compromise and the willingness to meet somewhere in the middle (A sign of friendly, cooperative relationships).

6. Make yourself available to your partner in times of difficulty.

This shows you got their back no matter what.

7. Play and laugh together, carry each other along in everything.

Do fun things with each other.

These little things strengthen your bond.

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The importance of friendship in a relationship.

the importance of friendship in a relationship - two 
friends hugging

First, why is friendship important in marriage?

Friendship is the core of a strong marriage.

It means you know each other intimately and are well-versed in their likes and dislikes.

And also your personality quirks, hopes, and dreams.

Therefore, it is not wrong to say friendship helps build emotional and physical intimacy.

Friendship helps married couples to feel free and more open with each other without worrying about being judged or feeling insecure.

Marital friendship brings:

  • Effective communication between couples.
  • Share quality times.
  • Strengthen trust between couples.
  • Encourage teamwork to achieve set goals together.
  • Find common ground of interest, and try new things together.
  • Putting your spouse first, respecting each other, equality, and celebrating each other’s success.

So, it is dangerous to stay in a relationship that lacks friendship.

Because friendship is the bedrock of a solid relationship that transits to marriage.

But often, people say, “It was love at first sight.”


**The question** 

Is this Love or Infatuation / Lust?

Is it easy to love someone without answering these questions?

  1. Who is this person that I am going gaga for?
  2. Where is this person from? Alien or what?
  3. What is this person into? Are they legit?

**The mistake** 

Without these questions being answered.

And probably because of the excitement of physical attraction that would fade away, you let down your guard.

And you became a victim of a heartbreaker. 

Note: There are exceptions, but what is the percentage?


It’s not a novel story but a real-life situation.

**The perceived error**

A lot is driven by the outer appearance (their physical attributes) rather than the content (character of the person).

You don’t see content; you take time to discover it by friending the person in question.

This is more of lusting after, and it practically weakens the foundation of a relationship/marriage.

When the bricks of this faulty foundation start falling on the relationship, you will hear one of them saying, “I never knew they were like this or that.”

They did not take time to know each other. 

They did not water the seeds of their friendship to grow.

Instead, they acted on the moment’s impulse of physical attraction and heat.

Imagine a wife telling the husband that he Is not her BEST friend but just THE husband or vice versa.

What will be their feelings from that moment on…

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A marriage or relationship where the couple isn’t friends:

  • Lacks communication, which means constant misunderstanding because they are not on the same page.
  • The couple will never have quality time and no cherished moments to share.
  • Lacks trust 
  • Outright disrespect for each other
  • And they can’t achieve any set goals together.
  • Eventually, the home is ruined.

And in situations where children are involved, the kids may go through sociological trauma and faulty beginnings.

Wrapping it up! The importance of friendship in a relationship

Looks can be deceptive; you can’t judge a book by the cover.

Therefore, let your interaction with the person reveal their personality to you.

So you will be sure if you love the person or their looks.

And when you pass the honeymoon phase, your friendship will keep your relationship/marriage alive.

And eventually, help rebuild it.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.


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