9 Intentional Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

9 Intentional Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

Are you looking for tips to make your marriage stronger?

Do you feel your marriage is good but want to improve it?

Don’t worry, I got you.

Strengthening your marriage is easier than you think.

And as much as we say marriage takes effort, I believe being intentional is what strengthens your union.

So I’d show you 9 intentional ways to make your marriage stronger.

My husband and I have used these tips to form a tight bond and a happy union.

Let’s begin.

9 ways to strengthen your marriage

I write this post from a wife’s perspective because I am one.

So please bear with me.


1. Overlook the small things

9 Intentional Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

I know it’s not easy to overlook things, but it is doable.

I used to be the minister of correction. And sometimes, I feel it is my way or the highway.

So I was constantly correcting everything my husband did.

And we would argue over the most minor stuff.

And because I could not stand not talking to my man, I had to rethink my actions.

I had to learn how to ignore some things.

So stop focusing on whether the toilet seat should be up or down.

Or how your spouse is supposed to press the bottom on the toothpaste tube or the middle.

Don’t allow petty stuff to cause arguments.

2. To strengthen your marriage, be honest

Another way to strengthen your marriage is to be honest with your spouse.

Be honest about how you feel, whether good or bad.

Don’t say you’re okay when you’re not.

Your man is not a mindreader.

Trying to play mind games doesn’t help anyone.

I’m sure you’d like it when your man tells you what’s bothering him, and you talk about it.

Instead of being moody and saying nothing is wrong.

Also, don’t skip the good feelings when sharing how you feel.

Don’t be the person that says if I show appreciation, it will get to his head.

Oh please! Let a dude feel good about himself that he makes his wife happy.

3. Make each other smile

9 Intentional Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

You know those silly things you used to do to make your partner smile while you were dating?

Continue doing them.

You can text your spouse something silly or sweet.

Just something to make him smile while he’s going about his day.

I’m sure you’ve received texts that left you smiling at your phone.

Send some of that smile to your husband as often as you can.

Let him know you’re thinking about him.

4. Ask your partner, “do you need any help?”

To strengthen your marriage, you must be willing to help your partner.

Maybe your husband is busy with laundry and other chores, and you’re not busy yourself.

You can ask him if he needs help with anything.

Even if he says he’s got it, he would remember that you offered to help.

And he would offer to help you out too.

Sometimes when I’m cooking, my husband asks if I need help.

And I might say, “please add two shakes of salt, ginger, etc., and stir the stew.”

And I also offer to help when he’s swamped on laundry day and has other things to do.

It just makes things easier and gives us more time to spend together.

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5. Don’t minimize your partner’s struggles

9 Intentional Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

Another way to strengthen your marriage is to acknowledge your partner’s struggles.

When your man tells you how he’s struggling with work whatever, listen to him.

And please don’t minimize what he’s going through.

If he’s going through a rough patch, he’s telling you because he wants you to know.

Not because he needs someone to put him down.

So instead of minimizing his struggles, reassure him that you’re there no matter what.

You may not have the solution to the problem, and that’s okay.

But you can listen, put an arm around him, and let him vent.

It shows you’re there and brings you closer to each other.

6. Talk, talk, talk

To make your marriage stronger, talk about stuff with your partner.

Talk about the serious stuff like your future plans and the small things like where the delivery guy left your package.

My husband and I talk about lots of things.

Sometimes, we talk about his love for science or football.

Even if I don’t know much about science, I ask questions and learn more about it.

And other times, we discuss all the crap going on in the world.

Then there are times we talk about the bedroom stuff you all find uncomfortable to discuss.

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No discussion is off-limits to us.

That’s one of the things that makes us super close.

7. Cuddle with your spouse

9 Intentional Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

Sometimes life gets busy, and you’re just looking forward to bedtime.

Yes, sleeping is excellent.

But don’t get so caught up with the world that you forget to cuddle with your man.

If you have to put off chores to relax and cozy up with your man, please do.

Trust me, you can’t do everything right every day.

So give yourself a break every now and then, and spend time with your spouse.

If you have kids and they have after-school activities, try to cut those activities.

So you’re not running round the clock.

You’re only one human. You can’t do it all.

Another thing that works very well in my house is a bedtime routine.

My kids are in bed by 7 or latest, 8 pm.

So the rest of the evening, I’m chilling with my hubby.

Think about yourself and your wellbeing, and look forward to cuddles with your man.

8. Don’t keep a grudge; to strengthen your marriage

Some of us find it hard to forgive, which can be detrimental to our marriage.

If you had an argument with your husband, trash it out, and move on.

Even for me, I find it hard to readjust back to normal after an argument.

So I understand why you may not want to talk to your spouse after an argument.

But don’t let it go on for too long.

Instead of staying angry, think about how you can spend that time playing with your man.

When I’m upset and give my husband the silent treatment, I miss him like crazy.

Before I know it, I’m back on his side, and we’re normal, like nothing happened.

That’s just my way.

I’m sure you’d find better ways of moving on from arguments instead of the prolonged silent treatment.

Look at him as that friend you always want to hang out with.

And how things don’t feel okay when you’re not on good terms with them.

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9. Keep people out

9 Intentional Ways To Make Your Marriage Stronger

Another deliberate choice to make your marriage stronger is to keep folks out.

I’ve said this so many times.

Stop dragging your husband’s name to your parents, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.

They don’t need to know that your husband always leaves his coffee mug on the table.

Also, don’t allow them to talk crap about your man.

Besides, they don’t know him as you do.

So if you’ve been telling your family and friends everything your husband does that you dislike, please stop now.

You want to be close to your man, not to be pulled apart.

Some women say, “if my husband does this, I will do this.”

They’d push you to burn down your relationship.

While they’re nurturing theirs and maybe taking crap from their not-so-good husbands.

So please keep people out.

If something is bothering you, talk to your man about it, and you’d be okay.

And if the issue is beyond you, please seek professional help.

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Conclusion on tips to strengthen your marriage

Boom! 9 ways to make your marriage stronger.

I hope you find a few tips to strengthen your marriage and form a tighter bond with your man.

Remember, you have to be intentional.

If what you want to say may lead to an argument, rephrase it, so your partner doesn’t feel attacked.

This will help you keep arguments minimal.

And give you more time to be happy and playful with each other.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

It would mean everything to me.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll see you in the next post.

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