6 Realistic Tips For Making new friends in your 40s

6 Realistic Tips For Making new friends in your 40s

To make and keep new friends in your 40s, you must put yourself out there and make an effort.

Sometimes, things can get awkward, but it’s okay, too.

In this post, I’ll show you tips for making and keeping new friends in your forties.

Let’s begin.

How to make friends in your 40s

This does not guarantee that the first person you say hello to will become your best bud.

However, following the tips below should help you make one or two meaningful connections.

1. Go to places where people in your age bracket hang out

The thing is, people in their 40s don’t necessarily have a particular place they hang out.

They hang out in bars, restaurants, and religious and non-religious social settings.

So, if you love to meet religious people, you know where to find them.

Also, you can join community gatherings that always have one event or the other.

It’s an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people.

2. Become friends with your partner’s friends

If you’re in a relationship, your partner’s friends are people you can make friends with.

When we relatocated to the US, I was a new place with no friends.

It was frustrating as I left all my friends back home.

But with time, I started meeting and hanging out with my husband’s friends and colleagues.

Though I didn’t vibe with most of them, I’m now friends with a couple of them.

We go to dinners, watch plays, window shop, etc.

So, if you don’t mind hanging out with your partner and their friends, you might find a new friend(s).

But I understand some don’t vibe well with our partners’ friends.

And if you’ve tried and it didn’t work, let it go.

Let’s look at another way to meet new people and become friends in your 40s.

3. Become friends with the parents of your kids’ friends

If you’re a parent wanting to meet new friends, then the parents of your kid’s friends are potential friends, too.

Especially if your kid is close to theirs.

If your kid likes and talks about this friend and wants to have playdates, you must meet the parents.

And there is an opportunity to meet someone new.

I met a few parents of my kids’ friends.

And again, two out of those parents are now our good friends.

Also, when you plan playdates, instead of dropping your kid off and leaving immediately, you can stay a little while and get to know the other parent.

You might connect.

Who knows.

But if you don’t connect, maintain that mutual respect.

Eventually, you’ll meet one of your kid’s friends’ parents who connect with you.

4. Join a gym or fitness group class

Though some people don’t like talking to others at the gym, it’s still a great place to meet new friends.

One trick for easing into making new friends at the gym is to ask for help from someone you’d like to be friends with.

And after they’ve helped you, smile and thank them.

The next time you see them, say hello.

After a few hellos, you can make small talk and connect.

It is not certain that they’d want to talk with you.

And that’s okay.

But you’d never know.

5. Become friends with your neighbor

Some of us don’t would rather want nothing to do with our neighbors.

But there are lots of good neighbors that can become great friends.

So, if you want to make friends in your forties, maybe be friendly to your neighbor.

Say hello, good morning, whatever you prefer, and see how it goes.

But if your neighbor isn’t keen on being friends, let it go.

Some of the best friendships I’ve ever and still remember are with my neighbors.

Anyway, try and see how it goes.

6. Get used to rejection

I once met someone at the gym, and we talked a lot on our first encounter.

She liked my perfume and even sprayed some of herself.

She told me about her family and vice versa.

So you get the drift.

Then we saw each other again the second time and still talked briefly.

She mentioned how she was going on a trip, etc.

I asked for her contact on our third encounter because we shared similar interests.

And I’d love to connect again.

Then she disappeared.

I was like, okay, maybe she had to rush out.

Anyway, the last time I saw her, she acted like we never met.

And I let it go.

Some people are like that, and it’s okay.

I’m used to being rejected by people I’m trying to be friends with.

Not everyone will want to be friends with you.

And you don’t have to force them to be.

Because such friendships are a waste of time, and they never last.

It’s crucial to connect because you both want friendship.

If not, it’s all rubbish.

Tips to keep new friends in your forties

Now that you’ve learned how to make friends let’s discuss what to do to keep them.

Because friendships work better when we’re as committed to it as the other person.

So here are tips to nurture and grow new friendships:

Stay in touch

When I meet someone I’d like to be friends with, I’ll ask if they’d like to meet again.

Then we’ll exchange contacts and plan to keep in touch.

Once in a while, I’ll send a text to say hi.

If you’re both keen on being friends, the texting will lead to coffee, movies, plays, etc.

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Plan hangouts

6 Realistic Tips For Making new friends in your 40s

Sometimes, we meet someone good at planning outings.

And we relax and wait for them to initiate hangouts.

Which can be exhausting for them, too, at some point.

I’m not judging; I do it too.

But to keep friendships, we must reach out and plan or suggest hangouts.

It shows the other person that you’re also committed to the friendship.

Offer help

Another recipe for good friendship is helping when you can.

You don’t have to force help on your new friends.

But you can offer sincerely, not just because it’s the right thing to say.

Don’t be one of those people who say, “I’m here if you need anything.”

And never come through when someone needs them.

Truly care about them

Some of us make friends with people because we want to rub off something they have.

It can vary from their socio-economic status to their looks.

So we want to be friends with them because of what we can gain from them.

Such friendships stink from a mile away.

And when someone genuinely interested in being friends with us discovers we’re with them for personal gains, they can cut us off.

And we’ve just lost our chance at a genuine friendship.

Have a meaningful connection

To piggyback off the last point, make friendships to connect on a deeper level.

Some people in social friend groups can’t share their struggles.

And that’s sometimes because their friend groups connect on the surface.

Also, they don’t like each other.

They’re secretly competing with each other and looking to one-up each other.

And they see sharing their struggles as a sign of weakness.

I could go on and on.

But you get my drift.

If you find yourself in such groups, that’s not real friendship.

And it can get toxic pretty quickly.

However, when you find a new friend, you must connect on a deeper level.

Have mutual respect and grow a genuine friendship.

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Respect yourself

Lastly, when you meet new people you’d like to be friends with, you must respect yourself.

Because some people want to disrespect you when they see you want to befriend them.

A sign of disrespect is they belittle you as a joke, especially in front of their friends.

And they get upset when you clarify that you don’t like such jokes.

There are many ways people can be disrespectful.

Just know what you can’t or won’t take.

My point is, don’t let anyone walk all over you because you want to be friends.

There are lots of good people out there.

Keep putting yourself out there, and you’ll someday meet and make a great friend.

Wrapping it up

So those are practical and easy ways to make friends in your forties.

Remember to put yourself out there and meet people.

You won’t make new friends if you’re always locked indoors.

That’s all for this post.

If you find it helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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