I Want To Make My Ex-Boyfriend Jealous – Is It A Good Idea?

Should You Make Your Ex Jealous 9 Reasons It's A Bad Idea

Are you planning to or already trying to make your ex-boyfriend jealous?

Do you think making your ex jealous will help you get them back?

This post will cover ten reasons why trying to make your ex jealous is a bad idea.

Let’s begin.

My story about making my ex-guy jealous

I had an ex that would break up with me and get back together several times.

But every time we get back together is when he’s jealous I’m with someone else.

And while my intentions weren’t to make my ex jealous, it just happens that way.

Because we love hanging out at the same restaurants, etc.

So if I go there, there’s a chance I will see him.

Maybe I was trying to make him jealous. Hehe.

Anyway, I noticed he only wanted me when he saw me with another guy.

Then I’d abandon whoever I’m with and go with him.

Even if I enjoyed the attention, it didn’t feel right.

And my girlfriends were upset because they noticed the pattern too.

Anyway, me and said ex-boyfriend finally broke up for good.

And I moved on with my life.

So if you’re thinking of making your ex-guy jealous, here are 10 reasons not to:

10 Reasons why making your ex-boyfriend jealous is a bad idea.

1. Making your ex-boyfriend jealous is childish

First off, making your ex jealous is childish.

Some people claim it makes them want you more.

Okay, they want you more only because you make them jealous.

That means both of you haven’t grown up at all.

And if your ex-boyfriend knows you well, they’d be upset that you act childishly.

And will pay you no attention.

2. You’re losing your self-worth when you try to make your ex jealous

9 Reasons why trying to make your ex jealous is a bad idea.

Your relationship has ended.

But your life is not over. So let’s not lose your self-worth.

Trying to make your ex jealous is a cry for help.

Like you don’t have a life outside them.

And will do anything to get your ex back, including losing yourself.

If your ex is a good person, they would be concerned about you.

Please put yourself together and know that you’re worth something to someone.

Don’t lose yourself.

3. You’re still interested in your ex if you’re trying to make them jealous

Making your ex jealous shows you’re still interested in them.

And you haven’t moved on from the breakup.

But save yourself the trouble if you’re no longer into your ex.

Please don’t give the impression that you want him and keep telling yourself that you don’t.

4. You will hurt more

9 Reasons why trying to make your ex jealous is a bad idea.

Trying to make your ex jealous may hurt you as much as the breakup.

And here’s why.

If your ex is someone with solid self-esteem, your little act won’t move them.

And it would hurt you more when you realize your ex doesn’t care about what you’re doing.

So, please don’t put yourself out there to get hurt even more.

5. Your ex will treat you like a product on the marketplace

If your little game of making your ex-boyfriend jealous is working, it means they only want you when you’re with someone else.

Many girls even do it with a guy trying to date them.

They’d turn him down with the “we’re just friends” talk.

But the moment they see him with a girl who likes him, he becomes more attractive to them.

And if your ex is doing that, they’re not worth the trouble.

You are not a product whose price fluctuates with the market demand.

So don’t let anyone treat you like that.

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6. You’re hurting an innocent person when making your ex-boyfriend jealous

9 Reasons why trying to make your ex jealous is a bad idea.

Let’s imagine the person you’re with cares about you genuinely.

Or maybe they’re just a good friend.

Would it make sense to use them to play your little game?

I don’t think so.

And put yourself in their shoes.

Would it be okay if they used you to make their ex-girlfriend jealous?

And when they find out you’re using them to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, they would want nothing to do with you.

Instead, they will hold the door for you to run after your ex.

7. You’re hurting your ex-boyfriend on purpose

You’re intentionally hurting him when you try to make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

Especially when he really loves you and hasn’t moved on yet.

Besides, if he’s trying to move on from the breakup, making him jealous makes it harder.

So put yourself in his shoes.

Would you like it if your ex rubbed his new partner in your face?

Think about it.

8. You are giving him too much attention

If you do anything to make your ex jealous, you’re giving him too much attention.

And why is it so important that your ex see you are happy?

Are you truly happy?

Or do you need your ex’s validation of your happiness?

Or being with him is the only way you’d be happy?

Please stop wasting precious time making your ex-boyfriend jealous.

And focus on the happiness you have right now.

9. You might get hurt again when trying to make your ex jealous

9 Reasons why trying to make your ex jealous is a bad idea.

Let’s say you made your ex jealous and finally got them back.

Now what?

And what’s the guarantee that you guys won’t break up again?

Especially as nobody is competing with him for you anymore.

What happens then, as you’re no longer making him jealous?

Remember, you got him back with your jealousy game.

So what if you guys break up again?

Think about it.

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10. You’ve lost sight of what’s important

You might say you’re making your ex-boyfriend jealous, so he’ll see what he’s missing.

Or showing him that someone else values you more than he does.

Okay, so what?

Focusing on convincing your ex that you’re worth it shows you’re missing the point.

But if you move on and eventually find someone great, your ex will find out somehow.

Again it’s not about how your ex feels about it.

Instead, it is about you and your happiness.

And that, my dear, is what’s important.

Does making your ex-boyfriend jealous help you get them back

It depends on the person.

If your ex is done with the relationship, no matter how jealous you make them, they’ll never return to you.

And if you get your ex back by making them jealous, you might split up again.

Because your ex only wants you when you’re with someone else.

So what’s the point?

Also, making your ex jealous might ruin any chances of getting back together.

Because your little game might hurt them.

And some would want nothing to do with you.

That’s why trying to make your ex jealous isn’t worth it.

So it good to make your ex-boyfriend jealous?

9 Reasons why trying to make your ex jealous is a bad idea.

No. It’s not worth it.

Because if you and your ex will get back together, it will happen.

But if not, nothing you do will change it.

So save yourself the stress.

Take time to heal. And when you’re okay, try to date again.

Who knows if your next relationship will be way better than the last.

I wish you all the best.

So, that’s 10 reasons why making your ex jealous is a bad idea.

Have you tried to make your ex jealous?

Please share with us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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