Is Marrying A Man Without A Stable Income A Good Idea?


Is it okay to marry a guy without a steady income?

It depends on you and the man.

This post will discuss whether marrying a guy without a stable income is a good idea.

Let’s begin.

When marrying a guy without a stable income is a good idea

When you stand with a guy struggling, he puts you on a pedestal.

I’m talking about good guys that want to be with you.

Also, I know there are some ungrateful guys out there.

But I’m talking about guys with good intentions and prospects.

Here are things to consider before choosing to marry a guy without a stable income:

You can marry a man with an unstable income if he has plans.


There’s a difference between a man without a steady income who has goals and one without plans.

When my husband and I started dating, he was about to finish his master’s program.

After he got his master’s, his first job wasn’t paying as much as I was earning.

But we could pay our bills and take care of each other.

Then after several months of earning, he got a higher-paying job.

And he started earning three times what I was making.

Then we moved into a bigger apartment and got married.

So if your guy has plans to earn more, I’d say stand by and support him to reach his goals.

Then you can plan your lives together.

Marrying a man without a stable income is good if he’s working towards earning more.

If he’s in graduate school studying to get a better job, please marry him if you love him.

As I write this, my husband is in graduate (Ph.D.) school.

So his pay isn’t a lot.

Yep, we go up and down.

But we get by.

I make some money from my blog and reselling business.

But in a couple of years, he’ll be done with school.

And he’ll get a job that pays more.

And our lives would change.

So your guy might be earning little for now because of school.

But once he’s done, and if he has plans, his life will improve.

So if you love this guy and you want to marry each other, please support him.

It would take some time, but things would improve for you both.

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He doesn’t mind being a stay-at-home hubby.

Another thing to consider before marrying a guy without a steady income is if he’s willing to be a stay-at-home husband.

Some people frown at stay-at-home wives or husbands.

But there are working wives with househusbands that are very happy.

So is your guy ready to be a stay-at-home husband?

And do you like your man to be a stay-at-home spouse?

Will he take on more house chores?

Because the stay-at-home spouse always does more house chores than the working one.

So it would help if you talked about it.

Also, being a stay-at-home husband doesn’t mean he can’t earn money.

This takes us to the next point.

He continues to make money.

Some income is better than no income at all.

Also, an unstable income doesn’t mean less money all the time.

Sometimes he would make more.

And sometimes less.

So he doesn’t have to stop doing what earns him money.

As long as he can take care of himself, and you can do the same.

Marrying a man without a stable income is okay if he treats you right


Another thing to consider before marrying a man without a stable income is how he treats you.

Is he good to you?

A man can have all the money and be a total jerk.

Also, some guys have nothing and also treat you like crap.

So does your guy have a good character?

How does he act towards you when he has money?

Because some guys would be cool while you’re supporting them.

But once they have some money, they’d change.

They’d go hot and cold on you based on their bank account.

How my husband treated me when we started dating and now married never changed.

When we started living together, we shared chores.

And we still do till tomorrow.

In this post about being a stay-at-home wife, I mentioned how my husband gave me monthly pocket money when he started earning more than me.

So if he changed at all, it was for the better.

My point is some guys are good.

And they would be true whether they have or don’t have money.

While some would change 360 degrees once they start making good money.

Lastly, what do you want?

No matter what anyone tells you, you alone know what you want.

Do you think you can support him for life if he never earns more than he does now?

Will you continue to respect your husband for years if he’s still earning an unstable income?

Some breadwinner wives are kind to their husbands.

While some are horrible.

Do you guys love each other and are willing to stay together no matter what?

Your answer to these questions may help you make the best decision.

When marrying a man with an unstable income is a bad idea

When to not marry a guy without a stable income:

If he intentionally doesn’t want to work


I was dating a guy with no steady income.

He had no plans for his life.

Instead, he looked for quick ways to make money.

He didn’t want to get a regular job.

He thought he was too good for blue-collar jobs.

And he didn’t have the qualifications for a white-collar job.

Anyway, we had to go our separate ways.

If you’re desperate to get married

Some of us are desperate to get married, and sometimes we don’t see the red flags.

I know of someone who was dating a guy with an unstable income.

Instead of looking for ways to get a job.

He would leave her at his place and spend time and money drinking with his working friends.

And he’d be gone for hours.

And when he finally returns, he’d say he saw a friend who bought him a drink.

His behavior bothered my friend as it happened several times.

She wondered why he wasn’t making moves to get a steady job.

And she tried to figure out why he acted the way he did.

He became a problem to fix.

Anyway, she got tired and left him.

So no matter how much you want to get married, don’t ever ignore the red flags.

Stable income or not.

Don’t marry a guy with an unstable income if you want a big wedding

You may not get a big wedding ceremony if you marry a guy without a stable income.

But if he has plans, as we said earlier, you can have a big wedding when he earns more.

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Marrying a guy with an unstable income may not be a good idea if it bothers you now.

If it bothers you now, it might bother you in the future.

So maybe marrying a guy with no steady income might not be for you.

Yes, we don’t know the future.

But if things don’t improve for him, will it bother you so much?

Because no matter how we view it, financial stability is important in marriage.

So it’s okay if you don’t want to marry a man with an unstable income.

Don’t ever marry anyone out of pity.

Do what’s best for you.

Conclusion on marrying a guy with an unstable income

That’s my two cents on marrying a man without a steady income.

I hope you find it helpful.

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