I Married A Man 5 Years Younger Than Me – My Thoughts On Marrying A Younger Man


Are you wondering if it’s okay to marry a man younger than you?

Yes, marry him if you like him, and he treats you well.

I married a man five years younger than me.

I was in my early 30s, while he was in his late 20s.

When we started dating, some raised eyebrows, judged and even predicted our union wouldn’t last.

And we’ve been together for nine years with two kids.

While everyone has negative things to say about marrying a younger man, this post will discuss the pros and cons of marrying a man younger than you.

Let’s begin.

Pros of marrying a guy younger than you

Hold up, hold up.

First, read 15 Helpful Tips For Dating A Guy Younger Than You.

Or bookmark it to read later.

Marriage with a younger man feels light and fun.


I don’t know about other couples, but my husband and I keep things light.

We play and tease each other.

I’m sure it depends on you and your man.

Anyway, it’s important to play with your spouse no matter who is older.

You’ll be good friends.

When you marry a younger guy, you can develop a good friendship.

Most younger men have exciting hobbies, and you may like some.

And enjoying hobbies means you spend more time together.

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You’ll become his ride or die.


Most younger men are either still in school or just starting a career.

And because you were with him from the onset, he would put you on a pedestal.

You’ll be his ride or die.

You will grow together when you marry a younger man.

When you marry a man younger than you, you’ll grow together.

Even if your man is still in grad school and you’re already working, you can still grow together.

To some, supporting your man until he gets his stuff together is considered mothering.

But that’s not always true.

Everybody needs a little support.

Yes, men don’t like it when they can’t do anything for their women.

But the main problem is bossing your man around because you support him.

However, if you support and help him get to where he’s going, he will spoil you, silly.

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He considers you when making decisions.


A younger man would consider you when making decisions because you stood by him when he was getting his life together.

He would make you a priority.

My husband put me first.

He always asks my thoughts on certain decisions he wants to make.

Not because he doesn’t know what to do.

But because I am important to him.

And my input is vital in his decision-making and vice-versa.

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Less baggage

Some younger men come into a relationship with less baggage.

But I think it depends on the person.

My husband had maybe one or two exes before we got together.

But I had dated more people than him.

You’d feel younger.


Some women say they feel younger because they married men younger than them.

I’m not sure about that because I’ve always been playful.

But I’m more myself with my husband.

I can be silly with him.

Also, we’d been friends for years before we started dating and got married.

And we love the same music, so things just kind of flow.

Whether age has anything to do with it, I don’t know.

Cons of marrying a man younger than you

People always have their opinions about marrying a guy younger than you.

Here are some common ones I can remember:

People will judge you.


Most people frown at wives older than their husbands.

But the truth is, people will judge whether your man is older, the same age as you, divorced, widowed, you name it.

So why not do what’s best for you?

He would insult you with your age when you argue.

Some ladies said they married younger men, and the marriage failed.

One said her husband calls her old, and she calls him “a child” when they fight.

While these men exist, most men who marry older ladies don’t make much of it.

But a childish guy might insult you with age during arguments.

And you’d notice early if you lived together before marriage.

Because after living together for a while, people show their true character.

And you can choose to marry them or not.

Your girlfriends would tease you.


When I started dating my husband, I told a friend I was older than him.

So we laughed that I was a sugar mommy.

Sometimes my friend would ask, “How’s your sugar boy?”

I even told my boyfriend that a friend called him my sugar boy.

So expect that your friends will tease you from time to time.

But it’s not a big deal if they’re not insulting your husband.

He would need mothering.

Some say a younger man might need mothering.

I’d argue that it’s not true.

Man-children come in all ages.

Besides, some women like and attract man-children because they think it’s cute when a man depends on them for everything.

But they only complain when they start burning out.

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He might not be financially stable.


Most times, a younger guy might be financially unstable.

But if he has plans, you can work together and improve your finances.

My husband was in a master’s program when we started dating.

We supported each other until he finished his program.

And when he got a job, our lives improved.

So a younger guy might not be financially secure, but things can work out for him with time.

But if he doesn’t have plans to improve himself, then maybe not get with him.

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He would leave you for a younger woman.

Some people say if you marry a guy younger than you, he will leave you for a younger woman.


Even men older than their wives still leave them for younger ladies.

If a man wants to leave, he will, no matter how old, young, beautiful, etc., you are.

A husband’s age has nothing to do with it.

He would be naive.


We say age is just a number.

But age suddenly becomes relevant when women marry younger men.

Some say a 20-something-year-old guy will be naive and would play video games and be dirty and irresponsible.

That’s just extreme B.S.

Men with younger wives also eat pizza, play video games, and sometimes don’t clean up after themselves.

Also, why do people categorize men that play video games as childish?

My husband is a grad student who plays video games to relax.

And I sometimes play with him.

But his family is a priority above everything else.

I’m sorry, but your husband’s life cannot always revolve around you.

It’s okay for him to want to play a little video game.

And you can also do what you love for fun.

It’s called self-care.

Things people said about my marriage with a guy 5 years younger than me

Here are some things people said to us and behind our backs before and after we got married:

She is desperate because her biological clock is ticking

Maybe my biological clock was ticking.

But who cares?

I found a guy who loves and treats me well and wants to marry me.

Do you think I’d push him away because people gossiped about my clock?

It is my clock to worry about.

And it was my time to get hooked to the guy of my dreams.”

— Bree, This Lovely Space

He will dump me when he starts making money.

Some colleagues said my husband would divorce me once he got his acts together.

Maybe he would leave me; perhaps he won’t.

But I’m not going to live my life walking on eggshells.

And if my husband leaves me, I’ll update this post.

The marriage won’t last.

A mutual friend said our marriage won’t last because younger-man older-woman unions always break even in the West.

Marriages where the man is older, can still end in divorce.

So how is a marriage split with a younger man any different?

Oh! Age is the main reason for divorce.

Are you kidding me?

He’s using her to feed his ego.

Some said my husband was deceiving me and using me to feed his ego.

I laugh because people always think they know your partner better than you do.

Marrying a younger man, is it good or bad?

Marrying a younger man is good if you’re both adults who want to be with each other.

What people have to say about it is none of your business.

Focus on your marriage, and shut out the noise.

So those are the pros and cons of marrying a man younger than you.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Please share it.

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