35 Silly Mistakes That Ruin Your Relationship With A Younger Man


You sometimes get carried away when you’re in a relationship with a younger man.

Maybe you stopped doing the things you used to do.

Or, some of us start taking our younger partners for granted because we already have them.

While these changes may seem ordinary, they can destroy our relationships.

So this post will discuss 35 mistakes that ruin your relationship with a younger man.

Hopefully, you’ll find a few of the mistakes you’re making and change them for the better.

Let’s begin.

35 Mistakes that ruin a relationship with a younger man

1. Refusing to take care of your appearance

One major mistake that can ruin a relationship is refusing to care for your appearance.

Remember when you first went on dates with your partner?

You put so much effort into your appearance.

Now you’re together, and you just let it all go.

Please don’t do that.

You know the things you can’t control, like gray hairs, wrinkles, etc.? Let them be.

But you can control your weight, your hygiene, etc.

So take care of those things and watch your relationship continue to thrive.

2. Name-calling when you argue with your man


Name-calling when arguing with your partner can ruin your relationship.

Some women have this mindset that a younger man is immature.

So when they argue, they call him childish, etc.

Refrain from saying mean words to your partner, no matter who is older.

Asides from hurting your partner, it makes you look small.

And at some point, your partner wouldn’t want to talk to you if you’re always name-calling.

And they might end the relationship.

3. Mistakes that ruin a relationship with a younger man: neglecting your partner’s needs

If you neglect your partner’s needs, you may destroy your relationship.

Please don’t minimize your partner’s needs.

So if your partner wants to talk about their struggles, please listen to them.

Or maybe they want to be intimate with you.

Please enjoy it with them.

And if you have reasons why you can’t meet your man’s needs immediately, please let him know.

4. Failure to communicate honestly

Another mistake that can ruin your relationship with a younger man is dishonest communication.

An example is saying you’re okay but giving your partner the silent treatment.

Please make sure to communicate your feelings honestly to your man.

That way, he will know how to respond to whatever you are going through.

5. Judging your partner

You may ruin a great relationship with a younger guy if you constantly judge him.

Please resist the urge to correct everything your man does.

Sometimes, if you look within, it might be your bias against younger men.

So maybe your man is just himself.

But your bias makes you believe his way is not good enough because he’s younger than you.

Please read 5 Simple Hacks To Stop Judging Your Partner.

6. You avoid confrontations

Yes, I get it. Most of us don’t like confrontations.

Honestly, I can’t stand it too.

But avoiding hard conversations can mess up your relationship.

And if you carry age on your head (i.e., obsessed about being older than someone), you might avoid confrontations with your man.

You might act like you’re older than him, so he shouldn’t confront you about anything.

But remember that you’re equals in a relationship.

Have the tough talks, work things out, and keep loving each other.

7. Mistakes that ruin a relationship with a younger guy: you get bored easily

Relationships can sometimes become routine, and that’s okay.

But some of us cannot stand routine.

And it’s okay to try things to spice up your relationship.

However, you can mess up a good relationship if you’re always looking for fun or forcing your partner to make your life fun.

Most people believe the younger man is all fun and unseriousness.

But it depends on your man’s character.

So if your younger husband or boyfriend is an extrovert, you might be up and about a lot.

Of which everybody likes some quiet and slow days.

Also, if your guy is an introvert… you get the idea.

But it would help if you could balance it all to keep your relationship happy.

8. You want to be everyone’s couple goals


It’s good to be in a great relationship.

And it’s also cool when people admire your relationship and want what you have.

But actively doing things to be everyone’s online couple goals can ruin a relationship with a younger guy.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t show off your love.

But if your guy isn’t keen on showing off his life online, please stop forcing him.

Because if he realizes that you’re with him for social media views, he might leave you and find someone who prefers a non-social media life.

9. Mistakes that ruin your relationship with a younger guy? trying to change him

When you meet a guy and fall in love with him.

It means you like him more than you dislike his flaws – which we all have.

But the problem is trying to change him.

Some of us may want our men to act a certain way to meet our standards.

Which can ruin your relationship.

Because if he has accepted you the way you are, you should be able to do the same for him.

10. Mistakes that ruin a relationship: your phone is your best friend

You can destroy a relationship if you’re too attached to your phone.

Some of us cannot put our phones down, no matter what.

If you’re constantly on your phone when spending time with your partner, it shows you have no regard for them.

And if your partner has talked about it several times, and it keeps happening, they might walk away.

So try to put your phone down and connect better with your S.O.

11. You believe your relationship will not work with a younger man

Some of us go into relationships with younger men believing it would fail because we’re older.

I used to think like that.

I always believed the man must be older in a relationship.

So I avoided dating any guy that was younger than me.

And even when I started dating my husband, I thought the relationship wouldn’t work.

But here we are.

Also, if we go into relationships thinking it might fail, we’d subconsciously ruin it to prove that we knew it would fail all along.

12. You think gifts equate to love

I’m sure we all love gifts to a degree.

And it’s okay for your partner to give you gifts.

But your partner doesn’t have to give you birthday gifts every year.

And you shouldn’t make a big deal of it.

Sometimes you can share a bottle of wine and spend the day together.

But things go bad when you start thinking your partner doesn’t love you because they don’t shower you with gifts as often as you expect.

13. Mistakes that ruin a relationship: Unforgiveness

You will ruin your relationship if you find it hard to forgive and move on.

So please learn to forgive your partner and continue with your life.

Besides, it takes too much effort to keep a grudge.

14. You bring religion into everything

Are you the type that brings religion into everything?

And is your partner religious?

If your partner isn’t religious like you, you may not force your religious beliefs on them.

But if you can’t keep religion out of your relationship, maybe be with a religious person.

I know of a lady who said her boyfriend must meet her pastor (not her parents) before she agrees to marry him.

She wanted her pastor’s approval of who she married.

And the guy refused.

So they went their separate ways.

15. Mistakes that ruin a relationship: you don’t discuss intimacy

Another thing that can destroy your relationship with a younger man is avoiding discussions about intimacy.

Some of us believe intimacy is for doing alone.

But talking about it is dirty.

Also, some women believe the man is supposed to know what to do.

Forgetting that we all like certain things in bed.

But if you don’t tell your man what you like, he won’t know how to please you in bed.

So discuss intimacy with your man so you can tell him what you like or dislike in bed.

Also, talking about it draws you closer and improves the chemistry in your relationship.

16. You don’t show interest in your partner’s passions

When you don’t show interest in your partner’s passions, it implies you don’t give a damn about them.

Yes, what they like might seem boring to you.

But maybe you should listen and understand why they like it instead of dismissing it.

And who knows, with time, you might find the subject exciting, and your conversations will flow.

17. Doing everything together is a mistake that ruins a relationship

It’s okay to do things with your special one.

And it is also healthy to spend time apart.

Because if you do everything together, you’d be in each other’s faces too much.

And that can cause unnecessary issues between you.

So make sure to spend time with your friends, and your partner can do the same.

It makes your relationship more balanced.

18. Other people always come before your S.O

You may ruin your relationship by putting friends or family before your partner.

So make sure your S.O. is a top priority before anyone else.

An example is discussing with your partner before making minor or major decisions.

You’re not asking for permission.

You include him in your decision-making because you value his opinions.

I hope this makes sense.

19. Mistakes that ruin a relationship: Lying to yourself

You can deceive everyone, but you can’t lie to yourself.

And if you constantly lie to yourself, your partner may think you’re delusional and not want to deal with you.

20. Lying to your partner is a mistake that ruins a relationship

You may get away with one lie.

But after a while, your lies won’t add up.

Then you’d tell another lie to cover the first one.

Gosh! It is exhausting to type it out.

If your partner discovers you’ve lied to them, they might not want anything to do with you.

So please be honest in your relationship.

21. Involving other people in your relationship

Dragging everyone into your relationship will kill it quickly.

Some of us are very quick to call our parents or friends when we argue with our partners.

Then they’d give you biased advice that messes up your relationship.

So if you want your relationship to work, trash issues with your partner and keep people out.

22. You broadcast your relationship issues on social media

Another mistake that ruins your relationship is posting your problems on social media.

Some of us claim it’s the only way we let it out.

That’s okay. It’s your choice.

But if you take your relationship issues to social media and let strangers bash your partner, know your relationship is ending.

Because any partner would be hurt when they see it.

So please keep your issues off social media.

23. Your insecurities get the best of you

We all have our share of insecurity in relationships or just in life.

But when you act on your insecurities every time, your partner may get tired of dealing with you.

Maybe you feel you look old because your man is older.

Remember, your guy thinks you’re beautiful.

Focus on that.

I know dealing with insecurities is difficult because I’ve had my fair share.

And it ruined some of my past relationships.

But now I’m better at dealing with it.

And my husband was a significant part of it because he helped me see myself through his eyes.

So believe your beau when he tells you you’re beautiful and has eyes for you alone.

And also, look in the mirror and focus on the things you love about yourself.

Then change what you can, and learn to live with the rest.

24. Comparing your partner to your ex

One major mistake that ruins a relationship is comparing your partner to your ex.

At some point, your partner will tell you to go be with your ex.

Besides, if your ex was so perfect, why aren’t you with them?

25. You get comfortable and don’t make an effort anymore

Some of us care for ourselves when we’re single and looking to date.

But once you settle into the relationship, you get comfortable and slack in your hygiene or general upkeep.

I’m not saying to wear makeup and perfume every day.

But take showers daily, dress nicely, keep your weight in check, and remain that beautiful mess your man fell for.

Please read 9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband.

26. Think your partner is a mindreader

Some of us make the mistake of thinking our partners are mindreaders.

You’d say, ‘if he loves me, he’s supposed to know I need XYZ.”.

Look, your partner cannot read your mind. And you can’t read his.

So if there’s something on your mind, open your mouth and talk.

But fighting your partner for not reading your mind is a mistake that ruins relationships with a younger man.

27. Mistakes that ruin your relationship: actively staying in touch with your ex

Just because your ex says they want to stay friends doesn’t mean you must be in touch.

Besides, you’re in a new relationship, so what’s important about friendship with your ex?

Actively staying in touch with your ex may ruin your relationship.

Please read:

28. You embarrass your partner in public

Some of us want to show everyone how mad we can be.

So we’ll go as far as embarrassing our partners in public.

Don’t yell or embarrass your partner in public if you want your relationship to work.

Instead, leave the scene like a normal human being and talk privately with your partner.

Please read How To Show Your Man You Respect Him – 7 Simple Ways.

29. You want your partner to make you happy

Wanting your partner to make you happy is one of many mistakes that ruin a relationship.

You see women saying he should be able to make me happy.

Girl, it would help if you learned to be happy on your own before getting into a relationship.

It is not your man’s job to make you happy.

Yes, there are ways he can make you happy.

Like making breakfast, giving hugs and kisses, or just being in your life.

But you have to find happiness, and whatever your guy adds will be a bonus.

I hope this makes sense.

30. Denying your partner sex, food, etc., is a mistake that ruins relationships


Some of us brag about denying our partners sex, food, etc., whenever we’re mad at them.

If you continue down this path, you will ruin your relationship.

So if you have a nice guy in your life, find better ways to work out issues without punishing him.

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31. Mistakes that ruin a relationship with a younger man? Lack of play

When you stop playing with your partner, your relationship can become stiff.

People say marriage is boring because they think married couples don’t play.

Many married couples still play like they just started dating.

Playing with your partner keeps your relationship lively and sweet.

So continue to be that playful person you were at the beginning of your relationship.

Kick that age stuff to the curb and relax.

32. You believe the loudest side is the winning side

Another mistake that ruins a relationship with a younger man is, screaming whenever you argue with him.

Because we believe the shouting side is the winning side.

No, you’re not winning anything.

If you’re always screaming when you argue with your man, things can go south, as nobody wants to have regular screaming wars.

Instead, keep your voice down, talk to him, and resolve your issues.

Please read How I De-Escalate Arguments With My Husband – 5 Simple Tricks.

33. You don’t work to improve yourself

When you’re in a relationship, it’s important to improve yourself somehow.

You can work online even if you don’t have a 9 to 5 job.

Or you can learn new skills to improve your life.

I’m a stay-at-home mom. But I make some cash online.

And if I lack a skill needed to improve my business, I’d take an online course to learn it.

Learning keeps your mind active and boosts your self-confidence.

So you don’t start feeling like your guy is advancing and you’re stagnant.

34. Failure to communicate effectively

If you ask anyone for tips for a happy marriage, they always say effective communication.

So make sure you’re communicating with your partner every time.

Tell him what’s bugging or hurting you.

And he’ll know how best to help you.

Remember, you’re in it together.

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35. Mistakes that ruin a relationship: the silent treatment


Too much silent treatment can quickly ruin your relationship.

And the worst is when your man doesn’t know why you’re giving him the silent treatment.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stay a whole day without talking to my man.

My silent treatment is usually brief.

And during that time, I miss my hubby like he’s out of town.

So I get over myself and t start talking to him again.

Or he gets me out of the funk in his own way.

Please don’t ruin your relationship with the silent treatment.

Talk to your partner, work things out, and continue loving each other.

Conclusion on mistakes that ruin your relationship with a younger man

Boom! That’s 35 mistakes that ruin relationships with a younger guy.

Please try to avoid these mistakes if you want your relationship to flourish.

It’s not easy to let go of some old habits, but you can do it.

I’m rooting for you because I want everyone to have a great relationship.

One that keeps them smiling whenever they think of their partners.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

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