33 New Year’s Resolutions For Relationships


Making good New Year’s resolutions for relationships should be just as important as that for your health or career.

So let’s reflect on our relationships.

And see ways to improve and strengthen them or walk away.

Let’s dive in and explore 33 good New Year’s resolutions for relationships.

33 Good New Year’s resolutions for your marriage

1. Communicate more

Lack of communication is the reason most relationships fail.

So try to communicate honestly.

When you say you don’t want your partner to make a big deal of your birthday, mean what you say.

Don’t say one thing and mean another.

Also, talk if something bugs you.

Instead of expecting your partner to read your mind.

2. Make time for yourself


In the new year, make sure you’re doing something for yourself.

Do you want to learn a new skill or language?

Stop putting it off, and do it in the new year.

And please don’t stop.

Keep learning and improving yourself.

3. Enjoy your hobbies alone

Yup, it’s good to spend time with your partner.

But you are a whole person, and you deserve me-time.

So do the things you love.

If you’ve been away from your hobbies, please pick them up again.

Or even start new ones.

Just do things that make you happy that do not necessarily involve your spouse or kids.

You’d be happier.

4. Listen to your partner more

There is a difference between looking and not looking at your partner when they’re talking to you,

When you look at them and listen, it shows you’re interested in what they’re saying.

And that you respect them.

But looking at your phone and nodding while they’re talking to you shows you aren’t interested in talking to them.

That may not be your intention, but that’s what it interprets.

So let’s practice more active listening in the new year.

5. Prioritize your partner


Another good thing you can do for your marriage in the new year is prioritize your partner.

If you have kids, you might get caught up in all their activities and primary care.

But spending time with your partner should be on your priority list too.

Also, make sure you’re parenting together to make caring for your kids easier.

And you guys can have time more time to spend together as a couple.

But if you don’t have kids, still spend quality time together.

6. Check on your partner

Sometimes we assume our spouses are okay because they don’t talk about their struggles.

But if you know your partner well, you’d know when they’re not okay.

And even if they try to play it off like they’re fine, we know when something is wrong.

So ask them how they’re doing, job-wise, etc.

Also, check on them while they’re at work once in a while.

7. Flirt more with your spouse this new year

Another thing you need to start or do more in your marriage is flirting with your spouse.

Tell them how sexy you think they are.

Or even send flirty text messages once in a while.

It keeps things alive and makes you crave your partner.

8. Sleep together even after an argument


If you or your spouse have been sleeping on the couch after arguments, please let’s stop doing that.

Whether you’re the one kicking your partner to the couch or they go there themselves, please discuss it.

You can stay mad for a little while but sleep together.

And find better ways to manage and resolve issues.

Quit the punishment.

9. Forgive more

Some of us can hold grudges forever.

Whatever your partner does to upset you, please try to forgive.

While you’re staying mad and holding grudges, you miss spending quality time with them.

10. Quit the silent treatment

If your partner annoys you, tell them about it.

Silent treatment doesn’t say anything.

I still do the silent treatment but can’t hold it for long because I love being with my husband.

And while I’m quiet and he doesn’t understand why I’m giving him the silent treatment, I end up telling him why.

So talk to your spouse.

Instead of making them crack a code as to why you’re mad.

11. Spend more time together

Sometimes married couples drift apart as they’ve gotten used to each other.

Don’t let that happen to your marriage.

Find time just to be together.

You can plan date nights.

Or get a cup of coffee or lunch together outside your house.

And if you’re not big on dates, enjoy each other’s company at home watching your favorite shows.

12. Initiate and accept intimacy


Some marriages lack intimacy.

If your marriage lacks intimacy, you need to find ways to improve it.

You can create a schedule for intimacy.

Or even skip wearing panties, and make your partner crave you.

Find a room where you haven’t had intimacy, and do it there.

Initiate intimacy with your hubby.

Stop waiting for him to start it every time.

It’s sexy when you initiate it too.

13. Appreciate your spouse

These days people say you shouldn’t thank your partner for doing the bare minimum.

Well, I’m not sure how to measure what to thank your partner for.

But I know that appreciating your partner gives you more reasons to love them.

Whether your partner is doing their share of the house chores, it wouldn’t hurt to say thanks.

My husband thanks me for cooking for the family.

And I thank him for doing laundry and grocery shopping.

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14. Set goals for your marriage.

My hubby is still in grad school, so we have plans for when he gets his doctorate.

We sometimes talk about where we’d love to live and the kind of house.

You and your beau can discuss traveling, returning to school, starting a new career, or buying a home.

Maybe you’re newly married and want to wait several years before having kids.

Set those goals and work towards them.

15. Get marriage counseling

If your marriage is going through a rough patch, maybe some counseling would help.

Talk to your partner so you can do it together.

I hope and pray everything works out for you.

New Year’s resolutions for dating

Here are a few New Year’s resolutions for a relationship if you’re dating.

16. Start talking about the next steps

If you’ve been dating for more than six months, you need to start discussing the future.

What do you guys want to do?

17. Talk about marriage


If you want to get married, you need to discuss it.

Do you see yourself marrying the person you’re dating?

Is your partner moving like they want to marry you?

Would you like to live together before you get married?

Talk about it.

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18. Discuss children

Another thing you mustn’t skip when talking about marriage is kids.

Do you want to have kids?

Does your partner want to be a parent?

Don’t wait until you’re married to discover you’re not on the same page regarding kids.

So discuss children and how many.

19. Living together long-term relationship

And if you don’t want to get married, what kind of relationship do you want?

Are you both on the same page regarding your relationship?

Do you plan to live together in your long-term relationship?

Start moving forward in the new year.

20. Meeting your partner’s friends and family

If you need to meet your partner’s family, consider it in the new year.

Meeting your partner’s friends and family shows another level of commitment.

And if your partner isn’t taking you to meet their family or isn’t curious to meet yours, please re-evaluate your relationship.

Are they leading you on?

Think about it.

New Year’s resolutions for if you’re engaged

So you’re engaged.

What are you waiting for?

Here are New Year’s resolutions if you’re engaged.

21. Start planning your wedding

Please start planning your wedding.

What kind of wedding do you want?

If you like a quiet wedding because you don’t want to spend money, then go to the courthouse and do it.

But if you want a big wedding, then plan and do it.

And start your life as a married couple.

22. Engaged forever? Get married or what?

Has your partner turned you into the Lord of the Rings?

Have they postponed wedding plans several times?

And kept you engaged for years?

If you’ve been engaged for more than a year, likely, they don’t want to marry you.

Unless you’re the one putting off wedding plans.

You both need to talk about it.

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New Year’s resolutions for if you want to date but have no one

Here are New Year’s relationship resolutions if you want to date but haven’t met anyone.

23. Put yourself out there more

To date, you must put yourself out there more in the new year.

Nobody will find you when you’re sitting on your couch scrolling on social media.

24. Ditch the dating apps

Some people have been lucky with dating apps.

But if you haven’t had any luck, it’s time to stop using it.

And look for better ways to meet people.

This takes us to the next point.

25. Approach guys

If you want to meet guys these days, you should approach them.

You have to make the first move, girl.

The only problem is you might face rejection.

But guys face rejection daily.

You’d meet a guy waiting to meet you.

And you’d not even remember the rejection.

New Year’s resolutions for long-distance relationships

Are you in a long-distance relationship?

Here are some New Year’s resolutions for you:

26. Make plans to move and join your partner

Start talking about moving together if you want the relationship to move forward.

You should talk about finding a job in the other person’s city.

So you can be together.

Also, before moving cities, make sure you want the same things.

Does your partner want marriage, kids, etc.?

27. Or rethink long-distance relationships

If neither of you wants to move to be with the other person, rethink this long-distance relationship.

Do you want to keep wasting time on something that might not work?

Think about it.

Look for dates in your area.

New Year’s resolutions for if you’re in a bad relationship

28. Know that you deserve better

If you’re in a bad relationship, you must realize that you deserve better this new year.

Bad partners want to convince you that they’re the best you can get.

Please don’t believe them.

There are many good people out there looking to meet someone to love.

29. It’s time to end it


I know it would be difficult, but please quit that lousy relationship.

Then take some time off to heal.

And if you want to date again, go back to it.

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30. Get therapy

Don’t be scared to seek professional help to deal with lousy relationship trauma.

New Year’s resolution for if you’re just broken up from a relationship

Did you break up?

Here are New Year’s resolutions for you.

31. Cry it out

Don’t hold back the tears, babe.

Cry it out.

It’s best to let out all the emotions and relieve the burden on your heart.

After crying for days, you’d feel better soon.

32. Take time away from dating

Then take time off dating.

Don’t jump from relationship to relationship.

You must be sure you’ve healed from the last relationship before starting a new one.

33. Prioritize self-care

Practicing self-care may help you recover quickly from heartbreak.

So sleep, read, and go for walks or runs.

Spend time with your friends.

Getting counseling may also help you deal with a difficult breakup.

Learn to love yourself again.

You’ll be okay.

Conclusion on New Year’s resolutions for relationships

And that’s 33 great New Year’s resolutions for relationships.

I hope you find them helpful.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

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