5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship – Tips To Fix It

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

Have you watched relationship videos online and called them your “couple goals”?

Or do you take it further to wish your partner would be like the person you see online?

It’s funny how some of us think a relationship is perfect from a 1-minute video clip.

Every relationship is distinct, and these people are monetizing theirs.

And the best you can do is watch them for fun and move on.

But craving that relationship for you and your spouse may not be the best.

This post will talk about how couple goals can mess up your relationship. And what to do to fix it.

Let’s begin.

5 ways couple goals ruin your relationship

You must have seen videos where one partner wants, is making a video, and the other is hiding from the camera.

What does it tell you?

I see a person not interested in living their life in front of a camera.

But their partner loves to show the world everything about the relationship.

Things like that can cause issues in a relationship.

Below are ways online couple goals can ruin a great relationship.

1. Online couples are showing you what you want to see

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

While couples may look happy in their videos, it is not always true.

The people you admire are showing you what you want to see.

And because you have painted a perfect picture in your head, it is easy to soak up their content.

Their arguments are not content-worthy because we live in a bubble these days.

A world where everyone pretends stuff doesn’t go wrong.

I’m not saying they’re unhappy in their relationship.

Heck! They might have the best relationship ever.

But sometimes, they have disputes and are mad at each other, just like everyone else.

So remember that when you start to think their relationship is the ideal.

It might be perfect for them.

But maybe not for you.

2. You’re forcing your partner to be someone else

Sometimes, seeing online couples as your relationship goal means forcing your partner to be who they’re not.

I’m sure you don’t like it when someone tries to change you.

Or tells you to act in certain ways to fit the picture they painted.

So stop doing the same to your partner.

The person you see online is different from your partner.

And they have their flaws, just like your boyfriend or husband.

But wanting your partner to be like them means you don’t love them the way they are.

3. You are comparing your partner to strangers

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

Let’s say you and your partner work out but separately.

But your favorite online couple works out together.

And they flow and make working out with your partner so easy and sexy.

Then you start telling your partner you want to work out together for social media content.

Knowing full well it would lead to an argument.

But you’re ready to fight with your partner to get what you want.

The worst part is when you are unaware that your actions are causing issues for you.

And you are thinking, why can this influencer do it, and my boyfriend won’t?

Let me tell you, you are comparing your partner to a friggin stranger.

Whom you know nothing about.

4. You may lose your partner

Online couples are regular people like you and me.

If you focus too much on them, you will lose sight of what’s vital in a relationship.

And even worse, you may lose your partner.

Yes, you can say you’d find someone who loves to be on camera daily.

And that’s okay.

But is it worth throwing a good relationship away?

Or, as long as they’re good for social media content, you’re okay.

And nothing else matters?

5. Every relationship is different

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

Some people meet, and they like the same things.

Those are the couples you see dancing or doing other cute couple stuff for views.

While some like different things but still have a good relationship.

The lady might like videos and stuff, while the guy loves his private life.

And your relationship may be the latter.

And it’s okay.

But you are dead wrong if you think every relationship is like TikTok videos.

Every relationship is unique because of the people in it.

It’s both of you loving and appreciating each other.

And that’s what counts.

Tips to improve your relationship

There are lots of ways to improve your relationship. But we’ll focus on these few, as I believe they’re the most important.

Put your partner first.

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

To have a better relationship, always put your partner first.

Putting each other first means considering them when making plans.

And when you put each other first, you become best friends.

Your partner knows you won’t do things without telling them about it.

Respect each other

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

Respect is critical for any relationship to develop.

And respecting your partner means no name-calling during arguments.

If you yell and put your hands in each other’s faces when arguing, you have no respect for each other.

Being punctual is another way to show respect for your partner.

Also, respecting your partner means you don’t leave your business for everyone to see and judge.

Communicate more

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

Another tip for a better relationship is to communicate more.

If you don’t like something your partner does, let them know.

Open your mouth and talk about issues.

And work to fix them together.

But if you go the silent treatment route, you might worsen things.

And you may never come back from it.

Some couples do the silent treatment to the point where they forget what they were arguing about.

Then they start living like roommates that aren’t on good terms.

So if you want your relationship to thrive, make an effort to talk to your partner.

You’d have fewer conflicts once you learn to communicate better with your partner.

And even when they happen, you’d know better how to handle and resolve them.

Appreciate your partner

If you want your relationship to grow, you must appreciate your spouse/fiance, etc.

Don’t wait until they buy you an expensive gift before showing gratitude.

Thank them for the little things like:

  • doing the laundry,
  • filling up your gas tank,
  • being there when you’re crushed or happy,
  • or for just being an awesome person.

When you appreciate your partner, you’d have more reasons to love them.

And they would go the extra mile for you.

Keep outsiders out

5 Ways Online Couple Goals Can Eff Up Your Relationship - How To Fix It

Learning to keep friends and family out of your business can improve your relationship.

If your friends or family easily sways you, you may put your relationship at risk.

Because even if they claim they mean no harm, their advice may ruin your relationship.

So keep them out if you want your relationship to grow.

Our families and friends think they know what’s best for us, including choosing a partner.

And if they don’t like your partner, they will do everything they can to mess things up for you.

Please keep them out.

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Don’t compare them to anyone else.

What most of us do is compare our current partner to our exes.

It is rubbish.

How would you feel if your spouse compared you to his ex?

I know, right?

So leave your ex or any so-called perfect relationship out, and love the person you’re with.

Might I add, if your ex was so good, why are you not with them?

That’s what I thought.

So please, focus on your spouse and how they treat you.

And be good to them in return.

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Boom! 5 ways online couple goals are messing up your relationships.

Let’s recap.

Online couples are not perfect. They only show you the good sides of their relationship.

You don’t know what happens behind the cameras.

So stop wishing for someone else’s flawed life.

Your little imperfect world may be more beautiful than theirs.

Because you are free to live as you wish and not pretend to be who you’re not.

And even if it isn’t, it’s still okay.

Do you know why?

Because it is yours.

Focus on your relationship, and love the person who loves and treats you right.

And everything will be okay.

All the best.

See you in the next post.

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