Our 8th Wedding Anniversary Dinner Date


So my husband and I had a dinner date to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary.

Which was on January 30th.

But we planned to go on a dinner date the first weekend in February.

Just the two of us.

This post will cover everything on our 8th wedding anniversary dinner date.

Let’s dive in.

Our 8th wedding anniversary dinner date – the deets


Hubby and I haven’t been on a date for months.

Our last date alone was a daytime movie date.

Then the most recent was a group movie date.

So this time, it was just the two of us, and we wanted to make it special.

And I went all out.

Or so I thought.


What I wore on our 8th-anniversary dinner date

Once my husband said he was taking me to dinner to celebrate our anniversary, I started planning what to wear.

I tried several outfits.

So I scoured my closet looking for the right outfit.

I combined several clothes.

Liked some.

Disliked some.

Got frustrated.

And because it is winter, I searched for outfit ideas for a dinner date during winter.

And got some great ideas.

But I wanted to show some skin even if it was chilly outside.


I bought a pair of shoes.

After searching and getting anxious, I decided to buy a pair of nude pumps because most of my shoes are black.

And I knew the nude heels would make any outfit pop.

So I ordered a pair of nude pumps from Designer Shoes Warehouse(not an affiliate link) on Friday night.

And picked them up on Saturday afternoon.

The shoes were 3.75 inches heels.

At first, I was worried they’d be hard to walk in.

But they were pretty comfortable and very sexy.

I wore a little black dress for our 8th wedding anniversary dinner date


I knew I would wear a black wrap dress or my black shift dress when I got the shoes.

I tried both dresses, and my husband picked the wrap dress.

So I went with it.

After dressing up, I knew I looked hot.

And my husband told me I was beautiful several times.

I also bought some jewelry.

Since my hair is short, like a pixie cut, I wanted small cute earrings.

Also, I chose to wear two gold necklaces.

And only gold studs would go with them.

So I bought this set of gold studs with stones(affiliate link) on Amazon.

They arrived just a few minutes before we left for the restaurant.

I was scared they’d come after we left home.

Thankfully they arrived on time.

So my jewelry was settled.

I bought a new foundation, lol.

Like many women, I’ve used the wrong foundation shade for years.

So I thought I’d try one more time; maybe I’ll find the right shade.

I had a Maybelline foundation in coconut, which always made my face darker than my neck.

So this time, I bought the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in cappuccino(affiliate link), one shade lighter than coconut.

And voila!

It was the perfect shade for me.

Mind you, I had already applied a little of the old foundation before the new one came in.

But still, I applied some of the new foundation.

And the difference was clear.

So I put on light makeup, styled my hair, and hit the road.

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Where we left the kids

Fortunately for us, we made friends with a couple with kids our kids’ age.

Our kids attend the same school and ride the school bus together.

And we’ve gotten kind of close recently.

So we asked if they could have the kids for a few hours.

And we had to work with their schedule.

And they agreed to have the kids Sunday evening.

So we dropped the kids off with them and went to dinner.

Where we went for our 8th-anniversary dinner date


Before our date, I googled several restaurants.

But my husband always wanted to go to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in Charlottesville.

We read some excellent reviews about the restaurant.

And the food on their website looked delicious.

So we made a reservation for Sunday at 5 pm.

We got there and sat at our table.

It’s time to eat

The waiter brought the menu.

At first, chose the nacho bowl because I saw it on their website.

And thought it would be delicious, and eating it won’t clean my matte lipstick. Lol.

But they were out of nachos, so I had the house burger wipe my lips clean. Lol.

While John had a steak with chips.


I had a spicy margarita for a drink, and my hubby had a beer.

Time for dessert.

I had what they call Triple Chocolate Pizooki(not an affiliate link), a warm brownie, and ice cream with chocolate chip topping.

Instead of chocolate ice cream, the waitress brought my dessert with vanilla ice cream.

And she disappeared quickly.

I’m a huge chocolate fan.

I’d only eat vanilla ice cream if chocolate is unavailable.

So I felt cheated on my dessert.


My husband had the Strawberry Shortcake Pizookie(not an affiliate link).

Though the food wasn’t that great, the dessert was heavenly.

Still upset about getting vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate.


We took pictures


After eating and talking, and laughing, we took some pictures.

Or my husband took pictures of me when I wasn’t looking.

And when I noticed, I started posing for more pictures.


But the best were the ones he took while I was unaware.

Then after some time, when he was distracted, I took pictures of him too.

Me taking pictures of him, and he got shy.


We didn’t take any pictures together.

Which I wasn’t happy about.

But it’s one of those things.


We left the restaurant.

Because it was past 7 pm, past the kids’ bedtime, we bought them takeout.

In case they didn’t eat at our friends’ place.

But the kids had already had dinner with our friends.

And were still happy to eat a little more before going to bed.

And because they played a lot at their friends’ place, they fell asleep quickly.

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So hubby and I watched TV, cuddled, and…

Let’s say I wore a small sexy nightgown.

And we went to bed. *wink*

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Wrapping it up!


All in all, we had a fantastic 8th wedding anniversary dinner date.

It felt good to dress up beautifully.

And get out of the house for a few hours.

And spend time together without the kids going mommy this, mommy that.

Or daddy this, daddy that.

I’m still reminiscing and enjoying the memory.

How did you celebrate your most recent wedding anniversary?

Any tips for us?

Please share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it.

See you in the next post.

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