9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

In this post, we’re going to discuss why you should marry the nice guy.

Do you have a nice guy chasing you?

Do you like him but you’re not sure what you want?

Like most women, maybe you don’t like him because he’s nice.

And he doesn’t give you reasons to doubt him. Or keep you on your toes as some guys do.

So the nice guy always ends up in your friend zone until some lady snatches him and gets all the love he has to give.

Then you begin to wonder what she sees in him. Well, that’s by the way.

So do you like the nice guy chasing you?

Maybe you should give it a go.

Here are nine great reasons to marry the nice guy.

How I married the nice guy

My husband was the nice guy who was also my friend throughout college.

Though he didn’t chase me, we had an excellent friendship.

Fast forward years after college, we got together and started dating.

While dating him, I noticed the dynamic was different.

The way he treated me was unlike what I was used to.

He made me feel special.

And I said, “I ain’t going nowhere. I’d stay here until I’m no more.”

Anyway, he made his intentions known, and we got married.

Seven years later, we’re still going strong.

So from my little experience, here are reasons why marrying the nice guy is one of the best decisions you’d ever make.

9 reasons why you should marry the nice guy

1. You’ll be a priority

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

Marry the nice guy because he will prioritize you without thinking twice.

And he doesn’t have to say it for you to know it.

Your nice guy will run things by you before making decisions.

You’d be part of his plans by default.

2. Marry the nice guy; he’ll give you peace of mind

One of the main things you’d get is peace of mind when you marry the good guy.

Aren’t we all looking for peace of mind in our relationships?

Oh! The nice guy will keep your mind at peace because he doesn’t have time to play silly games.

If he tells you this is where he is, that’s where you’d find him.

You can trust him and say, “my guy won’t do that.”

It’s unhealthy to check your partner’s phone.

But if your nice guy lets you go through his phone, you won’t find anything incriminating.

Dude doesn’t have time to cheat because he always weighs the consequences of whatever he does.

3. The nice guy listens

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

The nice guy is a good listener.

And when he listens to you, he’s interested in what you’re talking about.

So you won’t feel like you’re talking to the wall when you talk to your nice guy.

Listening to you is his way of showing he respects you and what you have to say.

Please talk to him if you have any worries.

He would make sure you’re okay.

4. He’ll do anything for you

The nice guy will go the extra mile to ensure you’re taken care of.

My husband had a high-paying job when I was still working nine to five.

So my pay was just extra money to cover tiny expenses or my personal needs.

And when I got pregnant with our second child, I got tired of working.

We talked about it.

And my husband said it was okay; I could quit my job.

And I started a business from home.

He took care of the home until I had my baby.

And he’s still taking care of our home because I’m a stay-at-home mom.

There are many things the nice guy will do for you without blinking.

5. He would shower you with affection

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

Aww! The nice guy is not short on touches, kisses, and sweet stuff.

And he would compliment you like he’s meeting you for the first time.

Sometimes it’s too much, but – Oh my gosh! – relish it because it’s your reality now.

My husband is one of the reasons I’m so confident in my skin now.

He tells me how beautiful I am.

He makes me feel special like I’m the only girl in the world (when I’m not Rihanna). Lol.

Making a girl feel mushy inside.

Even when you feel you look like a mess, your guy will still be all over you.

Your messy hair and morning breath won’t stop him from hugging and kissing you adorably.

6. He considers you

There are days when I’m too tired to cook or don’t feel like cooking.

My husband would say not to worry. He would eat whatever was in the fridge.

He doesn’t insist that he must eat this particular food. Instead, he eats whatever I cook.

And sometimes he says not to make dinner, and we’d have pizza.

So your girl can put her feet up, relax and eat.

Your nice guy is flexible.

So he won’t pressure you to do things the same way every time.

7. You won’t have to fit any box when you marry the nice guy

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

You nice guy loves you the way you are.

So you won’t have to change to fit any box.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for or improve yourself.

Please do the things that make you happy and feel good about yourself.

And as long as you both are happy, he won’t tell you to act a certain way to please other people.

So you can be yourself 100% with your nice guy.

Isn’t that something?

8. He’s selfless

The nice guy is a selfless soul.

He would put your needs before his.

And he would not shy away from sharing chores with you.

He’s not one to say, “that’s a woman’s job.”

He sees himself as a regular human like you. Which makes you feel very comfortable around him.

And if someday you guys decide to have kids, he would make a great dad.

9. He would make you happy

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

All in all, the nice guy will make you one happy woman.

Yes, no one is perfect.

But the nice guy is like a whole package.

  • A man that doesn’t look for what’s not missing (other women or drama).
  • You’re the only thing he sees.
  • He makes you a priority.
  • And showers you with compliments that make you blush.

Tell me, that’s not happiness in one box.

The nice guy is husband material.

Please marry the heck out of him.

Why you should not marry the nice guy

Now there are lots of great reasons to marry the nice guy.

But let’s discuss why you should not marry the nice guy because most women take them for granted.

You are just there for the attention.

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

If a nice guy is chasing you and you don’t want a relationship, please stop leading him on.

Some of us would lead a nice guy on and give him different signals on different days.

  • Today you’re interested; tomorrow, you’re not.
  • You play hard to get.
  • You play, stop it; I like it!
  • Then go to dinner, where he pays for everything.
  • Then tomorrow, you’d say, “I can’t date you. You’re like a brother to me.”

Please, he’s not your brother; you and I know it.

He knows his family. And he knows you’re not his sister.

So if you don’t want to date the nice guy, tell him.

And go your separate ways.

Let him find someone that loves him back.

Don’t use him to play your little game because you enjoy the attention he gives you.

You’re not attracted to him.

Please leave him alone if you’re not attracted to the nice guy.

Eventually, he would find a girl that loves him and deserves the love he gives her.

Don’t be the girl who tolerates her good husband but doesn’t find him attractive.

Your family pressured you to marry him.

9 Great Reasons To Marry The Nice Guy

Sometimes our friends and families pressure us to date or marry people we don’t like.

Please don’t do that with any guy.

Marry someone you love, not just someone that’s nice.

Yes, he’s good to you.

But don’t marry the nice guy if you have no feelings for him.

You’d be miserable if you married him because your family pressured you to.

Please read 10 Pieces of Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other.

You just want to get married.

You’d be unhappy if you married the nice guy because you want to get out of the dating market.

Marriage isn’t something you do to pass the time.

It’s a lifetime commitment.

So it’s crucial you love who you marry. And marry who you love.

Some people grow to love the people they marry, but it’s not very common.

Boom! 9 reasons to marry the nice guy

Marrying the nice guy is one of the best things you’d do if you love him.

But if you are not drawn to him, please don’t marry him.

Don’t waste your and his time because you’re enjoying his attention.

Take your time and find a guy you love that loves you back.

And everyone will be happy.

Now it’s your turn.

Did you marry the nice guy?

What’s it like?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post.

And I’d see you in the next one.

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