9 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Seeing Another Woman – What I Did


Even before I confirmed my boyfriend was seeing someone else, I saw signs that I ignored.

Sometimes I spend the weekend at his place, but he gets upset when I leave a thing or two.

And we had issues, broke up, and got back together several times.

After making up, I discovered there was a new girl.

And he wanted me to be okay with him dating me and someone else.

Honestly, I did for a while, then realized it was B.S., and I ended it with him.

So if you’re wondering why your boyfriend is dating you and someone else, this post will answer your question.

And we’ll also discuss what to do when you discover he’s seeing another girl.

Let’s begin.

Signs your boyfriend is dating someone else?

Several signs show your man is seeing someone else.

But I’ll talk about the few I noticed and ignored.

Please don’t ignore these signs.

Because you may lose your self-esteem if you see signs that a guy is crappy and continue dating him.

So here are the signs your guy is dating another lady:

He checks out other women in your presence.


When a man likes and is exclusive to you, he wouldn’t be interested in other women.

Yes, he might notice and acknowledge a beautiful woman.

But if he follows her with his eyes while you’re there?

He doesn’t respect you.

My ex checked out women and talked about them with his friends in front of me.

I saw the red flags.

He has no time for you.

When your guy is dating you and someone else, he wouldn’t have time for you.

Because he has to create time for the new woman.

And he would only call you when he needs female company, and she’s unavailable.

He threatens you with breaking up.


When I talk about how my boyfriend hardly had time for me, he says I complained too much.

And he would threaten to or even break up with me over the phone.

At first, I used to beg him not to break up with me.

But I started threatening him with breaking up too.

It was a nasty cycle that I didn’t wish on anyone.

He wouldn’t care if you found out.

Some guys would deny seeing someone else, while others would admit it.

I don’t know which is worse.


What’s worse is your boyfriend not giving AF if you find out he’s seeing another girl.

When you see this sign, please run far away from him.

Because he would hurt you so bad, you’d begin to think something is wrong with you.

9 Reasons why your boyfriend is seeing another girl?

1. He was never faithful.


The truth is, like me, maybe you saw the signs but ignored them.

Your boyfriend probably wasn’t faithful all along.

But you’re only seeing it now.

2. They’ve been dating all along.

Another thing is the girl might have been in his life even before you.

So he’s cheating on her with you.

My boyfriend’s maid used to hide my stuff because there was a lady before we started dating.

3. Your boyfriend wants variety.

Some guys cannot commit to one woman.

So they’re always looking for more women to have fun with.

This explains why my boyfriend never calls me until nobody wants to hang out with him.

I probably was one of many women he was seeing.

4. He’s insecure; that’s why he’s seeing another girl

Most men that cheat on their women are insecure.

They sleep with as many women as possible to hide their insecurities.

Sleeping with everything in a skirt makes them feel masculine.

But deep inside, they’re insecure.

5. He’s taking you for granted.

When a guy never held you in high regard, he would chase and date another woman alongside you.

And, like my ex, he didn’t care when I found out.

Instead, he was protective of the lady.

And because she knew he was dating both of us, she would lie that I called her – when I didn’t even have her number.

And he would be mad at me for something I didn’t do.

Oh, shoot! It was a stinky mess I got myself into.

He was taking me for granted.

6. Your man is seeing someone else because he doesn’t respect you.

It’s one thing to discover your boyfriend is dating someone else and you.

But it’s disrespectful when he wants you to be okay with it.

He already disrespected you when he chased and started dating the other woman.

Or maybe she was there before you.

It doesn’t matter.

But it’s double disrespect when he doesn’t care that you know.

And wants you to keep dating him, knowing that you’re just the other girl.

He’s telling you to wait your turn to spend time with him.

Gosh! I can’t.

7. He thinks you’re not good enough.

If your boyfriend thinks you’re not good enough for him, then by default, he’s not good enough for you.

That’s how you should look at it.

I know it hurts, but he’s not good enough for you.

But he and the other woman are good for each other.

It’s not easy, but don’t let his actions make you feel less.

8. Your relationship is over when your boyfriend starts seeing someone else.

When your boyfriend starts dating you and someone else, it’s a sign that your relationship is over.

When the new lady came in, my boyfriend did stuff with her that he never did with me.

So she was special to him, and I was the other girl.

Guess he was done with the relationship long before I realized it.

9. Or maybe there was no relationship in the first place


Sometimes you’d think you’re in a relationship with someone, but you’re not.

And since I realized my ex was seeing other women alongside me, I concluded he was never in a relationship with me.

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So what can you do after discovering your boyfriend is seeing another woman?

Please dump him

Look, there’s no softer way to say this.

Please dump his butt.

He would tell you he loves you and all that bull.

Listen if you like.

But there is no relationship to save.

And don’t let him make you think it’s okay to date you and another woman.

It is not.

So dump him and move on with your life.

It would hurt.

But girl, you’d be okay in the end.

And it’s best to be alone and heal than to be in a bad relationship.

Please don’t take his calls.


After you’ve dumped his butt, he’s going to call you.

Ignore his calls like the plague.

Block him on all social platforms, and block his number.

I know it sounds harsh.

But if you don’t toughen up, he will return to your life and continue this bull.

Also, if you don’t set boundaries, it might happen again.

And when you block him, you will have time to heal from the heartbreak without any distractions.

His calls are distractions that will hold you from moving on.

I found it’s best to block an ex if you want to move on.

You don’t need the awkward conversations and crappy apologies.

He wants to hear you’ve forgiven him so he doesn’t hurt anymore.

It is not your job to help him feel better after hurting you.

That’s his cross to bear.

Please don’t call him.

You’d be tempted to call him.

But please don’t.

If you are sure you want nothing to do with him, you might as well lose his number.

I deleted my ex’s number even if I knew it by heart.

But now I don’t remember it anymore.

Even then, I wanted to call him.

But I fought myself not to.

It was hard.

And I’d cry my eyes out.

But with time, not talking to him started to feel normal.

And I eventually moved on.

Don’t try to be friends.


There is no point trying to stay friends with an ex.

Don’t let him back in your life.

He’s only asking to be friends because he doesn’t want you to move on.

Or maybe he has convinced himself that you can never find happiness outside him.

So once he sees you’re happy or someone else is treating you well, he tries to ruin it.

And are you sure you can have a platonic friendship with a man you were sexually involved with?

Friendships with an ex most of the time lead back to the bed.

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Please don’t talk to his friends.

Remember what I said about letting him bear his cross?

He would recruit his friends to apologize on his behalf so he would feel better.

Please don’t talk to them.

They knew the whole time that he was playing you.

So they’re not calling because they care about you.

They only want to help him hurt less and not feel like the jerk that he is.

Please ignore and block their calls too.

That’s what I did.

Please don’t call the girl.

Some of us would want to contact the lady and do whatever.

Please don’t contact her even if you find her on social media.

It’s not her fault that your boyfriend went after her.

Also, please don’t make her feel like she took anything from you.

Your guy wanted to be taken.

Besides, you won’t gain anything from contacting her except making yourself look crazy.

So leave her out of it.

Ask your friends for support.

When going through heartbreak, you must have support from friends and family.

Talk to someone you trust about the breakup.

Cry your eyes out as I did.

A friend cried with me in her car when I finally ended things with the boyfriend.

Thinking about it now, it’s funny the time we spent crying.

But that was the last time I cried over said ex.

So I believe crying is part of the healing process.

Recruit a friend to cry with you. Lol.

Your bestie wouldn’t mind crying with you.

Is your boyfriend seeing another girl? Know that you deserve better

After a man mistreats you, you’d want to convince yourself that there are no good men.

Or even worse, you might think you don’t deserve a good guy.

Please refrain from thinking like that.

There are so many good men out there waiting to meet you.

Before going into the dating market, heal from this crappy relationship.

If guys don’t approach you, maybe you should ask them out.

Lots of ladies are making the first move and meeting amazing guys.

You’ll be okay.

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If your boyfriend is seeing you and another lady, please leave him.

Cry, heal, and move on.

You guys aren’t good for each other.

That’s my two cents on the matter.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

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