He Rejected Proposal, Doesn’t Want Marriage – Can You Change His Mind?

He Rejected Proposal, Doesn't Want Marriage - Can You Change His Mind?

Sometimes you have to propose several times for a partner to accept you.

But it’s different when that partner has made it clear from the beginning that they don’t want marriage.

This article discusses why he rejected your proposal.

And if you can change his mind.

And what to do when your boyfriend rejects your marriage proposal.

Let’s get started.

Why he rejected your proposal

Before we discuss what to do, let’s talk about why he rejected the proposal in the first place.

He doesn’t want to get married

Some people don’t want to get married.

They don’t believe in or see the point of marriage.

And it’s their choice that we must respect.

While some change their minds because they don’t want to lose their partners, some would rather break up than marry.

Staying unmarried is a decision they must have made in their late teens or early twenties.

And it’s also possible they have rejected marriage proposals or even ended past relationships because they don’t want marriage.

So it’s likely not the first time they’ve told a partner they don’t want to be married.

And even if your boyfriend loves you a lot, he rejects your proposal because he doesn’t believe in marriage.

He doesn’t want to marry you is why he rejected your proposal

Some people say they don’t want to get married.

But sometimes they don’t want to marry a particular person.

So it’s possible your boyfriend rejected your proposal because he doesn’t want to marry you.

And not because he doesn’t want marriage.

But he won’t say so because he doesn’t want to hurt you.

I had an ex who said he could not marry outside his ethnicity as the first son of his parents.

But he ended up marrying someone from a different tribe.

So I knew he didn’t want to marry me.

He’s afraid of marriage, that’s why he refused your proposal


Another reason your boyfriend rejected your proposal is that he fears marriage.

Some people believe marriage changes relationships.

But what they fail to understand is that it doesn’t.

Marriage is like dating the person you love forever.

And if you love and enjoy being with your spouse, you’d have a fantastic relationship.

But some people have seen only bad marriages.

Or they believe happy marriages are all fake.

And it’s hard to convince them you can still have a loving relationship when married.

So they’d rather stay single.

But can you convince a boyfriend who doesn’t want marriage to change his mind after rejecting your proposal?

As I said, people who don’t want to get married hardly change their minds.

So trying to convince him to accept your marriage proposal isn’t worth it.

Because he’ll keep rejecting you.

Which hurts more than the first time.

And even if he marries you, there’s a high chance you won’t be happy.

Because you forced him to do something he doesn’t believe in.

But in rare cases, you guys might have a great marriage.

However, you can’t put your happiness on tiny chance things would be different.

When there’s a chance you’d meet someone who wants the same things.

Besides, marriages where partners want different things mainly result in separation.

So it’s always best to marry someone who wants to marry you.

As long as you love each other.

And always remember this saying…

“Never let a man tell you he doesn’t want you more than once.”

So gather yourself and whatever is left of your pride, and believe he won’t change his mind about marriage.

So what can you do when your boyfriend rejects your proposal because he doesn’t believe in marriage?

1. Believe him

Believe him if he rejects your marriage proposal because he doesn’t want marriage.

Maybe he’s told you several times.

But refusing the marriage proposal confirms he’s serious about not wanting marriage.

Or maybe not want to marry you.

Whatever his reason is for rejecting your proposal, please believe him.

2. Accept that he’ll date but never marry you; that’s why he rejected your proposal


Another way to deal with this is to accept that he will never marry you.

He’s fine being in a relationship with you.

But marriage isn’t and will never be in the cards.

Do you want that?

3. Think about what you want.

Next, think about what you want.

If you want to be married and have a family, think about it.

Can you get it with your current partner?

We know the clear answer is no.

So what do you want to do about it?

Do you want to forgo your desire for a traditional marriage relationship and stay because you love him?

Also, why does he get what he wants, and you can’t have yours?

Or do you want to make other plans?

4. Next, decide what’s best for you

Nobody can tell you what’s best for you.

So the next thing to do is to decide what’s best for you.

Do you want to leave him?

Or do you want to stay?

Somewhere out there, there might be someone who wants the same things.

Are you willing to leave this relationship to find them?

Remember, if you stay with your current partner, you’d still ask for marriage because it’s what you desire.

Or maybe you won’t.

But somewhere inside, you might be unhappy.

I don’t know.

So make the decision that you can live with.

5. Remember, it’s okay to want marriage.


Because your guy rejected your proposal doesn’t mean you’re wrong for wanting a traditional marriage.

We all desire different things.

Some prefer long-term relationships, not marriage.

While some of us desire marriage and a family.

So don’t feel ashamed for wanting to get married.

And don’t let anyone shame you into accepting less than you desire.

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6. Moving forward, talk about marriage to avoid making the same mistake

Let’s say you ended the relationship because he won’t marry you.

And you’re back to dating.

You must discuss marriage when your relationship starts getting serious.

Please don’t assume your partner wants the same things.

If you want marriage, talk about it.

So you’re on the same page.

And do not waste your time with someone who wants different things.

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7. Also, take your time before moving in together

Don’t move in with a partner without knowing where you stand with them.

I’m all for living together before marriage.

But some of us move in with someone we have no idea we have a future with.

So make sure you want to marry each other.

And your partner has shown you genuine signs he wants to marry you before moving in together.

It makes both your lives easy.

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Conclusion on why he rejected your proposal

If your boyfriend tells you he doesn’t want marriage, believe him.

Don’t think a romantic proposal would make him change his mind.

It might work for some guys.

But most people who don’t believe in marriage never get married.

So in the future, talk about what you want.

And build a relationship with someone who wants the same things.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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