11 Signs You’re Happily Single

This blog post will discuss signs you’re happily single.

I wrote this post because some think being happily single is impossible.

And that’s mostly because society has convinced us that we need romantic partners to live happy and fulfilling lives.

I love being married, but I know people can be happy without romantic partners.

But if you’re struggling with being happy as a single person, I hope this post helps you somehow.

Let’s dive in and explore 11 signs you’re happy in your singlehood.

11 Signs You’re Happily Single

First, let me assure you there’s nothing wrong with wanting a romantic relationship.

And if you’re unhappy in your singlehood, there’s nothing wrong with you.

This is meant to be a guide to help you find happiness in your singlehood.

So, if you change your mind and decide to date, you’ll be a happy person connecting with another happy individual.

Not someone looking for someone else to make them feel complete.

I hope you get my drift.


Here are eleven signs you’re happy in your singleness:

1. You’re content with alone time

You enjoy spending time alone without feeling lonely or bored.

And you find pleasure in pursuing your interests and hobbies independently.

The thing about being content with alone time is that if you eventually get into a relationship, you’ll still be your person.

You will be okay being away from your partner.

Which is healthy in relationships.

2. You enjoy your own company is a sign you’re happy in your singlehood

Another sign you’re happily single is that you genuinely enjoy spending time with yourself.

You make time and prioritize self-care and self-love.

And that’s mainly because you’re comfortable with who you are.

And you need no external validation from a romantic partner.

Also, you can go out alone and not feel awkward hanging out by yourself.

Or feel left out when you see others in romantic relationships.

3. You’re in no rush for commitment

A sign that you’re not living happily single is that you’re always in a rush for commitment.

And when you meet someone, you move too fast to commit.

Which can be detrimental.

But you’re not actively seeking a romantic partner when you’re happily single.

Because you’re comfortable with being single and don’t feel pressured to settle down.

Bringing us to the next point…

4. You don’t rush into situations because you maintain boundaries

two women discussing

When you’re happily single, you avoid situations that disrupt your peace.

When we’re desperate for a partner, we might end up in a drama-filled relationship.

But people who are happily single can smell and avoid such relationships.

Also, you maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships, even with potential partners.

And you’re selective about who you allow into your space.

Most of all, you prioritize your well-being.

5. You don’t have to prove your happiness to anyone

Also, when you’re happily single, you don’t try to prove your happiness to anyone.

You’re usually not one to announce at every turn that you’re happy in your singlehood.

Not that it’s bad to do that.

It’s good to show people that we can be single and happy.

But my point is when you’re happy being single, you radiate happiness and are a joy to be around.

You know, we always talk about being happy by ourselves before getting involved with someone else.

So that they won’t be our only or major source of happiness.

When a partner is the primary source of your happiness, it becomes hard to live single happily.

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6. You’re secure in your choices is a sign of being happily single

11 Signs You're Happily Single

Another sign you’re happily single is that you’re secure in your choice.

Most people we see on social media, claiming they’re living happily single, are usually putting down others in relationships.

And what this translates to me is that they’re not secure in their choice to stay single.

I might be wrong.

But the truth is, when you’re happy and secure about being single or married, you won’t see the need to badmouth people who choose differently.

7. You have a fulfilling social life

You’re happily living single when you can maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family.

Sometimes, we avoid people and social gatherings when we’re unhappy in our singlehood.

Because having a partner is the center of our self-worth.

Which is unhealthy.

But people who are happily single actively engage in social activities without feeling the need for a romantic partner’s company.

8. You’re still friends with people in romantic relationships

I know it can be hard to maintain friendships with people in romantic relationships when you’re single.

But it’s possible.

Single and happy people have no problem staying friends with people in relationships.

And again, that’s because they’re secured in their choice to be single.

So they’re not one to judge others for getting into a romantic relationship.

Because they value real friendships and respect your choices.

And we should respect theirs too.

9. You’re grateful and fulfilled in your life

woman expressing gratitude - a sign you're happily single

Feeling grateful for life’s opportunities and experiences is a sign you’re happy in your singlehood.

And you find fulfillment in other aspects of life like careers, friendships, and personal growth.

Also, you’re not one to put your life on hold because of the absence of a romantic partner.

Some of us feel our lives are incomplete without a romantic partner.

Nothing wrong with wanting a partner.

But it’s important to be grateful and live a fulfilling life even without a partner.

So that when a suitable partner comes around, it would just be an extra thing we’re grateful for.

As opposed to being the only thing we’re thankful for.

10. You prioritize self-discovery and growth

Focusing on personal development and self-improvement is also a sign that you’re happy living single.

And you take the time to explore your interests, goals, and aspirations without the constraints of a romantic relationship.

Some of us don’t try to better ourselves unless we’re involved with a romantic partner.

But when you’re single and happy, you see setting and chasing goals as part of life.

And you celebrate your achievements and growth.

Unlike minimizing your accomplishments because of the absence of a partner.

11. You have a positive outlook on relationships, which is another great sign you’re happily single

A man kissing a woman's forehead while she smiles holding a coffee mug

While you’re happily single, you still maintain a positive outlook on relationships and remain open to the possibility of finding love in the future.

However, you also know that being in a relationship is not necessary for your happiness and fulfillment.

Conclusion on signs you’re single and happy

Remember, being happily single is a personal journey.

And it’s essential to prioritize your happiness and well-being above societal expectations or pressures to be in a relationship.

Take one day at a time to enjoy life’s little pleasures, partner or not.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

See you in the next one.

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