18 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Care About You (Ditch Him)

18 Signs He Doesn't Care About You (Ditch Him)

That feeling like you’re alone in a relationship is one of many signs he doesn’t care about you.

I know it because I’ve been there several times.

When you started dating, everything was calm.

Then with time, something starts feeling off.

But because you’re so into the relationship, you’d convince yourself that your perceptions are invalid.

But the truth, my dear, is that you were right the whole time, and it’s time to end it.

This post will discuss 18 signs he doesn’t care about you – it’s time to ditch him and move on.

18 Signs He Doesn’t Care About You

Like a side toy, some guys like stringing you along to keep you there.

The one you play with when your favorite one is missing.

Don’t let any guy treat you wrong and make you feel like that’s the best you can get.

He doesn’t care about you, but he’d keep tagging you along.

But for as long as you let him, though.

And the quicker you cut that string, the better for you.

1. He doesn’t like to define the relationship

One of the most common signs that he doesn’t care about you is that he would never define the relationship.

You’re just winging it.

If you ask him, “are we dating” he looks at you funny.

He might even say, “yes, we’re dating,” to make you feel good.

But you’d know if a guy is interested in a relationship with you.

2. You guys don’t talk is one of many signs he doesn’t care about you

If a guy cares for and about you, he will talk to you.

He won’t spend your time together scrolling through his phone.

Or acting like the news channel is the best thing since sliced bread.

And the most annoying part is when he acts like talking to you is a pain in the butt.

Please ditch him and move on.

3. When you’re always his last resort, it is a sign he doesn’t care about you


Another surefire sign that he doesn’t care about you is if he keeps you on the back burner.

Before thinking of you, a guy like that would call everyone else to hang out.

You’re always his last resort if all else fails.

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4. He wouldn’t introduce you to his friends

Sometimes, when a man doesn’t care about you, he wouldn’t take you to meet his friends because he doesn’t want to be associated with you.

5. He doesn’t care if his friends disrespect you

Then again, some men that don’t care about you will still introduce you to their friends.

And their friends know if they hold you in high regard.

And it would show in the way they talk to you and how he reacts to them disrespecting you.

6. He introduces you as “my thing.” this is one of the signs he doesn’t care about you

Please dump him when a guy introduces you as “my thing” to his friends.

He’s a jerk.

He doesn’t give two effs about you behind your back or in front of you.

7. More signs he doesn’t care about you? He doesn’t jump to help you

A caring boyfriend would do whatever they can to help you with problems.

But one who doesn’t care makes it hard for you to open up and ask for help.

8. If he makes you feel less-than, it’s a sign he doesn’t care about you

When he doesn’t care about you, he makes you feel you’re not enough.

He’d always nitpick about your outfits, how you bite or chew your food, and other irrelevant things.

You’d never do anything right in his eyes.

9. He makes it hard to talk about your struggles

While you should be able to share your struggles with your boyfriend, an uncaring man makes it hard to do.

And if you are in a huge mess and he comes to know of it, he might end the relationship.

10. More signs he doesn’t care about you? He makes you wait

I was dating someone like that.

I thought we loved to hang out every weekend as we both were busy during the week.

But when it’s the weekend, I’d ask what the plan is.

And he’d say, “I’d call you.”

And I’d wait and wait.

He might call back very late or never call at all.

While you’re waiting, he’s checking his options.

And you know what?

That’s B.S.

11. He’s only friendly when he wants sex


Meaning your relationship is solely based on sex.

He’s been putting off seeing you for more than a week.

Then he invites you to his place at 8 pm on a weekday.

You know you won’t hang out and talk or enjoy a movie together since that rarely happens.

So what do you think would happen that night?

You guessed right.

And after that, you don’t see him until another night like that.

12. He flirts with other women in front of you

You’re the only one he sees when a guy is into you.

So flirting with other women will hardly cross his mind.

But a sign he doesn’t respect you is when he flirts via texts with other women and even follows them with his eyes in your presence.

13. He’s not interested in your life

When a man cares about a woman, he wants to know as much as possible about her.

He’s interested in her job, talents, family, and anything else he can think of.

But someone who never tries to know you more doesn’t want to get too involved in your life.

All they know is your name and face.

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14. You don’t know anything about him

He wouldn’t talk about himself or his family.

He keeps a distance because he doesn’t want you to feel or get closer to him.

You’d never see him be vulnerable or open up about his life’s struggles.

15. He sees your jealousy as a problem

Too much jealousy in a relationship can be unhealthy.

But a little jealousy signifies that you care about your partner and are afraid to lose them.

A guy who doesn’t care about you would be upset that you are jealous when he gets too close to other women.

16. He’d take chances to condemn you tells he doesn’t care about you


You know, when you love someone, you let some things slide.

But an uncaring man will take every chance he can to criticize everything you do.

Maybe you were trying to make an omelet that didn’t come out well.

Instead of appreciating your effort, he says, “you cooked an accident.”

Or he tells you that lazy women leave the dirty pot in the sink and get a clean one from the cupboard to cook.

Yes, that was my experience.

17. He doesn’t care if you see other people

When a guy likes you, he’d be jealous if he saw you with someone else.

But a guy who doesn’t care about or for you would not be bothered.

He doesn’t care about losing you because you were never special to him.

18. Your gut tells you


Lastly, your gut feeling is a good sign that he doesn’t care about you.

And you better believe it.

Here are a few signs a guy cares about you:

  • He will show you off and make it known to his friends and everyone else.
  • He looks forward to spending time with you.
  • Work with you to plan your dates or hangouts.
  • He respects you
  • It will show in the way he treats you.
  • He compliments you
  • A guy who likes you notices you – a new haircut, hair color, etc.
  • He appreciates you.

Boom! 18 Signs He Doesn’t Care About You.

Girl, if a man shows any of these signs, it’s likely he doesn’t care about you.

Don’t let anyone treat you this way.

Please don’t waste time with him.

Ditch him and move on.

If you take your time and continue putting yourself out there, you’ll eventually find a good guy.

You’ll be fine.

All my best.

Please share my post.

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