20 Signs Your Friend Wants Your Husband

20 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend Wants Your Husband

Are you worried your friend might be crushing on your hubby?

Most people in relationships have experienced friends crushing on their partners one or more times.

So if you’ve seen signs that your friend might like your guy more than normal, read on.

This post will show you 20 unmistakable signs your friend wants your husband.

We’ll also discuss why she has a crush on him and what to do.

Let’s dive in.

20 Clear signs your friend wants your husband

When my husband(then boyfriend) and I started living together, a friend used to visit a lot.

I used to enjoy her friendship until I started noticing some things.

And because she was persistent, it was hard to get her to stop.

Below are some of the signs that showed me she wanted my man:

1. She always wants to hang out with you both

One of the most common signs that your friend wants your husband is she will always want to be around you guys.

So she would still be there if you want an intimate evening, just the two of you.

It starts innocently, but it becomes the norm after a while.

She’s always the third wheel whenever you guys are hanging out.

Whether she’s welcome or not.

So that she can be in his presence.

2. She gives you bad advice

Another sign your friend is interested in your guy is that she’ll give you bad advice.

She would try all everything to ruin your relationship so she could talk to him behind your back.

And if you notice, her advice is always one-sided.

She never sees a middle ground or tries to help you de-escalate the issue.

And that’s because she needs you guys to be apart.

She can become a mediator.

Adding fire to the issue and maybe end up wrecking your relationship.

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3. She gets jealous when you talk about him

If your friend gets jealous when you talk about your husband, she’s likely attracted to him.

She wishes it was her experiencing this relationship with your guy.

And because she can’t have him, jealousy creeps in.

4. She tries to belittle you before him as a joke

When your friend wants your husband, she will criticize you before him.

And play it off as a joke.

Believe me; she’s not joking.

She’s deliberately pointing out your weaknesses to make herself look better.

Or the friend that cooked for her best friend’s boyfriend.

And says she knows his girlfriend is too lazy to cook for him, so she did.

That’s a clear sign your friend wants your man.

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5. She always talks about him with you

If your friend never misses a chance to discuss your husband, it’s a sign she wants him.

Of course, sometimes you talk bout your guy with her.

But if she’s always the first to bring him up in your conversations, she has a crush on him.

I know someone crushing on her friend’s husband in front of her.

She asked her how it felt to be married to a guy like him.

And talking about how hot he is, and that he has great hair, etc.


6. Signs your friend wants your husband? She acts as though they’re close

Another sign your friend has a crush on your man is if she acts like they’re close.

She might misinterpret simple favors your husband did for her, like it’s because she’s special to him.

Or my own experience.

She claims they’re birth twins because they were born the same year.

Like they have some bond.

7. She’s always too happy to see him

When your friend is too excited or happy when your guy is around, it’s because she has a crush on him.

Yeah, we’re happy to see our friends.

But being too excited to see your friend’s partner is weird.

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8. She wants him to take sides with her when she’s arguing with you

Before I cut my friend off, she used to want my husband to take sides with her when we were discussing.

And even when he’s not part of the conversation, she would try to bring him into it.

And I never hesitated to tell her, “Do you think he would take sides with you over me?”


9. She gets jealous when he shows you affection is a sign your friend wants your guy

If your friend gets jealous when your guy shows you affection, she’s likely crushing on him.

She might make snide comments about how you show each other love.

Or she’s outright moody because you guys love each other, which shows.

Or like the friend who was jealous and cried when she cooked for her friend’s boyfriend.

And was jealous that the guy shared the food with his girlfriend (her best friend).

Strange right?

10. She makes an effort to show him as much skin as possible

When your friend is crushing on your husband, she will wear clothes that show a lot of skin when hanging out with you two.

She wants your beau to notice her.

I had a friend who would visit unannounced and spend the night.

And she would refuse to get dressed in private.

She wanted to get dressed in my living room with a towel hanging loosely around her body.

So my guy would notice her.

11. She touches him too much is one of many clear signs your friend wants your husband

Another sign your friend is interested in your man is that she touches him a lot when talking to him.

We all touch sometimes when talking to other people.

But there’s more to it when someone touches you, notably more than others.

So if your friend always touches your hubby, she’s crushing on him.

And she wants him to feel and notice her.

12. She wants to be alone with him

It’s one thing for your friend to want to hang out with you guys.

But when she starts looking for ways to be alone with him, she’s probably crushing on him.

She’s the type that would leave you and say she wants to check on your guy.

You know when our girlfriends visit, and we spend time having girl talk, etc?

But a friend crushing on your guy isn’t interested in girl talk or whatever you usually do.

They’d leave you and go talk to your guy.

Or she might ask you for something so you’d be out of sight and she can spend time with him.

13. She messages him a lot? That’s one of the signs your friend wants your husband

Another sign that a friend is crushing on your man is she messages him often.

Sometimes the messages would seem innocent.

But sometimes, they imply she wants something.

Also, who goes out of their way to text someone else’s partner?

Even if they claim they’re just checking on them.

It’s unusual.

Imagine your friend texting your husband, “I miss you.”

The question is, why is she missing your guy?

Also, your friend is likely texting your guy because she wants to be and stay on his mind.

Which means she wants him.

14. She tries to get his attention

If your friend always wants your man’s attention, she’s interested in him.

She would drag him into every conversation claiming to want his opinion.

Or she might even ask him about her looks or outfit.

Trying to get him to make a comment or compliment her.

15. She gets you to talk about your intimacy

Sometimes women share too much.

Many women, including me, have shared too much about intimacy with our girlfriends.

Well, not anymore. Lol.

But if your friend always asks you how you and your guy do bedroom stuff, it could be a sign that she wants him.

One of the signs you’d see is that she wants you to go into detail about what you did and how you felt.

She wants a picture with which to fantasize about your man.

16. She visits you guys unannounced? That’s a sign your friend wants your hubby

Oh, I had that friend that visited unannounced late in the evening and would spend a night or two.

For some reason, she was always stranded at my bus stop.

And she’d say it’s too late to head home.

So she wants to stop at my place for the night.

And it would stretch into a few days with her dressing up in my living room.

17. She makes it clear she wants him

I know of someone that visits a friend.

And she would wear very short shorts and bend to pick up stuff in front of the lady’s hubby.

She wasn’t hiding her interest in the guy at all.

And like my ex-friend, she would stay with this couple for days.

And she walks around the house in these tiny shorts showing stuff to my friend’s hubby.

So some people would go full force to show your guy they’re interested in him.

18. Your guy avoids her is a significant sign your friend wants your husband

When your friend crushes on your guy, you’ll notice he avoids her.

And that’s because she makes him uncomfortable.

And he’d tell you he doesn’t always like her hanging out with you guys.

Yes, we know some guys might be interested in your friend and try to play it off like it’s one-sided.

But if you know your man, you’d see and understand that he’s not interested in your friend.

19. You feel it in your guts

Sometimes we might imagine things because we love our guys and don’t want to lose them.

But sometimes you’d have this strong feeling in your gut that your friend is crushing on your man.

She might not be outright like the lady with the bum shorts.

But she would do other things that tell you she’s crushing on your man.

20. Other people notice that your friend wants your man

And lastly, when your friend is crushing on your man, other people will notice too.

Some will tell you if you have yet to notice it.

We sometimes give the benefit of the doubt to the point where we become oblivious to these signs.

Or we’re afraid of losing the friendship, so we again become ignorant.

And we’d need others to convince us that our friends might be crushing on our man.

So when someone tells you your friend wants your man, watch what’s happening.

And you could finally see and piece the puzzle together.

But why is your friend crushing on your guy?

It’s normal for other people to find your partner attractive.

You can’t control how other people see your partner.

But when our friends want our partners, we’d feel betrayed.

Because there are so many men, why try to take the one I chose?

This section will discuss why your friend is crushing on your man.

She’s too lazy to find her own man

Some of us are too lazy to find, meet and keep a good lover.

So we go after a guy someone else has picked.

Because these people believe he’s a good guy if you picked him.

And with the time she’s been friends with you two, she has proof he’s a great guy.

So she would do anything she could to have him for herself.

She only wants what you have.

Another reason a friend wants your hubby is because she only wants what you have.

She might also be jealous and in competition with you.

And for her to win, someone has to lose.

So she is okay trying to get your guy as long as it means she’s won something.

She’s not your friend.

Seriously, no true friend would go after your partner.

Because in friendships, there are lines that you don’t cross.

And going after a friend’s man is a major line, you don’t cross.

What to do when you see signs your friend wants your husband

So what can you do when you notice your friend wants your guy?

Talk to her about it.

I never talked to my friend(s) about her moves on my guy.

Because I’d instead take action than talk and let her act like I was seeing things.

But if you think talking to your friend would help, try that.

The conversation would likely not go well.

Because people like that would gaslight you and deny everything.

But people are different.

So try talking to her and see how it goes.

Talk to your guy about it.

If you can’t talk to your friend about her wanting your guy, discuss it with your man instead.

That is, if he hasn’t mentioned it to you several times.

Most guys would tell you when they notice your friend is trying to get them.

And if your guy tells you, it’s because he’s not interested in her.

So you guys talk about it and find a solution.

Set clear boundaries

Another thing to do with a friend crushing on your man is to keep her far from you.

You can hang out with her on your own if you like.

I doubt you’d want to after discovering she wants your guy.

But it would be best if you stopped inviting her to lunch, dinner, or whatever you do with your guy.

If she comes to your place, explain why she can’t spend the night.

Or if she calls that she’s at your bus stop, you can say you aren’t home.

Also, she can’t go on trips or camping with you guys.

Besides, why do you need her company so much?

Also, why would anyone be so comfortable being the third wheel in other people’s relationships?

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End the friendship when you see signs your friend wants your man

If your friend has become a cockroach in your relationship, it’s high time you ended the friendship.

Again true friends don’t go after each other’s partners.

So once you cross that line, you’re out.

That’s me.

But take your time and do what’s best for you and your relationship.

Prioritize your relationship

After experiencing your friend crushing or outrightly wanting your husband, it’s important to revisit your relationship.

Learn new ways to make your marriage sweeter.

Prioritize your relationship.

Maintain friendships but also show your partner they’re important to you.

And any reasonable guy wouldn’t throw away a good relationship for someone throwing herself at him.

So continue being that sweet loving person your hubby fell in love with.

And nothing can shake your bond.

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Conclusion on 20 signs your friend wants your husband

So that’s my two cents on signs that your friend is crushing on your hubby.

Did you have a friend that wanted your guy?

What signs did you see?

And what did you do?

Please share your experience with us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

See you next time.

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