5 Simple Ways To Get A Man To Marry You

5 Simple Ways To Get A Man To Marry You

Getting a man to marry you isn’t as complicated as we think.

Simple things attract a man to a woman and help him decide if he wants to marry her.

So if you’re looking to get married and unsure how to attract the right man for marriage, keep reading.

This post will discuss ways to get a man to marry you.

But before that, we’ll talk about how our actions send the wrong vibes to men.

Let’s begin.

Things you do that say you’re not ready to get married

Like it or not, our behavior can chase away potential marriage-minded men.

And if we continue to act on them, it might be hard to find the kind of partner we desire.

Here are a few:

You fixate on material things.

We all love beautiful expensive stuff.

But if you meet a man and all you talk about is how expensive your bag or shoes are, he will lose interest in you quickly.

Or maybe you paid him a compliment on his watch and continued to ask him how much it costs.

It’s okay to give compliments about clothes, jewelry, etc., but don’t fixate on them.

Most men know when you’re only impressed by material things because you begin to act differently.

He knows you’re impressed by his bank account, not him.

And such a guy may shower you with gifts but never marry you.

You ask the wrong questions.

Another way we chase away potential husbands is by asking the wrong questions.

Let’s say you met a guy who is a mechanical engineer.

And your next question is how much he earns.

That’s the wrong question to ask at the wrong time.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t know how much your guy earns.

Just don’t ask that question when he’s not your guy yet.

You attract the same kinds of men; it shows in you.

Some of us ladies attract the same kinds of men unconsciously.

Maybe we only date men who want to party and never commit.

And when we meet good men, we run away from them.

Then we wonder why no one is marrying us.

Or maybe we spend a lot on our outer appearance – clothes, hair, makeup, etc. – but can’t have a decent conversation.

Only unserious men will deal with us because they’re uninterested in our lives.

There are so many other ways we send the “I’m not ready for marriage” vibe and attract rubbish guys.

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5 ways to get a man to marry you

When a man wants to marry you, he would tell and show you signs.

But before you get to that point, these are some things you must do to have a better chance:

1. Be yourself to get a man to marry you

1. Be yourself to get a man to marry you

The most important thing to do when you meet a guy is to be yourself.

And a man that wants to be in your life will stay.

Of course, you may not click with some men, but those are not your people.

Your person will accept and appreciate you for being yourself.

Besides, if you choose to pretend, your true self will show at some point.

And you don’t want to mess up a possibly great relationship because you acted as someone you’re not.

So please be yourself.

2. Ask questions that make a man think

Another way to win a man’s heart is to ask sensible questions.

Ask him questions that make him think before answering you.

If you ask him about his job, and he tells you, ask him why he chose that career.

Tell him to explain it to you in simple terms without the technical language.

It shows you’re interested in knowing more about him and what he does.

So if he’s a mechanical engineer, you can ask him why he loves machines, how specific devices work, etc.

Some ladies feel if they show a guy they don’t know something, he would think they’re dumb.

Now that’s a man you don’t want to deal with.

Most men like it when you ask about their field, career, hobbies, etc.

And they’d happily teach you a few things about it.

I don’t know about you, but it’s sexy watching a man talk about his hobbies passionately.

*thinking about my husband talking about genetics*

Whew! But sometimes it’s exhausting too.

Anyway, you get my drift.

So talking about his passions, hobbies, etc., is a great way to start and have meaningful conversations.

3. Compliment him on things he worked for

3. Compliment him on things he worked for

To get a man to marry you, compliment him on things he worked to achieve.

Maybe he’s excellent at marketing and drives crazy sales to businesses.

That’s something he learned and worked hard to perfect.

Or maybe he’s an EMT (emergency medical technician). Compliment him on how his job saves lives.

It shows him you know what’s important.

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4. To get a guy to marry you, express your inner beauty.

Do you know what attracts a man to a woman?

First is her beauty.

Men love beautiful women just the way women love handsome guys.

But past a woman’s beauty, men are attracted to our minds.

When a man talks to you, he listens to what you say.

Do you say dumb stuff to win an argument?

Or do you consider other people’s viewpoints?

Also, men are attracted to kindness.

So even if you’re a beautiful and intelligent woman with a horrible attitude, he will want nothing with you.

Your physical appearance attracts a man, but your inner beauty makes him hang around longer.

In essence, if you want a man to marry you, learn to lead with more than your looks.

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5. Carry yourself with respect if you want a man to marry you.

5 Simple Ways To Get A Man To Marry You

Some of us believe wearing revealing clothes is what attracts men.

Yes, provocative clothes attract men but not the marriage-minded ones or guys you want to marry.

So stop sending the wrong signals with your outfits.

To get a marriage-minded guy, wear lovely clothes that accentuate your body but leave the rest to the imagination.

You still want to be sexy and attractive but not give away too much.

Another way to carry yourself with respect is knowing how and when to talk.

If you’re mad at your boyfriend, how you react tells if you respect yourself.

So if you’re the type that screams and embarrasses a guy in public or wherever, he wouldn’t want anything with you.

I used to scream at and embarrass guys who tried to date me in public.

At the time, I felt tough and all that.

But now, thinking back, I only made myself intolerable.

And when I started changing the way I handled my feelings, things started working better for me.

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Let’s wrap up five things to do to get a man to marry you

Remember, if you want to get married, you have to move like it.

Moving like you want to get married means:

  • Being yourself at all times.
  • Asking questions that make him think.
  • Complimenting him on things he worked hard for, not things he bought.
  • carrying yourself with respect, and
  • showing your inner beauty and femininity,

I hope you find this post helpful.

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