7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

Are you one of many stay-at-home wives going through stress?

Do you feel like you’re working round the clock, and it never seems to stop?

Let me be the first to tell you that you can control the situation.

And also, manage the things causing you stress.

This post will discuss seven things stay-at-home wives can do to reduce stress.

And make time to spend with your husband.

Let’s begin.

7 things to do for stay-at-home wives to ease stress

I know this post is for stay-at-home wives.

But let’s agree that our husbands take the beat when we’re stressed. And vice-versa.

And if it happens too often, our marriages may suffer.

So here are seven things you can do to reduce stress and keep a healthy relationship:

1. Keep after-school activities minimal

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

If you have small kids, you don’t have to enroll them in after-school activities.

And if they’re a little grown and want to pick activities, please let them choose maybe one or two.

Because when you have two kids, and they participate in after-school programs, you’d be running round the clock.

Today you’re at football.

Later the same day, you’re at ballet, swimming, or something else.

When does it stop?

And let’s face it.

Sometimes the kids aren’t interested in those activities.

They’re only doing them for their parents.

Because the moms are more interested in bragging about the kids than asking what they like to do.

Also, some parents are tired but won’t say it for fear of being judged by others.

Anyone would be exhausted from going round-the-clock to after-school programs all week.

When your kids are older and can go to their activities independently, they can choose as many as they want.

Don’t overwork yourself.

Spend your free evenings cuddling with your husband.

2. Make and follow a schedule

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

Before becoming a mom, I laughed when moms said kids should be in bed at 8 pm.

Because I thought the schedule was too stiff.

But when I became a mom, I understood the importance of a routine.

Now my kids go to bed at 7 pm or sometimes 8 pm.

And I and my husband will get some quiet to enjoy the evening together.

So create a schedule and stick to it.

Here’s how mine works.

  • Eat dinner around 6 pm,
  • take vitamins,
  • wear pajamas,
  • brush teeth,
  • read a book,
  • and be tucked in at 7 pm.

Your routine might not work at the beginning.

That’s normal.

But with time, your kids will adjust to it, and everybody will fall in line.

3. To reduce stress, put off chores

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

As a stay-at-home mom, try to put off chores to reduce stress.

You don’t have to do everything in one day.

Also, ask your husband and kids to help with chores.

It reduces the burden on you.

Like my kids, I teach them to rinse their cereal bowls and clean the mess on the table after eating.

So I don’t have to do it.

And sometimes they fold and put their clothes away.

Because you have a bigger fish to fry.

So let the kids clean up after themselves if they’re old enough.

And you can rest a little.

4. Take naps when you’re tired

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

We all know sleep helps you fight stress.

So take a break from cleaning, washing, etc., and get a power nap.

I take naps when the kids are at school.

And sometimes, I nap when they’re playing in their rooms. Or even when we’re in the living room watching TV.

After a short nap, you’d feel a lot better.

And you’d be in a good mood to do other things like chilling with your man.

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5. Stop trying to be the ultimate stay-at-home mom

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

Look, there’s nothing like the ultimate mom.

Even the moms that look like they got it all together are just winging it.

So do what’s best for your family, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

You don’t have to take your kids to the park every day because your neighbor does.

It is not a competition.

And it’s okay to ask yourself if you’re a good parent.

It’s all part of it.

And if you doubt yourself, please ask your husband.

He knows and sees you. And you’re in it together.

Sometimes I ask my husband if he thinks I’m doing right by the kids.

And he tells me we’re doing the best we can, like every parent out there.

So take care of your family.

But don’t lose yourself in the process.

Always make time to unwind with your SO.

That’s the ultimate place to be after a long day.

6. Stay-at-home wives must prioritize self-care

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

To reduce stress as a stay-at-home wife, please prioritize self-care.

Every day, make time to do something for yourself.

And don’t you dare feel guilty about it.

Once in a while, you can take long baths at night with essential oils to help you relax.

But here are self-care things you can do every day:

  • Take a shower, exfoliate, moisturize, and use your favorite body fragrance.
  • Keep your hair clean and healthy.
  • Get out of the house, spend time with your friends, and unwind.
  • Make time for fitness, drink water, and eat well.
  • Do yoga, stretch, meditate, and breathe.
  • Read a book, watch TV, or listen to music and dance.
  • Wear something nice and comfy.
  • Learn something new.
  • Maybe learn another language or take a free course online. I’m currently taking a writing course on Udemy.

These are basic things stay-at-home wives can do to control stress.

Also, practicing self-care improves your well-being.

So you’ll be in the right state of mind to share yourself with your husband.

7. Ask for help

7 Things For Stay-at-home Wives To Do To Reduce Stress

The most important thing for stay-at-home wives to ease stress is asking for help.

Please ask for and accept help from your husband, friends, and family.

Trying to do it all is that “ultimate mom” behavior we see on social media.

You feel you can do it all.

And nobody does it as well as you do.

If you go down that path, you’ll burn out.

So please, share chores with your husband.

Ask your parents or in-laws to watch the kids for a few hours or maybe a night.

Then use the time to sleep, shop, go out with your friends or chill with your man.

The other day, I went to a play with my friends while my husband was out of town.

One of my friends brought her teenage daughter to watch the kids.

It felt so good to be out of the house without hearing, “mommy this, mommy that.”.

And that’s what I’ll do until my kids can look after themselves.

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Let’s wrap up! 7 things for stay-at-home wives to do to reduce stress

Please don’t try to do it all every day.

  • Some days you need to slow it down and relax.
  • Ask for help from the people around you.
  • Leave some things for another day.
  • Make time for self-care because your mental health is significant.
  • There’s no such thing as the ultimate mom. So don’t try to be that.
  • Do the best for your kids and make time for you and your husband.
  • Lastly, create a routine, stick to it, and everyone will get in line.

You can do it. And I’m rooting for you.

So those are seven things for stay-at-home wives to do to ease stress.

What tips do you have for us?

Please share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

I’d appreciate it if you shared my post.

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