4 Things To Never Say To A Guy You’d Like To Date

4 Things To Never Say To A Guy You'd Like To Date

I want to touch on things to not say to a guy you’d like to date.

Please stop playing games.

No one is saying dating is easy.

But what makes dating unnecessarily complicated is when you clearly like a guy who likes you, but you start playing word games.

You make a simple relationship turn into something a guy has to decode.

Before getting into the post, remember, “Nobody has time to decode the words you say.”

I’m sorry, but it’s the truth.

So, if you like a guy and want to date him, here are four things you shouldn’t say to him.

Otherwise, you’ll lose someone you like and only attract people who only want to play games.

Let’s dive in.

4 Things to never say to a guy you’d like to date

A video I saw on YouTube prompted me to write this post.

So this girl said she’s been seeing a guy she likes and would love to date.

And they’ve been on several dates.

And she’s feeling the guy and believes they have a connection.

But out of the blue, she sends him a text saying she’s not ready to date—something along those lines.

Then he was like, “Okay, no problem”.

Now she’s confused as to why he was okay with her text.

She’s saying she expected him to chase or fight for her.

Saying she can be manipulated, etc.

But even if she didn’t say she regrets sending that text, I think she regrets it.

Or maybe she didn’t.

Because she said, she liked the guy.

Maybe she thinks playing games will keep him interested in her.

But we must understand that most serious guys won’t play that game.

And they’d leave you the moment they noticed the silly games.

So, if you like a guy and want to date him, here are things you shouldn’t say to him:

1. I like you, but I’m not ready for a relationship

Woman standing with arms folded as if to say she's not ready for a relationship

I’m not saying you shouldn’t tell a guy when you’re not ready for a relationship.

I’m only saying you should only say it when you mean it.

If you want to date this guy and he wants to date you, please don’t tell him you’re not ready for a relationship.

Because he will take your word for it.

And you can’t go asking him to figure out the direct statement you just made.

What does it mean if a guy says he’s not ready for a relationship?

It means he doesn’t want to date.

So the same applies to you.

Don’t say one thing and mean another.

Communication is one of the best things that helps relationships.

And if being honest about your feelings towards him pushes him away, he’s not the one for you.

But you must know that serious guys are upfront about what they want.

And they will appreciate your honesty as well.

Which makes dating each other easier.

People get attracted to each other.

But at the end of the day, we like the people who like us.

So if you don’t mean it, don’t say it.

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2. You’re my male best friend.

If you like a guy and want to date him, another thing you shouldn’t say to him is, “You’re my male bestie.”

That means he’s been friend-zoned for life.

And if a guy is attracted to you, the last thing he wants is to be friend-zoned.

So he’ll stop chasing you altogether.

He’s not trying to be your male best friend.

Yes, friendship is an integral part of relationships.

But telling him he’s your male best friend when you clearly like each other is sabotaging a good thing.

And this guy will see through the games and quit asking you out.

Then he would be your friend.

And would treat you like just a friend.

And like most women who play this game, you’d start missing when he gave you lots of attention”.

Which will upset you and cause friction between you.

Again, don’t say what you don’t mean.

3. You’re like a brother to me.

4 Things To Never Say To A Guy You'd Like To Date

Another thing you don’t say to a guy you’d like to date is, “You’re like a brother to me.”

This one gets to me a lot. Lol.

Telling a guy you’d like to date that he’s like a brother to you is just the height of it.

Behind this brother tag, a guy can smell rejection a mile away.

It’s like telling him he has as much chance of dating you as he does of turning into Superman.

Not a good look, right?

So, if you’re looking for a partner, not a sibling, avoid dropping the ‘B’ bomb on him.

It’s a major turn-off for most people.

Besides, he knows his siblings.

So keep that out of your mouth, especially when you want to date him.

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4. “I can be manipulated” is something you must never say to a guy you’d like to date.

The lady I was talking about said she could be manipulated.

First off, that’s toxic ASF.

Also, nobody has time for that.

If a guy asks to date you, it’s because he wants to date you.

He’s not out looking for people to manipulate.

So, if you like a guy, stop trying to make him manipulate you.

And if he gets a clue that’s what you want, he will stop chasing or talking to you.

Because that means you want and enjoy drama.

Again, nobody has time for drama or manipulation in relationships.

Only people out to hurt you will take their time to manipulate you.

So please stop attracting bad people into your life with the manipulation talk.

It’s not a good look.

It screams TOXIC!

Also, it never ends well.

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So what will a guy do when you tell him these words that you don’t mean?

He would believe you

First off, chances are he’s going to believe you.

I mean, why wouldn’t he?

If a girl says she isn’t ready for a relationship, any regular guy will take her word for it.

There’s no point in second-guessing or trying to decode your words.

He’ll take your words at face value because honesty is our best lead in this dance of life.

He’ll stop chasing you.

4 Things To Never Say To A Guy You'd Like To Date

Next, he’ll likely stop chasing you.

There’s no point.

He’ll likely step back and stop the chase if you’re not feeling it or thinking about trying other flavors.

A guy doesn’t want to feel like he’s a backup in case things don’t work out for you with other guys.

He wants to know that you chose him because he’s the one you like.

So if he gets a sniff of him playing second fiddle, chances are he will stop chasing you.

Then he’ll find someone who likes and wants to be with him.

Anime picture of a man hugging a woman he loves

You might think you’re being smooth playing these little games.

But the truth is, you’re just going to send that guy away.

And I can’t blame him, though.

If he has any sense, he’d rather find someone who likes and wants to be with him.

Someone who reciprocates his feelings.

And looks at him the way he looks at her.

And, of course, you’d be jealous because you like him.

But you were so involved in your game that you pushed him into the arms of another woman.

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So, what do you say to a guy you’d like to date?

Tell him and show him if you like a guy and want to date him.

And if he wants to date you, too, excellent.

But if not, move on.

When two people like each other in relationships, it’s a win-win.

One partner isn’t the price.

Most women think we’re the price.

But we’re not.

The man is the price, just as much as you are.

Because we gain from each other in relationships.

So quit the games and get with the guy you like, who likes you.

Build a good relationship and enjoy it.

Closing Thoughts on Things You Should Not Say to a Guy You’d Like to Date

Dating isn’t a one-way street.

Be honest about your feelings when you meet someone you’d like to date.

Instead of playing silly games and expecting guys to decode your words.

If a guy thinks you’re easy because you said what you wanted, he’s not your guy.

Please let him go.

Being honest in relationships helps you meet genuine people and weed out unscrupulous ones.

I wish you all the best.

Thanks for reading.

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