15 Things To Do When You’re Single or Dating Before Getting Hooked

15 Things To Do When You're Single or Dating Before Getting Hooked

I always tell my friends to live a little more before they settle down with their spouses.

Because things may change after you get married.

It doesn’t mean things become stiff and boring, no.

But life changes a little when you’re married.

And that’s the truth.

You know, after you say “I do,” you can’t dress up last minute and leave for a party.

Whatever you do, you’d have to work with your spouse.

So if you feel you’d be missing out on fun after you’re married, you should do lots of fun things before you get hooked up.

But if you have no idea what to do, keep reading.

This post will discuss 15 things to do when you’re single or dating before you finally get married.

Let’s dive in.

15 things to do when you’re single

Lord knows I did lots of fun stuff while I was still single.

I miss those days when I and my friends can plan a movie or lunch date within hours.

Those were good days.

While I miss them, other things make me happy these days.

Anyway, here are some things to do when you’re still single because time moves fast.

And before you know it, you’re married.

1. Grow – live with friends

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

I stayed with my parents for a long time.

Guess I was in my mid-twenties when I got my first job.

Then I started living with friends when I started my second job as a waitress.

And those days were good and bad. But it was a whole experience I’m glad I had.

So move in with friends.

It would teach you how to live with other people.

You guys will have some issues like regular humans.

But you’d have lots of fun living with your friends.

It would also teach you responsibility and how to make choices.

And also how to forgive yourself and move on from your mistakes.

In short, it helps you grow.

2. Grow – live with your boyfriend

Okay, now you’re dating this nice dude, and everything looks good.

Why not move in together?

Living with your boyfriend is a sign you guys are taking your relationship to the next level.

Also, you two will have lots of fun living together.

When I was living with my boyfriend, there were days he made dinner before I got home from work.

Everything was aww, mushy, mushy.

Love, love, whatever.

You know what I mean.

Read this post on the benefits of living with your man before marriage.

3. Get active – do yoga

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

When you’re single, you have lots of time to get active.

If you love yoga, you can do it without kids asking you questions just when you’re sitting in an eagle pose.

And yoga helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level.

So make it part of your self-care routine.

4. Get active – start strength training

Strength training seems too much for some of us.

But if you’re interested in it, try to start when you’re still single.

Because when you get married and maybe have kids, your schedule would be pretty tight.

So getting your workout in may be hard some days.

I can start my workout before 8 am when my kids are in school. But I work out at 9 am or even later, when they’re on holiday.

But if you get into the habit of training now, you’d find a way to fix it when you’re married.

Because it is now your lifestyle.

5. Get active – take long walks

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

If you love going for long walks, do that.

Being out of the house and enjoying the fresh air can benefit your well-being.

And while you’re at it, get a smartwatch to record your steps.

It should be fun meeting your daily steps target.

6. Learn something new – a new language

Learning a new language can be fun.

And it can help shift your thoughts from negative things to fun things like speaking french.

Lord knows I want to learn to speak French.

7. Learn something new – cooking

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

I learned how to cook from my mom, aunts, siblings, etc.

But if you didn’t have anyone to teach you while growing up, you can still learn online.

Learning to cook will help you a lot when you’re single and living with your friends.

Or even when you’re living with your boyfriend.

Because you won’t be spending lots of money buying foods you can cook yourself.

And when you get married, you can make a special dish for your boo.

Besides, cooking is fun when you get the hang of it.

And if you make mistakes today, you can correct them tomorrow.

8. Learn something new – a new hobby

Other new things you can learn are photography, drawing, etc.

Go out and take pictures of things that excite you.

And because photography requires an amount of concentration, I feel it is a soothing hobby.

9. Travel – with friends

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

Before you get married, travel with your girlfriends.

Girls’ trips are always fun.

You can go to another state or a neighboring country.

Just have fun, try new foods, and live a little more.

Because when you get married, trips with your girls would not be easy to plan.

10. Travel – with your boyfriend

Another fun thing to do when you’re single or still dating is traveling with your boyfriend.

Just go explore a new place, and try new things together.

I love the beach.

So I’d always prefer a place by the ocean.

If you guys like kayaking or zip-lining, go where your kind of fun resides.

11. Spoil yourself a little – spa visit

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

if you have extra money to spare, give yourself a treat.

A trip to the spa can be very relaxing and good for your soul.

When I was single, I used to go to the spa for hair removal waxing.

I know. I know. Waxing is not very relaxing. Lol.

But I was doing something good for myself.

Do something for you, too.

12. Spoil yourself a little – go to the movies

Another way to spoil yourself is to go to the movies.

Going to the movies alone is fun.

But if you prefer to go with friends, that should be fun too.

Check what movies are showing in your local theatre, book a ticket and go have fun.

13. Spoil yourself a little – go shopping

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

Let’s be honest here.

Shopping makes most of us happy.

So if you have money, treat yourself to a couple of new items.

Maybe buy that purse you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Or go on a rampage and change your wardrobe.

Don’t forget to declutter old stuff before bringing in new ones.

14. Live a little – get your heart broken

While you’re single and dating, you’d get your heart broken.

It is only normal.

My heart was broken several times, and I cried like it was the end of my life.

Then I got up and moved on with my life.

But my last break-up didn’t knock me down like the others.

Maybe it was from a previous break-up experience.

I feel like there’s a lesson from every break-up you go through.

Break-ups help you re-evaluate your past relationships.

And maybe guide you to avoid making the same mistakes that led to your last split.

15. Live a little – go partying

15 Fun Things To Do When You're Single/Dating Before Getting Hooked

Lastly, do all the partying and clubbing while you’re still single.

Because it may not happen as often when you’re married.

Especially if you plan to have kids.

So go partying with your friends, and dance the night away.

Lord knows I went clubbing when I was single and even dating.

It was part of my weekend plans.

Though I still miss it, I’m not crazy about it like before.

So go get the feel of it.

Wear a nice outfit and go out with your girlfriends or your boyfriend.

And enjoy yourself!

Conclusion on 15 things to do when you’re single or dating

So that’s 15 things I believe every woman should do when single before getting married.

While you’re still single, have all the fun in the world.

So when you settle and start a new life, you can say “been-there, done-that.”

And continue living with a whole different adventure ahead of you.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Please share it.

It would mean the world to me.

Thanks for reading.

And I’d see you in the next one.

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