7 Things You Mustn’t Do When Dating


People do lots of stupid things when dating.

And it’s best to learn from their mistakes and make better decisions in your relationships.

So this post will discuss five stupid things not to do when dating someone.

Let’s begin.

7 Key things not to do when dating someone

1. Moving in together too quickly


One of the things not to do when dating someone is to move in too early in the relationship.

In the early stages of your relationship, you should be going on dates and getting to know each other.

Not moving in together and playing house with someone you barely know.

So take your time to:

  • Know your new partner and where your relationship is headed.
  • And if you want the same things before moving in together.

Also, you must have met their family and friends.

And if it’s marriage, you must discuss it and maybe get engaged before you move in together.

Likewise, you must be on the same page if it’s a long-term relationship.

Don’t be like some that move in after one month of dating someone.

Take your time.

Know your partner and define your relationship before moving in together.

Or stay at each other’s place if you must.

But don’t rush to move in at the beginning of your relationship.

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2. Opening a joint bank account is one of the things not to do when dating someone.

Another thing you mustn’t do when dating someone is to open a joint bank account.

Why are you even joining your money together?

I don’t see why you shouldn’t leave your money where it was before you started dating.

Also, you can still financially support your partner without a joint bank account.

So please don’t join your money together.

It can quickly cause problems if you are frugal and your partner is a spendthrift.

Also, how do you plan to split the money if and when you break up?

Remember, some partners can be very spiteful after a breakup.

So they’ll try to hurt you in some way.

And emptying the bank account is one of the ways they can hurt you.

So keep separate bank accounts and credit cards.

And only consider a joint bank account when you’re married.

3. Another thing not to do when dating is buying a property together.

When dating someone, the third thing not to do is buy a home together.

If you want to buy a house when dating someone, please buy it in your name.

No need to involve an unmarried partner in the home-buying.

Whatever money you think you’re saving by getting a mortgage with a boyfriend won’t be worth it should the relationship end.

But it’s a different case when you’re married.

Of course, some people buy properties with partners they’re not married to.

And they’re happy.

But many people also regret buying homes with people they aren’t married to.

So don’t try to be the exception.

Besides, there are better ways to contribute to the household when dating someone.

One partner can buy the home or pay the rent.

And the other can pay the utility bills.

And if you marry each other in the future, okay.

But if you don’t, you won’t fight over property.

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4. Staying in a relationship without knowing the future.

Another thing not to do when dating someone is to stay with them without knowing or discussing the future.

After dating for six months, you must know where your relationship is headed.

Some people stay in relationships where they want different things.

And some don’t even know what they want from a relationship.

And time keeps passing them by.

Then, after five years of going with the flow, they realize they want marriage, and their partner doesn’t.

Please don’t stay in a relationship where you want different things.

Also, please discuss what you want from a relationship when it starts getting serious.

And if you want the same things, good for you.

But if you want different things, it’s okay to compromise or walk away.

Still, you must know where your relationship is headed.

Some don’t discuss the relationship’s future because they don’t want to look desperate.

If your partner wants to be with you, they won’t think you’re desperate.

So don’t let anyone scare you to not talk about the future of your relationship.

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5. Letting a partner treat you like a charity

I’ve seen grown women saying their partners moved in with them and won’t lift a finger in the house.

One lady said the guy doesn’t do any chores.

He owns a home that he wouldn’t rent out.

But lives with her.

And he doesn’t buy groceries or pay any utility bills.

Has your jaw dropped yet?

Pick up your jaw, sweetie.

These things happen every day.

But don’t let it happen to you.

So if your partner moves in with you, they must contribute to making the home function properly.

Or else, they can stay at their place.

And you stay by yourself.

Also, a partner who thinks they don’t have to do any chores when dating you will likely not change even when married.

When my husband(then boyfriend) and I lived together before marriage, he paid the rent, and I handled groceries.

And we also shared chores.

Even now, we both do house chores.

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6. Ignoring the red flags

Very few people admit they saw and ignored red flags in relationships.

Whether they saw it or not is not important.

But when you’re in a relationship, please don’t ignore the red flags.

If your partner gets mad and punches a hole in the wall, it’s a red flag.

If they shove you out of anger, sweetie, it’s a red flag.

And if they treat you nicely but others poorly, it’s also a red flag.

Again, don’t ignore your dealbreakers.

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7. Focusing on how your relationship looks, not what it is.


Some people get carried away by how their relationship looks to others.

They love being the cute social media couple that everyone admires.

So they ignore the red flags and stick with a bad partner because they’re cute.

Please don’t stay with someone who mistreats you no matter how cute they are.

Instead, stay with someone who treats you well.

And if they’re also good-looking, it’s a plus.

But don’t let their looks be the only deciding factor.

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Conclusion on things not to do when dating someone

So that’s seven key things you must not do when dating someone.

I hope you find them helpful.

What other things should we not do when dating someone?

Please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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