15 Helpful Tips For Dating A Guy Younger Than You


So you met this guy, and everything is going great.

But discovering he’s younger than you somewhat complicates your relationship.

First, you’re wondering if society accepts older-woman younger-man connections.

Then maybe you also wonder how to break it to your family and friends should things get serious.

You might also worry about how to act when you’re involved with a man younger than you.

I was in a similar situation when dating my husband – he’s younger than me.

So from my personal experience, here are tips for dating a guy younger than you.

But first, a little backstory about dating a guy younger than me.


When I started dating my husband, then boyfriend, we both knew I was older than him.

As much as I liked him, I tried to stop the relationship from happening.

But my boyfriend liked me a lot.

He treated me better than most guys I’ve dated.

So was I going to lose a great guy because he’s younger than me?

Most of our mutual friends knew he was younger.

Some were okay with it, and some had their reservations.

As for me, I only told a few friends I knew would not judge.

But when things started getting serious, I knew I’d have to deal with the age thing again.

When he told his family, some were indifferent, and others weren’t okay with it.

But I never told my family because no one asked.

So they have no idea my husband is younger than me.

And we’ve been married for years and still going strong.

Do I think it’s a good idea to date a guy younger than you?

This post will answer your questions.

So should you date a man younger than you?

Yes, if he treats you well.

Loving a younger man is okay as long as he treats you right.

Yes, it’s not for everyone because some people cannot look past your age.

And those are people you don’t want to be with.

Yes, because it is more common than you think

Lots of women are dating guys younger than them.

And if they don’t tell you, you’d never guess because we all assume the man is older.

There are no special rules for who you can date.

Who made these rules that the man must be older?

As long as you’re both consenting adults, you can love and marry a guy younger than you.

16 Tips for dating a man younger than you

1. Don’t lie about your age

Once you meet a guy and you start dating, tell him your age.

Please don’t lie about your age.

If he doesn’t want to date you because you’re older than him, that’s fine.

He’s not your person.

What I discovered is that it’s best to let your partner know from the beginning so you’d know everything you need to know.

2. Be yourself


When you’re dating a guy younger than you, just be yourself.

Please don’t try to act younger to fit his standards.

He likes you and knows that you’re older than him.

So if you’re in your thirties dating a guy younger than you, try not to act like a twenty-something.

Trying to be what you think he prefers may jeopardize your relationship.

And may also translate that you believe he doesn’t know what he wants.

3. Keep people out when loving a man younger than you

If your friends and family are judgemental, don’t mention his age to them.

When a friend or sibling introduces their partner to me, I don’t ask about age.

I don’t know why people ask these questions.

But if your family asks his age, you can tell them.

And if they’re open-minded, they won’t have any issues with your relationship with a guy younger than you.

And if they have a problem with you dating a man you are older than, please keep them out of your relationship.

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4. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you want in a relationship


If you want something casual with no commitments, talk about it.

Also, your younger boyfriend might want to get married early.

But maybe you want to wait a few more years before marriage.

These are important things to discuss so you know you’re on the same page before moving forward.

I told my husband when we started dating that I was looking to get married.

And he wanted the same, so we knew where our relationship was headed.

Don’t ever think stating what you want will make you look desperate.

If your guy thinks you’re desperate, then maybe he’s not a man you want to be with.

5. Be open-minded when you date a guy younger than you

Before I started dating my husband, I believed the man must be older in any relationship.

So I often frowned at women who were older than their partners.

But as I got older, I became more open-minded.

Keeping an open mind makes it easier for you to navigate dating a guy you’re older than.

6. Don’t focus on the age


Remember, your guy knows he’s younger than you, so let it go.

Stop reminding him that he’s younger than you.

Like in every relationship, you will have arguments.

But please refrain from saying, “You did this because you think I’m old,”

Or “You act like a child; I should have known better.”.

All this makes you feel insecure and make him doubt his decision to be with you.

So deal with conflicts with an open mind and never make it about the age.

7. Treat him with respect like you’d treat a guy older than you

Some say a guy younger than you might not be as mature as a man older.

But I believe that’s a generalization.

You might think he doesn’t know what he wants because you’re older than him, but that’s not true.

Some younger guys are more mature-minded than the ones older than you.

So treat your man with respect, and don’t try to change him to fit the man you want.

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8. Communicate honestly


Another relationship advice for dating a man younger than you is to communicate honestly.

Please don’t think because he’s younger he can’t deal with problems.

Some of us don’t know how to communicate in relationships.

But you need to make an effort to communicate effectively with your younger boyfriend -just as you would with a man older than you.

He’s not a mind-reader, just as you’re not.

So don’t say one thing and mean something else and get upset that he couldn’t decode your words.

9. Be confident when in a relationship with a guy younger than you

Dating a guy younger than you would test your confidence.

Things that you usually don’t worry about would start to bother you.

When people look at you, you might think they can tell he’s younger than you and are already judging.

When they might be admiring you.

But who cares if they judge?

Being confident helps you ignore age and focus on growing your relationship.

10. Go with the flow and enjoy your partner


Just go with the flow to have a great relationship with a guy younger than you.

His idea of fun will be different from yours.

So let down your guard, and enjoy the experience.

And if he wants to show you off, please let him.

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11. Discuss important topics like kids before things go far

Knowing if you want similar things with your younger boyfriend is best, so you can proceed from there.

As a younger man, maybe he’s not ready to be a husband.

Or maybe he would love to be married but doesn’t want kids; it’s important to know before things go too far.

My husband and I both wanted kids.

So we talked about names if our first is a girl.

He always wanted to be a dad before he turned 30, and he got that.

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12. Continue with your hobbies and passions


Whether you’re dating a guy younger or older than you, don’t quit your hobbies and passions.

Your hobbies are what sets you apart from everyone.

So don’t lose yourself because you’re dating different from what you’re used to.

But you can try some of his hobbies.

This can help strengthen your friendship.

13. Joke about the age difference – sometimes

One of the benefits of dating a guy younger than you is that they sometimes make things light.

Keeping things light is great for any relationship.

Sometimes, I tease my husband that he saw a fine woman, and he followed.

And he teases me too.

We still laugh about a friend who used to refer to him as my sugar boy.

So keep things light, and enjoy your boyfriend.

14. Do what makes you happy in your relationship with a man you’re older than


Like I said earlier, some of your friends and family will make a big deal of your loving a man younger than you.

But you can’t please everyone, especially regarding your relationships.

So do what makes you happy.

Are you happy with your relationship with a man younger than you?

That’s all that matters.

If the relationship doesn’t work, no problem.

But it’s not because your boyfriend was younger than you.

15. Don’t assume anything

Because your man is younger than you, don’t assume you know exactly how the relationship will go.

Some people say when the guy is younger, the relationship won’t work.

Or the woman wouldn’t respect the man if she’s older.

Or the man would leave you for someone younger when you start aging.

Are you every woman?

Do you plan to disrespect your man?

Did he get with you just because of your looks?

Keep an open mind, enjoy each other, and let the relationship take its natural course.

16. Spend time with your friends

Lastly, don’t depend entirely on your man for friendship.

Still, enjoy some girl time with your friends.

And your boyfriend should be able to do the same.

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Conclusion on dating a guy you’re older than

When you find a guy you like who treats you well, stay with him.

Don’t throw a good thing away because some people think they know what’s best for you.


  • Be yourself
  • Keep people out
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about what you want in a relationship
  • Be open-minded
  • Don’t focus on the age
  • Treat him with respect like you’d treat a guy older than you
  • Communicate honestly
  • Be confident
  • Go with the flow and enjoy your partner
  • Discuss major decisions before your relationship goes too far
  • Have hobbies and passions
  • Tease each other about the age gap – sometimes
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Don’t assume anything
  • Spend time with your friends

That’s my advice for being in a relationship with a guy younger than you.

I hope you find them helpful.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hello dear Bree
    My name is Ziba im frome Iran
    I have been dating a boy who is 5 years younger than me for about 6 months
    If I want to calculate accurately, our age difference is 4 years, 11 months and 26 days
    At the beginning of our relationship, we just wanted to be rel
    sometime he talks to me about marriage but I am worried about the reaction of my family and him and our friends.
    I have told him my age is one year younger, which means he thinks we have a 4 year age difference when it is 5 years.im was born in 27 march 1993 and he was born in 22 Feb 1988
    He says I love you more after dating you because I like your moral qualities and I want to get married.
    I love him too but I am worried about his age
    I have read your articles its very interesting
    Thank you very much
    I would like to talk more with you, please send me an email if you are interested

    1. Hi Ziba,
      First, if you both love each other as you said, you must tell him the truth about your age.
      From what you said, he thinks you’re 4 years older than him when it is actually 5 years.
      If he doesn’t have a problem with the 4-year gap, I don’t think he would be bothered if it’s 5 years difference.
      And if he has a problem dating or marrying a lady 5 years older than him, you’d only know when you tell him the truth.
      Also, some cultures or tradition frown on women dating or marrying guys younger than them.
      But it depends on you and your boyfriend.
      So tell him the truth about your age.
      What he says and does will tell you everything you need to know.
      At the end of the day, his character and how he treats you are the most important things.
      Not the age gap.
      You’ll be fine if he’s matured and you both respect each other.
      I hope and pray it works out as you love each other.
      Thanks for reading my posts.
      I really appreciate it.
      All the best.
      xx, Bree.

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