27 Tips For Young Married Couples For A Strong Union

27 Tips For A Happy Marriage For Young Couples

“Marriage is work.”

Doesn’t it scare you a little bit when you hear this?

I know I got scared when I heard marriage is not a bed of roses.

But now married for eight years, I see things differently.

In this post, I’ll share 27 tips for young married couples to build stronger bonds.

So your marriage won’t feel like work.

Let’s dive in.

DISCLAIMER: These are regular tips to keep your marriage going, not professional advice. If you’re having major marital problems, please seek professional help.

27 tips for young married couples for a stronger bond

1. Become friends

Becoming friends is one of the most important tips for young married couples to build a strong bond.

When you’re friends with each other, it’s easy to communicate.

I was friends with my husband before we started dating and got married.

So our friendship flowed naturally.

But even if you weren’t friends before dating and marriage, you can still build a friendship.

Just take it one day at a time.

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2. Share chores

It’s important t share chores from the beginning of your relationship.

One partner shouldn’t be left to do all the chores while the other person relaxes.

Likewise, don’t act like you can do all the chores better than your partner.

So they end up not helping with chores.

You and your partner must be comfortable with doing housework.

I do the cooking and other kitchen stuff in my home while my husband does the laundry and some other things.

3. Be on the same page

Seriously, you and your husband must always be on the same page.

It makes it hard for external influence to break into your marriage.

But when friends or family see that they can sway one of you, they’ve found a loophole to ruin your union.

So make sure you’re on the same page about the following:

  • Where you want to live.
  • The kind of house you buy,
  • do you both want children,
  • How many children do you want to have,
  • making decisions about your children and
  • Other plans you may have for your future.

Being on the same page with my husband has helped keep people out of our marriage.

We didn’t have the money to have a big wedding, so we went to the marriage registry and tied the knot.

Yes, we got some “that’s not how you’re supposed to do it.”

But it was our decision, our marriage.

4. Be yourself

An excellent tip for young married couples is to keep being yourself.

Keep being the sweet, fun, and silly person that your partner dated and married.

You would have days when you’re not up for play or fun.

We all have those days.

But don’t change into someone your partner does not recognize because you’re now married.

Married couples play, talk, fight, and make up, and spend time together.

Just be yourself, and you both will keep enjoying your marriage.

5. Respect each other

To have a happy marriage, you need to respect each other.

This means talking to them respectfully, the way you talk to your friends.

You can argue but keep name-calling out of your mouth.

Don’t say words you can’t take back because you’re angry.

Because your partner would never forget you called them stupid, useless, or even worse.

And things like this add up.

And they can weaken your bond.

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6. Create rituals

Creating rituals is another tip for a great marriage.

Simple things like kissing before you leave for work and hugs when you’re back from wherever.

We do that in my home.

I started it because of a song by Jaheim called “Just in Case.”

I’m like, “Kiss me before you go out.” But I still say, “Make sure you come back.”

Anyway, build your rituals.

Find something you and your spouse can do together.

Then do it.

7. Appreciate each other

You don’t always have to buy gifts or anything to show your spouse you appreciate them.

Most of the time, they want to hear you say it.

Tell them you appreciate them for doing XYZ.

Or thank them just for being who they are to you.

And to your beautiful family.

Sometimes my husband texts me to say he appreciates me for supporting him while he’s in school.

Or just some random thing I did and forgot.

And I do thank him randomly too.

8. Touch more

27 Tips For A Happy Marriage For Young Couples

Connecting more with your partner can help strengthen your marriage.

Kiss, hold hands and enjoy intimacy.

You can also do stuff like small kisses when you walk by each other in the hallway.

Or even while you eat together.

I’m sure you’d find more ways to connect physically in your marriage.

9. Give more

Happy marriages take a lot of effort.

You have to be willing to give your time.

Sometimes give gifts.

Or you can plan a date night and pay for dinner.

10. Understand that even happy couples argue

Some young couples think when you argue with your spouse, your marriage is failing.

But that’s not always true.

You and your spouse will argue and make up so many times in your marriage.

But talking it out, making up, and continuing to love each other strengthens your marriage.

11. Forgive each other

Your partner will hurt your feelings sometimes.

But you must learn to forgive.

Please, don’t hold a grudge to the point where you don’t see eye to eye.

Or you start living like the other person doesn’t exist.

If your spouse apologizes for what happened, please forgive and move on.

But if the issue is bigger than you, seek marriage counseling.

12. Make it a habit to discuss before you make decisions

As young married couples, sometimes you might feel like you can make decisions unilaterally.

Because you’re used to deciding on your own without anyone’s input.

But that can affect your relationship negatively as your partner would feel left out.

Besides, you’re a team, so it’s vital to discuss before making decisions, whether big or small.

Maybe you got a job offer that requires relocation; consult it with your partner before taking it.

Both of you need to talk about how it would affect your lives.

And then plan toward that change.

13. Add in some PDA

Get comfortable with public displays of affection.

And also know when to get a room. lol

14. Communicate with your spouse

Something that’s lacking in most young marriages is communication.

Learn how to communicate with your partner.

Communication gives your partner a better sense of how you do things.

Mood swings are just that, mood swings. They don’t say anything.

If at all, they only show you’re mad. But not why.

So make sure to talk about the simple and the in-depth stuff with your spouse.

15. Compliment your significant other

Everybody likes it when they get compliments.

So that’s something you should practice in your marriage as a young couple.

Don’t stop checking each other out because you’re now married.

If your man is looking hot, tell him.

It would make him blush.

But it also tells that you see him.

16. Young married couples must spend time together

27 Tips For A Happy Marriage For Young Couples

Find ways to spend time with each other.

The first few years of your marriage are when you want to spend the most time together.

Because in a few months or years, things might change.

Maybe you’ll have kids, and your schedule will change.

So spend these child-free or flexible days together, going on dates, and having lots of intimacy.

17. Enjoy time apart

It’s good to enjoy spending time with your partner.

But spending time on your own is great too.

You don’t want to depend too much on your partner’s presence.

That’s unhealthy.

So learn to be okay when they’re not there.

And when they come back, you continue from where you stopped.

I hope this makes sense.

18. Focus on your partner’s strengths

Instead of looking for reasons to criticize your spouse, focus on their strengths.

Nitpicking and talking about their flaws can be very bad for your marriage.

19. Listening more can help young couples build a happy marriage

Let’s say your partner is talking about how you hurt their feelings.

Please don’t cut them off trying to win an argument.

Stay quiet, listen, and try to see things from their view.

Also, listening can help you control the situation instead of escalating it.

20. Admit and apologize when you’re wrong

Admitting we’re wrong and saying sorry is the hardest thing for some of us.

And that can mess things up for you.

For your marriage to be healthy, you should be able to apologize to your significant other.

It shows you’re an adult and can take responsibility for your actions.

21. Remember to say, “I love you.”

Did someone ever say, “I love you,” and you said, me too?


I’m sure a lot of us said that.

I did.

That’s when we were shy teenagers dating.

But now, as an adult growing a happy marriage, remember to say, “I love you.”

You don’t say “me too” to your spouse.

And you don’t have to wait for them to say it before you do.

You can even text them while they’re out and say, “I love you, babe.”

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22. More tips for young married couples? Flirt with each other

Another great tip for young married couples is to flirt with each other.

You can text your spouse like you just met them.

Tell them how lovely they look in that outfit.

Or say you want to take them out for dinner and get it on after.

Talks like that can keep things alive in your marriage.

23. Learn to love the things they enjoy

27 Tips For A Happy Marriage For Young Couples

I never liked or enjoyed watching soccer.

After I got married, I started watching English football with my husband.

And it is one of many things I enjoy doing with him.

We spend our weekends watching football and doing the fan thing.

And this made our friendship stronger.

Does your spouse enjoy sports, anime (we love anime), or whatever?

Ask them about it.

Try to understand the game or show and watch it with them.

24. Be your spouse’s biggest fan

Life is hard enough already.

So when the world is beating your partner down, lift them up.

If your partner is working towards a job promotion, support them the best way.

Or maybe they want to try something they’ve never done before; tell them they can do it.

Even if they were scared, your one-person fanbase could be all the push they need.

25. More tips for young married couples? Overlook the small things

I learned from a good friend that some sheets might get bleach stains when her husband does laundry.

But she doesn’t complain because she appreciates that he does laundry.

That helped me not to sweat the small stuff because I used to complain about anything and everything.

“Why did you keep the plate here and not there?”

Just unnecessary stuff.

26. Shut out the noise

Once you and your partner decide to get married, all hell will break loose – most of the time.

Your family might not like him.

His family might like you, or maybe not.

But you know what?

It’s not that important.

What’s important is how you both deal with external influences.

Do you protect him from your family’s criticism?

Does he defend you when his family makes negative remarks about you?

That’s what’s important.

So please block out the noise and enjoy one day at a time.

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27. Prioritize your union, and choose to make it work

Whatever you do, always prioritize your marriage.

This summarizes all the other tips for young married couples to strengthen their bond.

If you want your marriage to work, put in the effort.

Choose to make it work every day.

After every serious argument or hard conversation, don’t think it’s over.

It’s not.

Please don’t give up; keep choosing your marriage.

In the end, everything will be okay.

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Boom! 27 tips for young married couples to strengthen your bond

Every marriage is unique.

Work with your partner to build the best marriage for you both.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

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