9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

Are you feeling unsexy to your husband?

Do you want a few tips to step up your sexy game?

Then you’re in the right place.

Looking and feeling sexy is my calling! Lol.

And I want every wife out there to feel and look sexy.

So in this post, I’ll show you nine tips to look sexy for your husband.

And you can kick those unappealing habits to the curb.

Let’s begin.

9 Simple tips to look sexy for your husband

Before we get into the main points, I need you to understand that you’re doing this for yourself first.

Because it is crucial that you feel sexy, which radiates for your husband to see.

Am I making sense?

It would help if you didn’t see it as a chore.

Or like you’re doing something just for your husband and not for you.

Remember, you’re a team.

How you feel or look affects each other.

That said, here’s how to look sexy for your husband:

1. First, take your hygiene practices up a notch

Even if you’re the sexiest woman, it just won’t make sense if you have poor hygiene.

So how do you improve personal hygiene?

Take showers

9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband
  • Take showers at least once daily.
  • And give more attention to your underarms, butt, and inner thighs.
  • Use deodarants in your underarms.

Oral care

  • Clean your teeth morning and night.
  • And also, use a good mouthwash to keep your breath fresh and mouth kissable.

Feminine hygiene

  • Yes, the feminine area has its natural smell. And that smell is not bad.
  • But your privates will stink if you’re not practicing good feminine hygiene.
  • So make it a habit to rinse your female parts as often as possible throughout the day.
  • This will help you get rid of the discharge and pee smell. And keep you feeling fresh.
  • Don’t forget to dry with a towel after rinsing your privates.

Please read 7 Feminine Hygiene Tips For A Better Down-There Care.

Hair removal

I understand we all have our preferences when it comes to hair removal.

But having hairs down there can make you sweat and also produce odors.

So if you’re a Brazillian wax fan like me, get clean hair removal.

But if you like to have hair, keep it low and tidy.

Let’s not forget to remove underarm hairs to reduce sweating and funky smells.

2. Take care of your skin to look and feel sexy

Another tip to look sexy for your husband is to take care of your skin.

Remember we talked about taking showers?

The next step is to:


Don’t forget to moisturize your skin with a lightly fragranced lotion or cream.

Keeping your skin moisturized and soft also adds to making you look sexy.


9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

Once or twice a week, scrub your skin with a good exfoliant.

Exfoliation removes dead skin, improves blood flow to your skin, and makes it glow.

After a good exfoliation, ensure you apply moisturizer to keep your skin from drying.

Also, make sure to scrub your lips when exfoliating your face.

It keeps them soft and kissable.

Wear makeup

I hardly wear makeup at home because I love to let my skin breathe.

But when I use makeup at home, I apply it very lightly.

Here’s my at-home makeup look:

  • Eyeliner – to make your eyes sexy,
  • and some lip balm to keep lips from drying.

Just that will change how your face looks.

Then wear your favorite small earrings, and you’re good to go.

Please keep it simple but classy.

3. Don’t skimp on the fragrance.

We all know that fragrances make us happy and confident.

So to look sexy as a wife, please use feminine fragrances.

If you love fruity or flowery fragrances, use them after a bath or shower.

Your man would enjoy sniffing you whenever you’re next to him.

4. Toss the pajama pants, and bring in the loungewear

9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

To look sexy for your husband, please, dear wife, toss the pajama pants.

You can wear them once in a while because they’re comfortable.

But guess what?

Lounge shorts and tops are also comfortable, and they are sexy too.

Don’t let your husband leave all day and come back to find you in some drabby pajama pants.

Please show him some skin in flattering loungewear.

Wear comfortable but cute clothes at home.

Sometimes, you can even get dressed like you’re going out with nice clothes and shoes.

Every woman feels good when she looks good.

5. Wear lacy lingerie to look sexy for your husband.

9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

All of you who sleep in long sleeve pajamas and pants, I swear I have no idea how you do it.

I can’t sleep in any long sleeve clothes unless I’m sick and cold.

Anyway, the long pajamas are unsexy, I’m sorry.

I’ve tried to love them, but I can’t.

And since sexy is my mission, I’m pleading with you to start wearing short lacy nighties.

You can wear shorts and a cami set or a short lacy nightgown without underwear.

Whatever you choose, ensure you show lots of skin than not.

Also, going to bed in skimpy sexy lingerie makes it easy for intimacy to happen frequently.

As they’re not restrictive like your long sleeves and pants pajamas.

Asides from intimacy, don’t you love how you look in sexy lingerie?

*gentle nudge* I know you do.

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6. Touch more

9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

A man enjoys the touch of his woman.

So to show him all your sexiness, please touch your husband more.

Whether you’re just doing regular stuff at home, touch your husband.

Kiss him while you’re having breakfast, dinner, whatever.

Don’t hold back on the kisses.

Hold hands when watching your favorite shows or when you’re running errands.

Yes, add some PDA now and then.

Let your husband know you still dig him and are not ashamed to show it.

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7. Prioritize your fitness for a sexy body

9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

Another thing to do to look sexy for your husband is to prioritize your fitness.

Make time to work out and stay in shape.

Whatever form of exercise you’re comfortable with, make sure to do it regularly.

Me, I used to work out five times a week.

Four days of working out with dumbells and one day for stretching.

Then I get two rest days.

That was my routine for more than six months.

But these days, I work out only three times weekly.

And with the changes I’ve seen so far, I can’t stop working out.

It is now part of my life.

So make time to get your workout in, eat well, and get some rest.

And you’d feel sexy when you see what your body can do.

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8. Get more beauty sleep to improve your mood

9 Simple Things To Do To Look Sexy For Your Husband

When you sleep well, it shows on your face.

If you work from home as I do, you can take breaks to nap a little.

But make sure you’re getting enough sleep at night.

You can drink peppermint tea every night.

It relaxes your body and helps you sleep better.

I drink it every night. Except I just ran out. Lol.

Anyway, sleeping also improves your mood.

So you’d be one sexy, happy woman ready to face the day.

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9. Smile more to look sexy to your husband

My last piece of advice to look sexy for your man is to smile more.

I know life gets busy, and we feel like there’s nothing to smile about.

But there is.

You are here, you hot mess.

And you have your beautiful family.

That’s something to smile about.

When you smile more, you are more pleasant to be with.

I’m sure you don’t like to be with a guy who always frowns.

In the same way, your beau won’t feel comfortable around you when you frown all the time.

So please smile at your man.

Make him look forward to walking through that door and knowing he’s welcome in the home.

And while regular smiling is good, the flirty inviting smile is even more powerful.

Learn how to communicate with flirty smiles without saying much.

Okay, ’nuff said.

You get what I mean.

Let’s wrap up! How to look sexy for your man

Don’t let yourself go because you’re married.

Remember, the only difference between dating and being married is that you have it on paper that you’re committed to each other.

Other than that, you’re still dating each other.

So please remain the sexy lady your husband fell in love with.

  • Wear pretty clothes, not pajama pants,
  • take care of your skin, and wear makeup with simple jewelry,
  • Keep your female parts clean and fresh at all times.
  • Touch more and smile more at your man.
  • Take your fitness and mental health seriously.
  • Sleep in sexy nighties, not long pajamas, even if they’re silk. *eye roll*

Be creative, and do other things you believe are sensual and make you feel hot.

And lastly, remember you’re doing this for you and your man; to enjoy your marriage.

So make it simple, fun, and sexy.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

Thanks for reading.

I’d really appreciate it if you shared this post.

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