11 Types Of Friends To Cut Off Without Feeling Guilty

11 Types Of Friends To Cut Off Without Feeling Guilty

Friendship is great.

It’s awesome to have a few good friends to spend time with.

Or friends you can count on when you’re down, and vice versa.

But as we navigate friendships and life, we meet some people that only make our lives unnecessarily complicated.

They make being friends with them too much work.

And if we don’t learn to manage them, we’d be miserable too.

Maybe you have such friends, but not sure.

This post will show you 11 types of friends you should avoid without feeling guilty.

Let’s begin.

11 Types Of Friends You Should Avoid Without Guilt

There was a time I used to give people several chances to hurt me repeatedly.

I did that because I had friends that said, “Bree, you’re too harsh. You don’t just cut people off like that”.

Or “oh, it was a long time ago; forgive them and move on.”

Yes, I forgive them and move on, but I don’t want to be close to them anymore.

Is there anything wrong with that?

Ultimately, we’ll do what’s best for us, even if nobody understands our reasons.

And that’s what I’ve been doing since I stopped giving people several chances to hurt me.

And what I realized after cutting off these friends is there’s less drama in my life.

Here are 11 types of friends to avoid without guilt.

1. The friend that belittles you for fun.

We all joke with our friends; it’s normal and one way to show closeness with your friends.

But what you shouldn’t tolerate is when your friend belittles you in front of their other friends for fun.

Imagine you’re hanging out with your friend and her pals you are unfamiliar with, and she keeps saying mean things to you and laughing with them.

And it’s not just once or twice.

They made you the laughingstock for the day or night.

Your friend is supposed to have your back, not bring you down to make themselves look good before people you don’t know.

If your friend does this to you, please avoid them without looking back.

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2. Friends who ghost you without explanation

Another friend to avoid without feeling guilty is the one who ghosts you without explanation.

Imagine being close to someone.

You call and check on each other regularly.

Then suddenly, they stop taking your calls, ignoring your messages.

And when you finally meet, they won’t explain why they ghosted you for months.

Then they go back to ghosting you?

Please let them be.

Just be happy they’re out of your life.

We can talk about stuff with our friends.

But if your friend can’t tell you why they’re avoiding you, you might as well cut them off.

You can’t spend days wondering what you did to make them ghost you.

It’s not worth it.

3. The friend that underrates your success

11 Types Of Friends To Cut Off Without Feeling Guilty

The friend that minimizes your success is another friend to cut off completely.

If you share a little win with your friend and they’re indifferent, making your joy sour, something’s wrong.

Those people act like you’re making a big deal of this “small thing” you achieved.

No matter how small or big, if you’re happy about something significant happening in your life, your friend is supposed to be happy for you.

Unless they’re not your friend.

I used to run every morning. But now I walk since I started working out with weights.

Anyway, someone I knew was visiting my place.

She wasn’t talking to me the whole time because scrolling on her phone was more important.

Anyway, when she opened her mouth, she said *in a condescending tone*:

“you’re looking fat. Are you sure you still run?”.

“Maybe you should run longer.”

I replied, “I’ve lost weight from the last time I saw you.”

A few minutes later, she left.

That’s the last time we ever spoke or saw each other.

I don’t need anyone raining on my parade or belittling my fitness routine.

4. The friend who lowkey tells you you can’t succeed

Believe it or not, some of your friends tell you in several ways that you can’t make it in life.

They’re the ones that tell you things have to be a certain way for it to work.

Maybe your friend prefers to go to college, but you chose a different path.

Have you seen or heard anyone look down on Youtubers or bloggers that we’re wasting our time instead of chasing a career?

If you have that kind of friend, please keep them far from your plans because they’ll kill it before it bears fruit.

5. Another type of friend you should avoid without guilt is the low-key competitive one

11 Types Of Friends To Cut Off Without Feeling Guilty

If your friend is constantly in competition with you, I think you should let them go.

You’d know when your friend competes with you.

It’s okay if your friend likes your dress, bag, etc., and wants the same.

But what’s crazy is when your friend acts like their lives are incomplete until they have that thing you have.

Some would even go into debt to meet up.

While the competition isn’t affecting you directly, you might notice you have nothing in common except the material items you buy.

6. Attention-seeking friend is one you should avoid

We all have that friend that makes everything about them.

Let’s say you’re going through stuff at work or in your personal life.

Instead of being there for you, they’d say you’re not giving them attention.

They’d be upset about how you manage your emotions.

Those friends get mad at you for crying when you lose a loved one because they cannot stand how you grieve.

Because if you’re grieving, you’re getting everyone’s attention, making them feel unimportant.

Likewise, if you get a promotion, get engaged, etc.

They get resentful that people are celebrating you and not them.

Please do not hesitate to cut them off.

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7. The friend who ignores you even when you’re with them

If your friend is always on their phone when you’re together, they don’t respect you.

And it would be best if you didn’t have to deal with them.

You shouldn’t have to beg your friend to acknowledge you’re there.

If what they’re doing on their phone is more important than you, then maybe not ask to hang out.

I experienced it twice and promised myself I wouldn’t let anyone disrespect me like that.

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8. The friend who thinks you should see their friendship as a privilege

Sometimes you meet someone, and the friendship flows.

It takes time and mutual effort to start and keep a friendship.

But if you’re the only one making an effort to start or keep the friendship, please call it quits.

You don’t have to force someone to be your friend.

I had someone acting like I should be grateful she talks to me.

So I cut her off.

I don’t have time for bull.

Friends benefit from each other somehow.

But it’s not a one-way street.

9. The backstabber is a type of friend you should avoid

11 Types Of Friends To Cut Off Without Feeling Guilty

Another type of friend you should avoid is someone who stabs you in the back without blinking.

Please don’t give them a chance to do it twice because they will.

So how often do you want to deal with heartache and disappointment?

Save yourself the stress and cut them off when they stab you in the back.

I gave someone several chances, and she stabbed me to the point where I had to leave my 9 to 5 job.

It was crazy.

And the workplace became so toxic I couldn’t function there anymore.

This person still tries to connect on social media.

10. The judgemental and virtue-signaling friend

Yes, we all love honesty.

But sometimes, friends judge you and claim they’re just being honest.

Let’s say you had a date with a guy you like and had your first kiss that night.

A normal human being would smile like it’s one of those things as we’re adults.

But a judgemental friend will tell you that’s too soon.

You’re supposed to wait till the third date.

Or if I were the one, I’d do XYZ.

They try to make you feel useless for just kissing a guy you like.

It’s just rubbish virtue-signaling that you don’t need.

11. The friend who makes you their puppet because they did XYZ for you

11 Types Of Friends To Cut Off Without Feeling Guilty

Lastly, the friend you must avoid at all costs is the one who uses gifts to make you their puppet.

They give you things hoping that you’d do their bidding in the future.

And they’d shame you with those gifts and make you feel poor when you don’t.

That kind of friend expects you to ditch your morals and do whatever they ask of you because you innocently accepted their gifts.

Please, I beg you, even if you decide to keep them in your life, don’t accept anything from them.

I learned the hard way.

Conclusion on 11 types of friends to avoid for good

If your friend is low-key jealous of you, always bringing drama, or belittling you for fun, please cut them off.

It would be best if you had no judgemental folks pretending to be honest.

Also, you don’t need people trying to dim your light because they can’t do what you do.

And lastly, you’d avoid social media humiliation if you refused gifts from a manipulative friend.

I hope this post has shown you 11 types of friends to avoid if you want a drama-free life.

What toxic friends do you think we should avoid?

Please share them in the comments.

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11 Types Of Friends To Cut Off Without Feeling Guilty

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