17 Types Of Men To Avoid Dating If You Want Real Love


If you’ve been single for a while and are ready to return to the dating market, you must avoid some men at all costs.

These men will suck your energy and waste your time.

And sometimes, their strange energy makes you feel like something is wrong with you.

You must have experienced them, but maybe you haven’t.

So here are 17 types of men to avoid dating if you want real love.

Let’s begin.

17 Types of men to avoid dating if you want true love

I’ve experienced a few of these men myself.

And let me tell you; it’s an unpleasant place to be.

So here are the kinds of men you must avoid dating if you want a great relationship:

1. The guy who tells you to quit your job


If anyone tells you to quit your job, it’s not a guy you’re dating.

I once had a boyfriend that asked me to stop working so he could take care of me.

but it didn’t work because

  1. I was used to working and earning money.
  2. I cannot depend on him for money to care for my mom. Besides, he wasn’t serious with me. He just wanted me to be available at his beck and call.

Anyway, I returned to work – and he didn’t like it – as he started groaning that spending time with me felt like a chore.

Please don’t let your boyfriend force you to quit your job.

It’s different if you want to quit and he’s serious about being with and taking care of you.

But for you to be available as an option amongst several women?

No way!

2. Avoid dating the forceful guy

We are all unique, and it’s great to find someone who likes us the way we are.

But it’s a pain to date someone who tries to change you.

I was dating someone back then who had an issue with how I ate a chicken.

He said I was supposed to crack the bone.

And because I won’t, he said I was being fake.

That was the last time he saw me.

Please avoid dating the guy who forces you to do things his way.

3. The guy who strings you along


Some guys will never define a relationship, but they’d keep stringing you along.

These men will keep saying let’s take it slow, or we’re just friends.

But they do things that dating couples do with you.

Years will pass, and you’re still taking it slow.

He’s unserious and afraid of commitment, so he’ll never say his stance.

Also, some men who string you along don’t want to hurt your feelings by being honest that they are not ready for relationships.

So once you notice that he won’t say what he wants with you, please leave him alone.

It’s better to hurt your feelings honestly than waste your time with dishonesty.

4. The cheating dude is a huge red flag you must avoid

Another guy to avoid dating at all costs is the cheater.

Please, don’t ever think the cheater would change because of you.

I’m sorry, you’re not that special. At least to a cheater.

The cheater doesn’t choose who he cheats on.

He cheats on every woman that gives him a chance thinking her case would be different.

So once you notice he’s dating and planning to cheat on his girlfriend with you, please leave him alone.

You don’t need heartache.

5. The one that says he’s not ready for a relationship

Believe a guy who tells you he’s not ready for a relationship.

Please don’t stay with him, hoping he will change his mind.

He would do whatever he wants, and you can’t hold him accountable because he told you from the beginning.

So please, if you want a relationship, find it with someone who wants the same things.

At least this guy is honest about what he wants.

6. The one in a bad relationship


The guy that says he’s in a bad relationship and needs saving is not someone you should date.

You are not the savior of the world.

If he’s in a bad relationship, he should deal with it.

And when he’s single and ready to date, he can get back into the dating market.

But don’t let him use you to while away the time, claiming he’s in a bad relationship.

If the relationship was so bad, why are they still together?

Think about it.

7. Avoid dating the hot & cold guy

An inconsistent guy is always on and off.

Today you are dating; tomorrow, he’s silent.

You’d hardly know if you guys are together or not.

Please, you don’t need anyone going hot and cold on you.

Please leave if he can’t say or show what he wants in a relationship.

8. Men that won’t go out with you in public

Another guy you should avoid dating is the one who never goes out publicly with you.

This guy only wants to be at your place or in his car (if he has one).

Guys like these are always hiding something.

They are either in a relationship or married, so you’d never visit his place.

Also, he would never take you out in public because he doesn’t want to risk his other partners catching him with you.

A guy doesn’t have to take you to the fanciest restaurants to show you off – though that won’t hurt.

But he should be able to take you to coffee shops, the park, and other cool places couples hang out.

9. The one who criticizes and makes you feel small

Any guy who berates you for fun may end up killing your self-esteem.

He would make you feel less than to make himself feel better because he has low self-esteem.

And you don’t want to date that kind of person.

Also, he’s insecure, and you don’t need to deal with that.

Once you notice the kind of person he is, please leave him alone.

Those kinds of guys quickly show themselves because they can’t deal with a lady who knows herself.

10. Please avoid abusive men at all costs


There are several ways people can abuse you.

So please don’t wait until someone hits you before you know they are abusing you.

If a guy calls you names when you argue, you may tell him you don’t appreciate it.

And if you discover name-calling is his way, maybe leave him alone.

Nobody likes name-calling, and it shouldn’t be allowed in any relationship.

Also, name-calling is verbal abuse and unacceptable in relationships.

11. The selfish guy is another type of man to avoid dating

The selfish guy cares about himself alone.

And you can tell because he steals conversations and talks about himself all the time.

Also, the selfish guy takes pride in always putting himself first.

He hardly considers your needs.

The selfish guy is the kind that asks for certain things in bed but never reciprocates.

And he would even laugh at the thought of reciprocating your affection.

Please avoid dating the selfish guy at all costs.

12. Whatever you do, please avoid dating the controlling guy


The controlling guy wants to tell you what you can or cannot do.

If you give him a chance, he will control your life.

He’s the type who would call you several times a day to ensure you’re doing what you’re supposed to.

Or he would rush to your place to check if your car engine is hot, to be sure you didn’t go out.

And when you go out with your friends, he makes a fuss.

Please avoid dating the control freak.

He will drive you crazy.

13. The man-child is a huge no-no for dating or anything serious

Whatever you do, please avoid dating the man-child.

You may think it’s cute that he depends on you for everything, but it’s not.

And you’d break down one day when you realize he’s supposed to help out, but he’s used to others doing stuff for him.

Remember, you’re supposed to be his partner, not his mother.

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14. The forever bachelor

Another type of man to avoid dating is the serial bachelor.

He’s usually good-looking and successful.

But he’s never in a serious relationship.

He may give you gifts, take you to fancy restaurants, and sweep you off your feet, but he’ll never take your relationship to the next stage.

That is, if there’s a relationship in the first place.

And because he has a variety of women around him, don’t ever expect you’d be his number anything.

So if you want a serious relationship, please avoid dating the serial bachelor.

15. The serial husband


This man loves the idea of being married but never tries to keep his marriage.

He’s more into the wedding, like some women, than the union itself.

So when all the sparks and romance fade off, he disappears too.

And he’s been married and divorced several times and always blames his exes for the split.

The serial husband never holds himself accountable.

Also, he’s obsessed with new things.

He sees his partners as toys he can replace when they’re old.

Please avoid dating this man, no matter how desperate you are to get married.

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16. The mama’s boy is not your cup of tea. Please leave him alone.

This man is connected to his mom, and you will always be second to her.

His mom has so much influence in his life that she would control what you guys do as a couple.

Even if he decides with you, he can and will change his mind to please mom.

The mama’s boy is forever seeking his mom’s approval.

And if you guys eventually tie the knot, he would never make you a priority.

Also, the mama’s boy cannot defend you if your mother-in-law makes your life difficult.

Because in his eyes, mom can do no wrong, etc.

I’ll write a more in-depth post about the mama’s boy and link it here.

17. The man who never grows up


The last of the types of men to avoid dating is the one who never grows up.

He’s a full-grown man, but he never gets his priorities right, and he’s also a liar.

The man who never grows up loves to enjoy life but with your money.

He’s the type that makes a big meal order when you’re paying.

He’s full of excuses. “I forgot my wallet,” “I’ve not been paid yet,” etc.

This man would jump from job to job; he’s hardly stable.

He’s the type that keeps talking about some weird business plan and never works to bring it to fruition.

Every day he’s starting something new or looking for quick fixes.

This man will drain you emotionally and financially.

He’s not dependable, which means he can’t help you.

If you need a relationship with mutual support, please avoid dating the guy who never grows up.

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What types of men are out there?

The good man

He knows what he wants and goes for it.

The good guy loves and respects his woman. To him, there’s more to loving someone than just how they look.

He holds himself accountable and takes responsibility.

He’s dependable.

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The average guy

He’s good, but he sometimes exercises the options available to him.

The average guy may do stuff outside with other women but hardly brings embarrassment to his family.

The player

He’s a smooth talker.

The player knows the words you want to hear and speaks them well.

He might spoil you or make promises that he never keeps.

The player knows how to find his way back into your heart even after cheating on you.

Please avoid him.

Conclusion on the types of men you must never date

It may take some time to realize the man you’re dealing with.

And that cannot be very pleasant.

But it’s best to end things with these men before it goes too far.

It’s better to have a failed relationship than to be married to a guy you don’t like.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Please share it; I’d appreciate that.

Thanks for reading.

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