How Marriage Transformed My Husband (And Me!) 11 Ways

How Marriage Transformed My Husband (And Me!) 11 Ways

Most times, when someone says their husband changed after marriage, it’s mainly negative.

And they go on and on about the things their partners used to do.

Or the way their spouses used to act and how they’re now this not-so-nice person.

So with all the negativity out there, I thought I’d bring some positive experiences to the discussion.

This post will talk about 11 ways my husband changed after marriage.

Let’s begin.

11 Ways my husband changed after marriage

My husband and I were friends for years before we started dating and got married.

So we knew each other well.

And one of the most remarkable things about him was how he treated me.

He’s a real team player.

So he did chores with me when we started dating and living together.

He never shied away or said chores are for women.

And I knew I had found a keeper.

And I see him in a new light every day, week, month, or year.

So here are ways my husband changed after marriage:

1. He’s willing to work things out and move on

How Marriage Transformed My Husband (And Me!) 11 Ways

My husband has always been one to want to resolve issues.

At first, I wouldn’t say I liked how he wanted to break down the argument’s reason.

As for me me, I just wanted to be right.

Or I’d cry so he’ll feel sorry for me, and we’ll move on from the issue like it never happened.

But he wasn’t having that; he knew it stopped us from trashing out issues.

Which can add up and lead to a bigger fight one day.

So he insists that we talk about stuff and work it out.

And it took me time to get used to that.

But over time, I learned how to communicate better with him.

And talking things out has helped us become better partners and strengthened our relationship.

2. He became more giving.

Another way my husband changed after marriage is that he became more giving.

He gives his time.

He’s a very present husband and dad.

Also, he’s very flexible regarding cooking and all that.

I cook a lot, so my husband eats home-cooked meals every day.

But on the days I’m too tired to cook, he’s okay with eating whatever is available in the fridge.

Or sometimes, he’ll cook for us both.

Or we’ll order a pizza.

3. He’s more committed to our union.

After marriage, my husband became even more committed to our relationship.

In short, he cherishes our marriage and would do everything he can to keep it.

Every day he chooses to love.

Even with all the distractions out there, he knows it’s me he wants to be with.

He chooses me.

And that nobody out there is worth breaking his home for.

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4. He’s my one-man fan base.

When my husband and I decided t get married, people said lots of negative stuff, like they knew him better than I did.

Little do they know that my husband is my one-man fan base.

He’s always encouraging me to chase my dreams.

And he also supports me morally and financially to achieve my goals.

Even when I feel like giving up, he always reminds me how far I’ve come.

There is nothing like having a partner who pushes and encourages you to chase after your dreams and passion.

5. He puts his family (us) first – He’s a family guy

My husband wanted to be a young dad.

And when the time came, he took the staff.

He’s very involved in our kids’ lives.

He remembers and takes them to their hospital appointments.

Also, he makes sure bills are paid so his family can live comfortably.

While also planning for our future.

He’s a family guy.

Not the family guy on TV. lol

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6. He strives to be an excellent example for our kids.

Another way my husband changed after marriage is how he views house chores.

Recently I was thanking my husband for doing laundry.

And he told me he does all these to show our kids that partners are supposed to do chores together.

He wants them to learn from how he does stuff in our home.

So they know how to be and choose better partners in the future.

That was profound for me.

I never looked at it like that.

But little things like that make me love him more.

7. He involves me in his plans.

One thing my husband did from when we were dating, got married, and till tomorrow is that he involved me in his plans.

We plan a lot together.

Buying a house is a significant plan.

But do you know we do house window shopping online together?

We look at houses, choose what we like, and dream of our lives in them.

8. He makes my goals his

Since we’ve been married, my husband has become much more supportive and encouraging of my goals.

Which has helped me feel more confident to go after them.

And he would go above and beyond to help me bring them to life.

Because to him, if either of us is growing, it’s still for the betterment of the family.

So he makes my goals his.

And I make his goals mine.

9. He still makes me feel like we just started dating, even after 8 years of marriage.

Another thing I must mention is that even after being married for eight years, my husband is still very attracted to me.

And I’m still very much attracted to him.

He makes me feel like we just started dating.

I turned 40 recently, and remember he’s five years younger than me.

But because of how he treats me, and our connection, I don’t even remember that I’m older than him.

10. He’s more playful

With all we’ve been through as a couple, we manage to keep things light.

We joke and play a lot.

Which makes our friendship even stronger.

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11. He’s more protective of his family

How Marriage Transformed My Husband (And Me!) 11 Ways

My husband has always protected me from family since we started dating and decided to get married.

That was one significant thing he did that helped us keep people out of our relationship.

And up until now, he still shields us from unnecessary family drama.

Conclusion on how marriage made me and my husband better partners

So those are 11 ways my husband changed after marriage.

I hope this helps you see that there are many great husbands out there.

And when you hear someone talk about how bad their partners changed, try not to generalize.

Thanks for reading.

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