11 Ways To Create Opportunities For Intimacy In Your Marriage

11 Ways To Create Opportunities For Intimacy In Your Marriage

Little acts like showing more skin at home can increase chances for intimacy in your marriage.

At the start of your relationship, there were sparks and lots of intimacy.

But as time goes on, intimacy still happens but maybe not as often as before because you’re getting used to each other.

And that’s normal.

But after marriage, some couples stop getting intimate as it’s now something they used to do.

And the lack of intimacy is putting a strain on their union.

So what can you do to improve intimacy in your marriage?

This article will discuss 11 ways to create opportunities for intimacy in your marriage.

Let’s begin.

11 Ways to create chances for intimacy in your marriage

Based on my experience, these are tried and tested tips to increase intimacy in your marriage:

1. Ladies skip underwear when at home to be ready for closeness

1. Ladies skip underwear when at home to be ready for closeness

To create opportunities for intimacy in your marriage, you must prepare for it.

I know it sounds cheesy but hear me out.

So how do you prepare yourself for intimacy?

Skip underwear when you’re at home.

Wear whatever you like but keep the bra and panties at bay.

While skipping the underwear shows you’re ready, but also seduces your hubby and makes him want to do stuff.

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2. Go to bed at the same time to increase opportunities for intimacy

When you go to bed with your partner simultaneously, you can cuddle and get intimate more often than not.

But when you go to bed at different times, one partner is asleep and doesn’t want their sleep disrupted.

Also, ladies, please stop wearing these long sleeve and pants pajamas.

They are boring, unsexy, leave no room for bare body contact, and are hard to take off for intimacy.

Instead, wear a nightie slip(without panties) or shorts and cami pajamas as they’re sexy and easier to manage under the sheets.

Besides, slips and shorts pajamas make you look and feel sexy.

So wear sexy nighties, go to bed simultaneously, and increase the chances of closeness in your marriage.

3. Make sure to connect

11 Ways To Create Opportunities For Intimacy In Your Marriage

Make sure you’re connecting daily for intimacy to happen often in your marriage.

Hug, touch, and kiss each other often.

Sometimes, send your spouse a flirty text about what you want to do.

Or talk about the last time you did it and how much you enjoyed it.

Just re-live the moment, and stylishly tell him what you liked he did the last time.

Sexy texts will keep him smiling wherever he is, and I look forward to spending time with you.

4. Keep your feminine area groomed and ready for intimacy

Another tip to make time for intimacy is to keep your area groomed.

Some of us are insecure about having hair in our feminine areas.

So take care of your area, so you’ll be confident about taking your clothes off and getting busy.

5. Talk about intimacy to build anticipation.

5. Talk about intimacy to build anticipations.

Do not just do intimacy.

Talk about intimacy too.

Like texting your beau about your last time, you can also talk about it when chilling together.

Talking about intimacy builds expectations and makes it even hotter.

You might be shy about talking about intimacy, but it’s good to communicate what you like so your man can do them to you.

I hope this makes sense.

6. Drop your phone to create chances for regular intimacy in your marriage

Intimacy doesn’t happen when you’re constantly glued to your phone.

So put your phone down when chilling with your partner.

They don’t want to feel like they’re interrupting something when touching you.

Also, when you’re not always holding your phone, your hands will be free to touch your partner.

Choose what you do with your hands.

7. Always have time to spend with each other

11 Ways To Create Opportunities For Intimacy In Your Marriage

No matter what you do, make time to spend together.

Do you have kids?

Spend time together after they leave for school.

Or if you have to run to work, spend time together in the evening after the kids are in bed.

Sometimes, plan to meet your partner for lunch, talk, hold hands, share small kisses, etc.

My hubby and I spend time together in the morning after the kids leave for school and in the evening when they’re in bed.

Don’t get carried away with work or caring for the kids. Make sure to spend quality time with your partner.

8. Schedule intimacy to create opportunities for it.

Scheduling intimacy works for many couples with busy lives.

So maybe give it a try.

Add it to your calendar or to-do list and plan toward it.

To make it even more interesting, switch things up like wearing sexy lingerie, having a candle-lit dinner, or meeting at a hotel.

Just don’t let your schedule become a boring routine.

9. Stop planning everything

Yeah, I just said to schedule intimacy.

But once in a while, stop the planning and go with the flow.

You’re a human being; you feel like doing it at random times.

Why not take advantage of those days, surprise yourself and get it on?

Planning is good, but surprises are also great.

10. Get spontaneous to improve intimacy in your marriage

10. Get spontaneous to improve intimacy in your marriage

If you want to enhance intimacy in your marriage, you should be ready to do it in different places in your home.

Your bed isn’t the only place to do it.

Don’t be like those couples that say, “let’s wait and do it in our matrimonial bed.”

Yes, your bed is excellent but be spontaneous.

Do it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, heck! Your garage.

Of course, you get spontaneous when you have the house to yourselves.

It makes intimacy fun and something to anticipate.

11. Get professional help

Some of us always have regular intimacy because we love and make time for it.

But we’re all wired differently.

So some people may not be interested in doing stuff between the sheets after marriage.

And this can stem from body insecurity, loss of libido, stress, and many other factors.

And if we don’t deal with these issues and improve intimacy, they might ruin our relationship.

So maybe consider speaking with a professional to improve intimacy in your marriage.

Many couples benefit from speaking to a professional about their sex life.

It might just be what you need.

Conclusion on how to create opportunities for intimacy in your marriage.

So that’s my two cents on creating chances for more intimacy in your marriage.

Remember you need to prepare for it by:

  • Going to bed at the same time
  • Skipping underwear when at home
  • Connecting throughout the day
  • Keep down-there groomed
  • Talking about intimacy to build expectations.
  • Dropping your phone when you’re with your spouse.
  • Always spending time together.
  • Scheduling intimacy
  • Not planning everything
  • Getting spontaneous about intimacy
  • Seeking professional help

I hope you find this post helpful.

Please share it; it would mean everything to me.

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