17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

Do you think it’s unnecessary to show your man love because he already knows you love him?

Or do you think he will take you for granted if you show him too much love?

Your man shouldn’t take you for granted because you showered him with love.

Unless he’s a jerk.

But I’m writing this post believing your man is an awesome dude.

And you want to give him all the love you got.

Please keep reading for 17 ways to show your man love today.

Let’s begin.

How to show your man you love him in 17 simple ways

1. Show your man love in public and welcome PDA

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

It’s not enough to show him love in private, do it in public too.

Hold his hand when you walk together and give him a couple of kisses.

PDA boosts your man’s ego and makes him feel special.

It also shows you’re not ashamed of the love you share.

2. Give him moral support

Supporting your man is a great way to show you love him.

If he’s working on a project, support him.

Every day your man goes out to bring in the bread, the world beats him hard.

Your moral support is what keeps him going.

He needs to know that when he gets home, there’s someone who believes in him.

When a man isn’t getting moral support from his partner, he feels alone.

Life is already hard enough. Be the one that makes it easier for him.

A hug, a kiss, or a smile are all ways to give moral support.

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3. Accept his love

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

When your man wants to hold or kiss you, accept it.

Does he like to cuddle and watch movies with you?

Enjoy it with him.

I understand you may not be in the mood for intimacy sometimes.

But rejecting his love more than you accept makes a man feel unloved.

4. Cooking and making him a plate is an act of love

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Lol.

Most men enjoy home-cooked meals prepared by the one they love.

Make it for him if you know how to cook what he loves.

When you prepare the food, make him a plate. Yes, serve him.

It’s an act of love.

And it makes your man feel special and loved.

5. Celebrate with him

When your man achieves something, whether big or small, celebrate with him.

Don’t minimize his wins.

Cheer him, even if it’s a good word from his boss or a successful project.

It shows you’re rooting for him and you value his success.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

Are there things your man does that you don’t like?

We all have those.

But to show you love him, you must learn to ignore the small stuff.

You start to sound like a nag when you complain about every little thing.

Instead, please focus on the good things he does.

And base your love on them.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk when something feels odd.


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7. Make time for him

You should never be too busy to spend time with your man.

When he wants to be with you, put everything aside and be with him.

That’s one of the main reasons we have a set routine for our kids’ bedtime.

We love spending time together once the kids are in bed.

And by that time, we’re done working on our laptops. So we can devote our attention to each other.

8. Flirting with your man shows you love him

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

Small but practical ways to show your man you love him is by flirting with him.

When you flirt with him, it shows you’re still attracted to him.

Tell him how you find him sexy.

Text him sometimes, and say things that make him smile shyly.

9. Give your man small, thoughtful gifts

You don’t need to spend all your savings to buy your man a gift.

Just make sure you’re buying something really thoughtful.

Maybe his favorite belt is getting worn; buy him a new one.

Small gestures like that make him love you more.

Because he knows you notice and care about him.

10. Sometimes, splurge on him

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

My husband wanted a particular jacket some years back. But the person he asked to get it got the wrong one.

And we’ve talked about it like forever.

So last Christmas, during Macy’s sale, I bought him a stylish jacket similar to the one he always wanted.

The look on his face was priceless.

Usually, I can’t afford that jacket, but the sale made it possible.

11. To show your man love compliment him

We all love compliments, and your husband is no exception.

So tell him when he’s looking dapper.

Or maybe you love it when he wears the gray sweatpants; let him know.

It keeps things easy and sweet in your relationship.

12. Be verbal about your love for him

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

Yes, we said to show you love him.

But also say it.

Let him know how much you love and appreciate him.

Don’t wait until your anniversary to express your love for him.

You can send random texts to say you love him.

Make the guy blush wherever he is.

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13. Be there when he’s grieving

Some years back, my hubby lost his mom.

She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.

When she passed, he was devasted.

While her passing hit me hard, I had to be there for my hubby.

So if your man is grieving a loved one, be there for him.

Don’t ask too many questions if he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Only be there for him.

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14. Let him vent

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

Once my husband was upset about something and said he wanted to be alone.

We were in the living room together; I left him alone to let off steam.

If your man wants to vent, let him.

You don’t have to say anything, especially as he’s not ready for a conversation.

He only wants to release it as he’s feeling.

You can sit and place a hand on his back. Or don’t even touch him.

But let him know you’re there.

15. To show your man love, listen to him

To show your man love, listen when he talks to you.

Listen to him, whether he wants to talk about work or boring science stuff.

When you pay attention to the little things, he will let you in on the big ones.

16. Show interest in things he enjoys

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

My husband likes to watch and talk about football (or soccer).

At first, I wasn’t interested in it.

But over time, I started developing an interest in the sport.

Now we watch football games together and root for our club.

Sometimes, I laugh at myself when I ask him when our team next is playing.

Or other football stuff.

He’s even amazed that I know players in other clubs.

That’s just me.

But you don’t have to like everything your man loves.

Just be the friend he can talk to about stuff.

And if his interests bore you, suffer through them. Then he would watch your favorite shows too.

It’s a win-win.

17. Understand his mood swings

We all have mood swings.

So when your man is in a bad mood, let him be.

Trust me; he’s just going through the times.

And needs some time to get back to earth.

So please don’t make it about you when he doesn’t want to talk.

Especially when he makes it clear it’s not your fault.

You can give him a hug and leave him alone for the time being.

Please keep an open mind, and don’t be mad that he’s moody.

Again it’s not about you.

And when he’s feeling a lot better, he will return to you.

Conclusion on how to show your man love

17 Simple Ways To Show Your Man Love Today!

Boom! 17 ways to show your man you love him.

Remember saying and showing love work hand in hand.

Don’t think it’s enough that he knows you love him.

You need to do things to remind him every day that he’s the one you will always love.

I hope these tips to show your man love are helpful.

Take good care.

Please share this article.

I’ll see you in the next post.

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