What Is The Purpose Of A Romantic Relationship? | Why I’d Rather Be In It


Today I discovered one of the main reasons I’d rather be in a romantic relationship.

I broke down in tears this morning.

I was overwhelmed and needed a hug or something to let out the tension.

So I was making my husband’s lunch – chicken and salad.

He walked into the kitchen and teased me a bit.

Something that was supposed to make me laugh, but I looked away.

He thought I was hiding my smile, only to see me crying.

My hubby quickly asked if I was okay, hugged and comforted me while I cried.

If you ask me, I’m not sure why I was crying.

Except that it happens once in a while.

And I’m grateful I have someone like John to hold and comfort me when I feel overwhelmed.

So for anyone asking what’s the purpose of a romantic relationship, this post will answer your questions.

Let’s begin.

What’s the purpose of a romantic relationship?

I didn’t want to make the intro too long.

But after crying and wetting my husband’s t-shirt, he said he needed to add a reminder to the calendar for the next three months.

He says I cry like that every three months.

That made me laugh.

This small gesture is one of many reasons why I’d rather be in a romantic relationship.

And I cannot trade my relationship with my husband for anything.

Please continue reading for five purposes of a romantic relationship.

1. The purpose of a romantic relationship? Friendship


My husband and I were good friends in college before we started dating and got married.

And that friendship continued into our marriage.

I can be myself with my husband, and he doesn’t try to change me.

Friendship is very important in your romantic relationship.

Because it is the friendship that keeps you together when the sparks fade.

If friendship isn’t a good purpose of a romantic relationship, I’m not sure what it is.

Also, when you grow older, it gets lonely.

So it’s great to have a good partner and friend to spend your years with.

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2. Support is why you should be in a relationship

Another vital purpose of a romantic relationship is support.

Our friends and family can support us.

But a spouse or long-term partner can support you in a way your friends may be unable to.

Like the way, I broke down in tears this morning.

If I weren’t in a committed relationship, I’d be looking for my girlfriends to call for support.

Yes, I might get their support once in a while.

But it’s sometimes not as reliable as having your own person always there for you, no matter what.

Also, we all have our issues to deal with.

So, listening to other people’s problems may not always be convenient for us.

But I’m glad I have my husband’s support whenever I need it.

3. Intimacy is a good reason for a romantic relationship


Most people won’t admit it, but intimacy is another reason – and a good one at that – to be in a romantic relationship.

There is no shame in wanting intimacy in a relationship.

Before, we used to frown at people that jumped from partner to partner.

Now we shame people for wanting regular intimacy in their exclusive relationships.

Some say regular intimacy shouldn’t be a requirement.

To each their own.

But if you want regular intimacy in your marriage or long-term relationship, there is nothing wrong with that.

Besides, it’s better to have one steady partner you’re sleeping with than multiple partners bringing drama into your life.

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4. What’s the purpose of a romantic relationship? To build a family

Building a strong and loving family is an excellent reason to get into romantic relationships.

It’s great to see little versions of you growing into independent adults.

The parent-child love is a whole different and beautiful experience.

But it’s your choice if you don’t want to have children.

Not everyone will be parents.

However, let your partner know early enough if you don’t want kids so you’re on the same page in your relationship.

Many couples have separated because they assumed their partners wanted the same things.

5. To give and receive love


When you get into a romantic relationship with someone, you learn how to consider other people’s needs.

Some people that don’t want relationships say they cannot put another person’s needs above theirs.

But relationships are about giving and loving mutually.

And relationships can only work between two people who want to be together and are willing to make it work.

And one of the ways to make your relationship work is to put each other first.

When you make each other priority in a relationship, you will build a great connection.

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What would my life be like if I wasn’t in a romantic relationship?

I’d be miserable asf.

Because I love relationships.

So if I wasn’t married and with how society has shifted, maybe some guy would be playing with my little heart.

And maybe I’d be setting up all these unrealistic standards some women set for men these days.

Or I’d be ranting on social media about how bad all men are.

And not taking accountability for the outcomes I get.

Or I’d be unable to recognize a good man.

Who knows?

But I know I’d not be as happy as I am now.

So I’d rather be in a relationship with an amazing man than be alone.

So what’s the point of being in a romantic relationship?

If not for anything, I love my friendship with my man and the family we’ve built together.

It’s up to you to choose whether you want a relationship.

But there are lots of good people out there looking to start romantic relationships.

So if you’re interested in romantic relationships, ask men out if they’re not approaching you.

Please get to know them and see how it goes.

That’s my two cents on the purpose of a romantic relationship.

Thanks for reading.

Please share this post; it would mean everything to me.

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