When Your Boyfriend Belittles Your Job – What To Do


Does your boyfriend make you feel your job is insignificant?

Or he dismisses your achievements, belittles your salary, or even makes fun of your professional goals.

Whatever it is, realizing that his behavior is unacceptable is important.

This post will discuss what to do when your boyfriend belittles your career.

So you can get your confidence back and continue to crush your goals.

Let’s get started!

Why your boyfriend belittles your career

First, let’s discuss why your boyfriend belittles your career.

Then we can talk about how to tackle it.

So here are some reasons why he belittles your career:

He’s jealous of your success.


If your boyfriend belittles your job, it’s a sign he’s jealous of your achievements.

Some people want to be the only ones to shine in relationships.

Even in regular friendships, you’d notice that some friends are only happy if they’re the only ones achieving goals.

But once you start climbing the ladder, it becomes a problem for them.

If your man isn’t encouraging you to make progress.

And instead, spend his time undermining your goals; he’s jealous and threatened by what you can achieve.

He sees you as a competitor, not a partner.

Another reason a boyfriend would belittle your career is if he sees you as a competitor.

Many couples compete against each other for who makes more money.

And who buys more expensive gifts, etc.

And the person with more money feels they have the upper hand in the relationship.

But what people like that fail to understand is that you’re a team.

You’re on the same side.

Not opponents.

He’s insecure

Sometimes when your partner belittles your career, it’s out of their own insecurities.

Maybe your man doesn’t go after his dreams to bring them to life.

Or he’s a little too laid-back for his own good.

And every time you make progress, it reminds him of his stagnancy.

Which makes him insecure.

But that’s not your problem.

What to do when your boyfriend belittles your career

1. Don’t let his words define your worth


First of all, his words don’t define your worth.

Also, your job reflects your skills, passions, and dedication.

And you’re not defined by your title or paycheck.

And you have every right to be proud of your achievements.

2. Talk to him about how his words hurt you

Secondly, discuss with your boyfriend and let him know how his comments make you feel.

Also, ask him why he feels the need to put you down.

Because sometimes, some people don’t understand how their words affect others.

Or they know but do not care.

But you need to bring to his attention how his words hurt you.

And if your boyfriend refuses to acknowledge your feelings, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship.

3. Rethink your relationship when your boyfriend belittles your career

Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and love.

And you deserve someone who encourages you to achieve your goals.

In short, your partner is supposed to be your biggest fan.

A one-person fan base of your boyfriend is enough support to push you higher.

And in relationships, we need someone who lifts us up and celebrates our success.

Not one that brings you down.

Because we critique ourselves enough already.

So you don’t need anyone making it worse.

Also, remember your job is important.

You worked hard to get to where you are.

So don’t let anyone make you feel small because of your career.

4. Break up with him


After evaluating your relationship, you know the next move is to break up, right?

As I said, you don’t need a partner that belittles you, your business, your career, etc.

It’s not easy to learn the skills you did to get the job you have.

And whether your man earns more than you do, he shouldn’t belittle your career.

So what do you do with a man that undermines your success?

You leave him.

Yes, break up with him.

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5. Don’t stay friends with an ex-boyfriend that belittles your job

And please don’t stay friends with this person.

I don’t get the thing with people staying friends with exes.

But even if you like being friends with ex-boyfriends, an ex that belittles you shouldn’t be considered a friend.

Because if he has the chance to be close to you, he would continue to tear you down.

And you’d think he’s the best you can get because he’s robbed you of your self-esteem.

Please don’t stay friends with him.

6. Get support from family and friends


If your boyfriend continues to belittle your career, please seek support from friends and family.

Tell them how you feel.

They might help you see a different viewpoint.

Because sometimes, we don’t know how bad a situation is until we get another perspective.

We might even think we’re doing something wrong.

And that the boyfriend might be right.

But no, the boyfriend is wrong for belittling your career.

So your friends or family might help you see that tolerating belittling from a partner is not okay.

Also, if they’re good friends, they’ll cheer you up.

Don’t let your boyfriend’s silly comments bring you down.

7. Try not to repeat dating someone like him


Now moving forward, if you decide to date, know who you’re dating.

And don’t tolerate belittling from your partner.

Also, please don’t belittle your partner’s job because your ex used to belittle you.

Some of us say we can hurt others because some ex-boyfriend hurt us.

Please don’t be like that.

Also, take time to heal because belittling in relationships can be very hurtful.

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Final thoughts: don’t let anyone diminish your worth

If your boyfriend has belittled your job, remember that your career is part of who you are and deserves respect.

Don’t let anyone undermine your strengths.

Or the work you put into your career.

So communicate your feelings.

Seek support from friends, family, or a therapist.

And remember, you deserve love and respect.

Don’t settle for anything less.

Lastly, keep your head up.

And never let anyone dim your light.

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