Why Women Flirt With Your Man – A Guy’s Perspective, What To Do

Woman smiling proudly and flirting with your man

Everyone’s discussing what to do when another woman flirts with your man.

But not addressing why women flirt with men that are taken.

Do you wonder why that happens?

Well, I do, too.

But after discussing it extensively with my husband, I now understand why women flirt with someone else’s man – from a guy’s perspective.

And this post will discuss why and what to do when another woman flirts with your guy.

Let’s begin.

Why women flirt with your man (even in front of you)

When I discussed women flirting with other people’s men with my husband, he showed me a different viewpoint.

Everyone quickly points fingers at the women going after other people’s partners.

But absolve the men from blame.

I’m not saying it’s okay for a woman to go after your man.

But it’s wise to consider how other men’s actions allowed it to continue.

So here’s why other women flirt with your man:

1. Other men have allowed her behavior.

Man flirting with a woman, putting his hand on her shoulder

Sometimes, you’d wonder why these women feel comfortable going after your man, and sometimes in front of you.

It’s mainly because other men have permitted their behavior.

Men in committed relationships have flirted back and even have sexual relationships with other women.

So when we apportion blame, let’s not forget that the men they flirted with in the past allowed them to disrespect their partners.

Some men have belittled their partners to these women so that they can sleep with them.

That’s why some women are confident in going after men in committed relationships.

2. Some women want what other women have chosen

Like it or not, most women are too lazy to recognize a good man.

And when they see a man in a committed relationship, they believe he must be good.

And that’s why you chose him.

So it’s not like they’re unaware he’s in a relationship.

They just want what you have.

3. Some women are constantly competing with each other

woman celebrating her win after successfully flirting and getting your man

We all know that most women are constantly competing with each other.

Some women will go after your man because their competition knows no bounds.

And even when they don’t know you, they still want to win a competition against you.

That’s why they’d not back down even when a man says he’s in a committed relationship.

It’s also why they want their affairs with married men to advance to marriage.

Because they want to win the husband from his wife.

But what they don’t know and will never get is if he can leave his wife for you, he would leave you for another woman.

4. She thinks you’re nothing to him.

When men in committed relationships have encouraged and flirted with these women, they’re expected to believe you mean nothing to your man.

And you can’t blame her.

If she flirts with your man, he can ignore or encourage her.

But when men in relationships encourage her, she starts believing that men don’t value their partners.

So why should she put any respect on your name?

Again, it’s not your fault.

It’s the men that encourage them that are to blame.

5. She doesn’t respect you or herself.

Some women would flirt with your man behind your back.

But some will do it right in front of you.

And that’s because she doesn’t respect you, your guy, or herself.

Because a self-respecting woman wouldn’t blatantly flirt with your man before you.

Also, she wouldn’t want to deal with the drama of dating someone else’s partner.

6. She thinks all men are the same.

Another reason other women flirt with your husband is that they think all men are the same.

As I said about other men encouraging her flirtatious behavior, she thinks all men will be into her.

People like that think they can flirt with any man, committed or not.

6 Signs a woman is flirting with your man

When a woman is flirting with your man, she will do these:

1. She would be more friendly with him than with you.

Why Women Flirt With Your Man - From A Guy's Perspective, What To Do

One of the first things you’d notice when a woman is flirting with your man is that she wouldn’t want to befriend you.

You’d see she’s more interested in talking to him than you.

Even if you’re together, she would focus more on him and ignore you.

She’s not the type that will have women’s conversations with you.

No, she doesn’t think you have anything in common.

Because her primary goal is to get close to your man.

In short, she would avoid you as much as she can.

To her, you don’t exist.

2. She would ask him for favors to have more time with him

Another sign another woman is flirting with your man is that she asks him to do favors for her.

She might ask him to help her fix something broken in her house.

So they can be in a private space together.

Even if she can get a repairer to fix it, she would ask your husband to do them for her.

3. She would be more touchy when talking to him.

When a woman is flirting with your man, she touches him a lot when talking to him.

Though some people are very touchy when they talk.

And they touch everyone they talk to.

But when a woman is flirting with your man, she touches only him amongst everyone in the room or wherever.

4. Anything he says sounds funny to her

When another woman is flirting with your man, everything he says is funnier than it is.

To her, he’s the funniest guy she’s ever met.

He might as well be a standup comedian. Lol.

5. She would talk about him like she knows him more than you

Sometimes when a woman is flirting with your man, she talks about him like she knows him more than you.

Also, she would exaggerate any favors he did her like it’s more than what it is.

Acting like he did something for her that he’d only do for people dear to him.

And she would talk about him with such admiration that her face lits up.

6. She would offer her company.

When another woman is flirting with your man, she suddenly believes he would enjoy her company more than yours.

She somehow believes he’s bored or unhappy with you.

So she can add some joy to his life.

And that’s because she believes people in long-term relationships are bored of their partners and looking for something new.

So if she offers her company, believing your guy would quickly jump at the new shiny object she’s offering.

How to deal with another woman flirting with your man

You have to be strategic when dealing with a woman flirting with your man, whether in front of you or not.

So here’s what to do when another woman flirts with your man:

Talk to your man

When another woman flirts with your man, the first thing you must do is talk to him about it.

Some guys think they’re not all that.

And don’t believe women would flirt with or even want them.

But some guys would listen to you, watch the flirt’s behavior, and decipher what’s been happening.

So depending on the kind of person your guy is, things can sway in different ways.

But still, it’s essential to address the issue before moving to the next step.

Let him handle it

Now you’ve discussed with your husband or boyfriend about the lady flirting with him.

The next thing to do is let him handle it.

And he’s supposed to let you know that he’ll address it and follow through.

So he can tell the woman he’s in a committed relationship and not interested in her.

You don’t need to tell him what to say to this person.

As he’s supposed to know what to say if he’s not interested in her advances.

So he can

  • ignore her texts
  • Stop helping her
  • He can mention that he’s in a relationship and can’t date her.
  • He can talk about you – that might put her off

But he cannot say he doesn’t know what to do about it.

Also, telling her he’s in a relationship might not necessarily make her back down.

It might even make up the ante to get your man.

Still, your man must keep pushing back about wanting nothing with her until she gives up.

Ignore her when another woman flirts with your man

When another woman flirts with your man, you’d be tempted to want to tell her to back off.

Sometimes it works.

But most times, women who knowingly go after other women’s partners never back down.

And once you start engaging them, they’d think you’re insecure, and they stand a chance with your man.

So, ignore her and trust your guy will do the right thing.

When another woman flirts with your man, distance yourself from her

I had a friend that was openly flirting with my guy.

She likes to come to my place unannounced and late in the night.

So she can spend the night.

After I noticed her plans, I started distancing myself from her.

So when she calls that she’s coming over, I tell her we’re not at home.

I did that for some time.

And she finally got the message that she wasn’t welcome in my home.

So you can distance yourself from her if she’s your friend, neighbor, or colleague.

Subtly tell her off when another woman flirts with your man

If a woman tried to flirt with your man in front of you, you can tell her off subtly.

You can look at your guy and smile like, “Here we go again”.

So she knows that you’ve seen and know her type.

And you aren’t threatened.

Or you can say something like:

“He’s hot, right?”


“Don’t you think it’s weird to hit on a man when his woman is next to him?”

I’m not really good with catchy phrases.

But I think you get the idea.

And you might have something more drop mike worthy that will make her back off.

Leave his butt if he seems to enjoy the flirting.

Some guys would act like you’re crazy to say another woman is flirting with them.

It’s not like they don’t understand what’s going on.

They do.

But because they like it and are interested in that person, they’d act like you’re making an issue out of nothing.

Some would even flirt back with the person in front of you and pretend it’s nothing.

If your guy acts like that, it’s a sign that he’s interested in that woman.

And you have every right to end the relationship if he continues acting that way.

Because such people will flirt with and even sleep with others and act like it’s not a big deal.

Which can ruin your self-esteem.

So instead of staying with that kind of person, please leave them.

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Conclusion on why women flirt with your man

It is unpleasant when another woman blatantly tries to flirt with your man.

And the reason they do is because they’ve succeeded in the past.

Unfortunately, your guy cannot control what she does.

But he can control how he reacts to her advances.

And never take the B.S. that he cannot tell her off or ignore her. Because he can.

Unless there’s more to it.

That’s my two cents on the matter.

If you find this post helpful, please share it.

Thanks for reading.

See you next time.

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