Why Women Should Start Asking Guys Out – Pros & Cons

Why Women Should Start Asking Guys Out - Pros & Cons

First, it is crazy out there.

Honestly, I feel sorry for single women who want to date, but guys aren’t asking them out.

It must feel horrible.

Guys are skeptical about asking women out because of stories we hear daily.

And I don’t blame them.

But you can change how you approach dating if you want a guy in your life.

Don’t wait for guys to come to knock on your door.

Instead, you must go out and find yourself a boyfriend.

Too blunt?

I’m sorry. But that’s the truth.

This post will discuss why you should start asking men out if you want to date.

We’ll also discuss the cons of asking a guy out and a simple way to talk to guys.

Let’s begin.

4 reasons why you should ask guys out

Before everything went haywire, men made eye contact and maybe checked you out when you walked by.

Even if we sometimes act as if we hate it, women love when guys check them out.

I go for a walk these days and see men avoid eye contact.

It’s only once in a while that a guy smiles, says hello, and walks by.

Yes, I’m married, so maybe that’s why men don’t look at or say hi to me.

But I’ll argue that men smiled and said hello to all women before the battle of the sexes went crazy.

So if you want a man in your life, you might as well look for one.

And here’s why:

1. There are single guys out there that want to date.

Why Women Should Start Asking Guys Out - Pros & Cons

Just the way we have many single women, there are lots of single guys that want to date.

But you have to go out and look for them.

I understand your reservations because some guys are jerks.

But there are many great guys ready to date.

And they would be flattered if you asked them out.

2. Go for a guy you like if you wish to date

Why Women Should Start Asking Guys Out - Pros & Cons

I always encourage women to go for a guy they like.

Don’t wait, and hope he’ll come to you.

You know, before you’d look at a guy, make eye contact, and smile.

Then the guy knows you dig him and might come to talk to you, etc.

But that doesn’t happen anymore.

So if you dig a guy, you’d have to tell him.

And if he’s taken, he will let you know, or you’ll find out eventually.

Our close friend is currently dating a lady who made the first move.

She saw him, she liked him, and she told him.

They met this year, have been together for several months, and are now engaged.

So don’t feel odd about it, as women have been asking men out for a long time.

3. Asking a guy out might be your only way to meet a good guy.

As I said, many men aren’t asking women out anymore because of how crazy it is.

So, making the first move might be the only way you’d find someone suitable to date.

Don’t sit and let another woman take a guy you’d love to love.

Remember, there’s no room to play hard to get and all the little games women play.

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4. Women should start asking guys out because it’s hard for guys out there.

Believe it or not, it’s hard for men out there.

Most men avoid women because of fear of rejection.

Or even worse, some call men creeps because they hit on them.

So it’s now left to you to show a guy you like that you want to date him.

That way, he would feel safe dealing with you.

It’s crazy out there in the dating market.

But women are still starting and building relationships with great guys.

Wonder how they met?

I wonder too.

Maybe she asked him out, and he feels safe with her.

Maybe. Just maybe.

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Cons of asking a guy out

Like everything else, there are cons to asking a guy out.

But still, it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing what you want.

You would get many rejections when you ask a guy out.

Why Women Should Start Asking Guys Out - Pros & Cons

The truth is when you begin asking men out; you’d get lots of rejection.

And it’s okay.

Maybe the guy had a girlfriend or is married.

Or he’s gay.

Or maybe he’s not interested in dating right now.

It could even be that you dodged a bullet.

It could be anything.

So don’t see rejection as the worst thing ever.

In fact, you should appreciate it because it is honest instead of being with a liar.

Besides, guys face rejection every day and keep living their lives.

But again, when you meet a guy, and everything clicks, you won’t even remember the rejections.

So again, rejection in dating is not the end of the world.

Some guys may perceive you as desperate.

To some guys, it’s a sign of desperation when a woman asks them out.

Those kinds of men are not worth your time.

Besides, who gives AF what some immature group of guys think?

Please don’t focus on what anyone thinks.

Only focus on getting yourself a great guy to start a relationship with.

So tomorrow, get dressed, go to your favorite coffee shop, and meet someone.

Let’s talk about how to ask a guy out.

How to ask a guy out

Let’s say you saw this guy at your favorite coffee shop.

Here are two scenarios.

#1 How to ask a guy out

Why Women Should Start Asking Guys Out - Pros & Cons

You: Hello.

Him: Hello. *reading a book. Doing something on his phone, laptop, whatever*

You: Mind if I join you? Are you busy?

Him: No, I don’t mind. *smiles*

You: What are you reading? Where are you from? Or I like your style; it’s different.

Please don’t ask him if his shoes are Armani or talk about material stuff.

Him: *blushes at “I love your style* and says it’s blah blah blah.

That’s how you start a conversation.

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed each other’s company.

In the end, if you haven’t told him your name, please do so.

Then ask for his number that you’d love to do this again.

I have no idea where it leads.

But you have to start from somewhere.

#2 How to ask a guy out – possible rejection

You: Hello.

Him: Hello. *reading a book. Doing something on his phone, laptop, whatever*

You: Mind if I join you? Are you busy?

Him: I’m busy

You: I’m sorry. Have a great day.

Move on with your life.

Tomorrow you try again.

No harm, no foul.

Let’s wrap up why women should start asking guys out

So should you ask a man out? Yes!

If you want to date, you need to start asking guys out.

And you’d face rejection and meet some crappy men.

But is that not enough reason to miss a chance to meet the man of your dreams?

I think not.

So if you see a guy you like, please make the first move.

The worst you’ll get is no.

And it won’t take a hair off your skin.

But when you finally meet the guy that checks all the boxes, you won’t even think about the rejections anymore.

I wish you all the best.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Please share it; it would mean everything to me.

Thanks for reading.

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