Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

I’ve always wanted to get married.

Luckily when I made that decision, nobody shamed women for wanting marriage.

Marriage was encouraged.

But these days, society shames women for wanting to get married.

Even after being married for over seven years, I still see people look at me like I’m losing something.

Or the stereotype that African men subdue their wives.

But that doesn’t bother me because I know my husband.

Besides, lots of men worldwide subdue their wives.

Keep reading if you feel like you’re being shamed for wanting to get married.

This post will discuss three reasons you shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to get married.

Let’s begin.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

Getting married is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

And I’d encourage anyone who wants to get married to go for it for the right reasons.

Here are my reasons why you should never feel ashamed for wanting to get married:

1. Marriage is not for everyone.

Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

Thankfully these days, you can choose to get married or not.

Some people say they don’t want to get married because marriage is not for them.

And that’s okay.

I respect their decision.

Because who am I to tell you what to do with your life?

I believe everyone is free to do what they like.

But I can’t stand people who don’t want to get married shaming others for wanting marriage.

Why does your decision to get married bother them so much?

Maybe it’s because it makes them insecure about their choice to stay single.

Again, I don’t care if anyone doesn’t want to get married.

Please do you. And own it proudly.

But don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re making a mistake because you chose a different path in life.

2. You have a life even after marriage

Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

No matter how many lies you hear about marriage, I’ll tell you that there’s life after marriage.

Married people still go out to have drinks with friends.

And many married women still go out and spend time with their girlfriends.

I recently had dinner and watched a play with my friends.

And later that same week, I went to a send-off party for another friend and was there till about 10 pm.

While my husband was home with the kids.

So you must know your partner very well before marrying them.

Most people that say you have no life after marriage never admit they chose crappy partners.

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3. There are lots of benefits to being married

Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

People always look at marriage with a negative lens.

But the truth is there are benefits to getting married.

For me, one of the best things about marriage is living with the one you love.

That friendship is out of this world.

When you have a tight bond with your partner, they will do anything for you.

They won’t hesitate to help you.

Ask any happily married couple who comes first in their lives.

They’d tell you their spouses and kids come before anyone else.

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Most marriages end in divorce.

Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

Yes, there’s a chance that a marriage can end up in divorce.

But don’t let that stop you from marrying who you love.

Also, there are lots of successful marriages out there.

So why focus on the possibility of separation instead of a long-lasting happy marriage?

There’s no one single formula to keep a marriage.

A successful marriage takes two people who want to be together.

And are willing to do everything it takes to keep their marriage.

So if you and your partner want to be together, you’ll make your marriage work.

It’s not about what you hear on social media.

It’s about you and your spouse.

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Marriage benefits the man more.

How does marriage benefit the man more?

Is it because the woman stays at home and cares for the kids while he works to bring the bread?

Honestly, I’d rather stay home, let my man work and care for the family.

I worked 9 to 5 before, and it drove me crazy.

I stopped working when I got pregnant with my second child.

Besides, there’s someone for everyone.

If you want to leave your kids at daycare so both of you can work, marry someone that wants the same.

If you don’t want to have kids, marry someone who doesn’t want kids.

There are ways to go about these things.

But people always want to shame you for staying home to care for your kids.

Making you feel like you’re losing something.

Also, there’s no competition about who’s winning or losing in marriage

Stupid competition is one of the things that ruin marriages.

So let’s look at who’s winning or losing, if at all.

How a husband wins in a marriage

Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married
  • He works hard to care for his family.
  • A husband commits to his wife and appreciates her caring for their kids.
  • He makes you feel special inside and outside the bedroom.
  • Your husband makes sure you and the kids have everything you need.
  • When he talks about you, he says lots of good stuff.
  • He comes back home to you every night.

A husband sees winning as when he can take care of his family.

So if this is how a husband wins, you should be proud of him, not bringing him down.

Okay, let’s see how the stay-at-home wife loses in the relationship.

  • She cooks and cleans.
  • Her husband still does the heavy lifting when it comes to house chores.
  • She takes care of their kids.
  • She gets her hair and nails done if she wants to.
  • She can take naps during the day if she wants.
  • A wife can binge-watch her favorite shows while her hubby is out there hustling.
  • She can have intimacy with the man she loves.
  • And if she likes, she can work from home and make money online.

Wow! Look how a wife loses in a marriage.

I do everything on this list and believe I have a good life.

Like I said before, a successful marriage takes two people that want to be together.

And are willing to make their marriage work.

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Or the husband subdues his wife

Why You Should Never Be Ashamed Of Wanting To Get Married

As we discussed earlier, marriage is not for everyone.

Some of us can’t do anything for anyone else.

Also, some of us let our pride go before us.

So we feel it’s degrading to do something for our SO.

When you love someone, making them a plate will be an act of love.

And your husband won’t see you as less than.

I use the “making a plate” example because that’s what most women whine about on social media.

I’ve seen couples married for over 40 years, and the wife still makes a plate for her husband.

She does it selflessly.

And her husband adores her.

They share house chores and do it like friends.

That couple gives me hope that marriage is still worth it.

Again you must know a lot about your boyfriend or girlfriend before marrying them.

So should you be ashamed of wanting to get married?

No, you shouldn’t.

You should be proud of your decision.

Because everyone is free to choose what they want in life.

So marry the person you love, that loves you back.

And please stop listening to anyone trying to shame you for your choice.

If you respect their decision to stay single, they should respect yours.

The truth about most people who shame you for wanting marriage is that they’re insecure.

They want everyone to share their opinion, or else they can’t own it.

Has anyone shamed you for wanting to get married?

Please share with us in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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