5 Girlfriends To Keep Away From Your Man

5 Girlfriends To Keep Away From Your Man

When I was much younger and dating, my friends would invite me to visit their boyfriends with them.

And I always turned down the invitation because I didn’t understand why I should be there.

After all, they’re dating and would be with each other.

So what will I be doing?

Am I supposed to be a spectator of their relationship?

And in that same mindset, I never invited my friends to my boyfriend’s place.

Because I love my space with my boyfriend.

But just before getting married, I relaxed a bit about inviting my friends to our place.

And that was the mistake of life.

Since then, I promised myself I would be picky about who visits my home.

And decided it is better to keep some friends far from your relationships.

So in this post, I’ll show you five girlfriends to keep away from your man.

Let’s begin.

5 women to keep away from your man

When I started dating my husband (then boyfriend), a friend of mine was always eager to visit.

And I enjoyed her company, so I always welcomed her.

Then, when we married, she still visited us from time to time.

But I noticed a pattern.

This girl doesn’t like to do things privately.

And it happened several times.

So I stopped inviting her to my place.

Maybe you have some friends you feel are into your man, but you’re not sure.

Here are five chicks to keep away from your man:

1. The girlfriend who visits without notice

5 Girlfriends To Keep Away From Your Man

An impromptu visit from a friend once in a while is okay.

But if your friend always visits without notice, especially at odd hours, she has a plan.

This friend I was talking about would call last minute to say she was stranded at my bus stop.

So she’s coming over to spend the night.

I understand helping a friend in need.

But like I said earlier, I noticed a pattern.

She was always stranded near my home late at night.

And she always spent the night or more days.

Also, she doesn’t like to get dressed in private, even if I tell her to.

So I started showing her signs that she wasn’t welcome in my home.

Guess she got the message.

2. Girlfriends to keep away from your man: the slutty friend

5 Girlfriends To Keep Away From Your Man

We all have that sluttish friend that always wants other people’s boyfriends.

Yes, we like it when our friends like our men.

But the sluttish friend is obsessed with your man.

She would wear revealing clothes to your place.

And she doesn’t care; she would try to get your man’s attention with her body movements in your presence.

And if she has a great body, she would try to seduce your man in her skimpy tight clothes.

She might even cream her body and get dressed in your living room where your beau would see her.

As soon as you notice, please keep this chick away from your man.

Don’t even confront her about it.

She would make you feel like you’re crazy.

Just find a way to stop her from visiting your home.

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3. The chick who likes your guy but dislikes you

5 Girlfriends To Keep Away From Your Man

Another chick to keep away from your man is the one who is friends with your man but doesn’t like you.

You don’t have to like all your partner’s friends.

And they don’t have to like you too.

But if this chick is actively trying to get you out of the picture, she has a plan.

And if you watch her closely, she’s like that with other guys who have girlfriends or wives.

She prefers to be friends with guys but not with their partners.

For some reason, all the partners are bad, and she’s good.

How possible is that if she doesn’t have a motive?

There was a chick that tried that with me.

She wants to be friends with my beau but doesn’t talk to me even if I’m there.

You know when someone actively ignores you and focuses on your man?

That’s what this chick did to me several times.

So I discussed it with my beau.

And he noticed it too.

Then he stopped being friends with her because his family comes before any friendship.

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4. Women to keep away from your man: the attention-seeker

5 Girlfriends To Keep Away From Your Man

Another woman to keep away from your guy is the attention seeker.

The one that always drags your man into every conversation or argument she’s having with you.

Because she wants to talk to him all the time.

She always wants his opinion about everything.

And the worst part is when she wants your beau to side with her when she’s arguing with you.

A friend of mine used to do that a lot.

My hubby is a quiet guy.

He doesn’t talk unless he has to.

So this friend of mine visits, and we gist about many things.

But when we started arguing, she would want my hubby’s input and expect him to side with her.

And I told her point blank, “do you think he would side with you over me?”.

Also, my beau always leaves once we start arguing because he doesn’t want us dragging him into our debate.

So if your friend does this a lot, it’s a sign she craves your guy’s attention.

Please keep her away from your home.

5. Keep the insecure girlfriend away from your man

5 Girlfriends To Keep Away From Your Man

This friend is jealous when she’s not in the spotlight.

She’s the type that frowns when your beau says something sweet about you.

Or she tries to put you down before your man to feel good about herself.

The insecure friend is the one who’s not happy for you when you’re dating a good guy.

Her body language tells you all you need to know.

Please keep women like that from your man because they will do anything to steal your spotlight.

And don’t invite them to your place.

If you so value their friendship, visit them on your own.

But keep them out of your relationship and home.

Conclusion on 5 chicks to keep away from your man

When your man asked to date you, he wasn’t expecting you to come with a group of women.

But sometimes, our friends meet our men, and everything flows.

Then other times, some of your friends want more from your guy.

Once you notice it, please stop bringing such friends close to your man.

Yes, we all are expected to have massive self-control.

But don’t bring the temptation to your beau.

Keep your slutty, attention-seeking, jealous, etc., friends, away from your guy.

Learn to separate the two, and everything will be okay.

I hope this post has shown you the kinds of women to keep away from your man.

Please share it; it would mean everything to me.

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