Why You Deserve A Good Man & Shouldn’t Apologize For It

5 Reasons Why You Deserve A Good Man & Shouldn't Apologize For It

There was a time when I thought I didn’t deserve a good man.

That was a time in my life when my insecurities were over the roof.

And I thought bad treatment in relationships was normal.

So, I settled for whatever I could find.

But I went to the other end when I told myself I wouldn’t accept bad relationships.

I concluded all men were the same and I’d never get married.

But I love being in a relationship, so I gave my heart to a good man.

And I’ve never been happier.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you deserve a good man.

And why you should never apologize for it.

Let’s begin.

5 Reasons why you deserve a good man and shouldn’t apologize for it

When you start raising the bar for what you want in a partner, people will make you feel like you’re asking for too much.

Or that it’s unattainable.

And some of this will come from people who treat their partners poorly.

Or some that have accepted poor treatment in relationships.

But everyone interested in romantic relationships deserves good men and shouldn’t apologize.

And here’s why:

1. You can have a healthy relationship with a good man

You can be yourself in a relationship with a good guy.

At first, it would seem weird that someone treats you well.

And when you’ve been in many horrible relationships, you might try to ruin the new one with the great guy.

Because you’re wondering why there’s no drama.

But sweetie, let me tell you, healthy relationships are real.

You deserve to be treated well.

Your partner is right for loving you in a healthy way.

They’re not foolish because they’re faithful to you.

It’s healthy that you’re the only one they see and want.

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2. You’re a good person

Sometimes, even as a good person, bad experiences can make us feel like we don’t deserve good relationships.

But we can’t be more wrong.

You deserve someone who treats you well when you’re a good person.

Find and embrace it.

There was a time when I thought someone I was dating was doing me a favor by being in my life.

But not anymore.

Someone left a comment on my YouTube video about how I should be grateful my husband made me a part of his life.

If not, I’d be at my parents’ for God knows how long.

Yes, the comment hurt me a bit.

But I know I’m a good person and deserve a good man.

That’s why such comments don’t hold water.

So you must tell yourself that you deserve a good man because you’re a great person too.

And be honest with yourself.

Even if you think you’re not the best person out there, there’s always someone who thinks the world of you.

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3. You deserve someone who will be there for you at your worst

A man taking care of his sick female partner

I knew my husband was “the one” early on in our relationship.

One night, I was with him, and I fell ill, and he took care of me.

He didn’t make me feel low, even at my lowest.

And he was there during our kids’ delivery.

His commitment to our family is unwavering.

Some of us have been in relationships where our partners have convinced themselves that we don’t poop.

Get yourself that man who will hold your hand and be there for you.

And do the same for him, too.

4. You deserve to be treated nicely in your relationships

Remember that you don’t deserve to be treated poorly in any relationship.

And if that’s your only reason for wanting a good man, it’s more than enough.

And you shouldn’t apologize for wanting to be treated better.

Some of us only want to hear about bad relationship experiences because it helps validate our fears.

But don’t let anyone project their fears and experiences on you like it’s set in stone.

People are different—likewise, relationships.

Don’t ever feel like a good man is out of your reach.

After many bad experiences, let me tell you, a good man is a breath of fresh air.

And you deserve that fresh air.

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5. People in healthy relationships are not more special than you

couple eating ice cream and laughing

I say this to help you understand there is no special gift for choosing good partners.

But people in good relationships see a person who treats them well and loves them back.

Yeah, it’s something we say a lot where I’m from. lol

We’re all humans with one head.

So if the next person can have a great partner and a healthy relationship, why can’t I?

This mindset helped me recognize a good man and decided that’s the hill I die on.

What happens when you find a good man?

When you find a good man, everyone will have opinions.

Don’t they always have opinions? Lol.

Anyway, here goes.

People will want you to be scared that your partner is good to you

Now, people talk about wanting a good man.

But when you find a good man, these people want to instill fear in you.

Some say all men cheat and that the ones we think are faithful are very good at hiding it.

What I know about cheating in relationships is that it’s impossible to hide it forever.

Good men are out there who want to be with only one woman at a time.

And if you meet one, don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re being deceived without evidence.

And if something is amiss, you’ll see signs and end it.

Some people will be unhappy for you

5 Reasons Why You Deserve A Good Man & Shouldn't Apologize For It

Another thing to remember when you’re with a good man is that some people will be unhappy with you.

Some of us get jealous when others have men who treat them like queens.

And maybe because we have a history of picking bad men, we’re jealous someone else found a good one.

So again, they’ll put fear in you to make you doubt your connection.

And if you’re not careful, you might ruin your relationship.

But you don’t need the world to be happy for you.

If you’re happy about your choice of a partner, then that’s more than enough.

After all, you’re the one experiencing this person.

So be happy for yourself.

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Some will say he’s not good enough

When you find a good man, some of your people will try to convince you that he’s not good enough.

Some will say he’s not in your league or class.

And that’s because the good man doesn’t come with bells and whistles.

Instead, love and kindness come naturally to him.

Yes, you’ll be attracted to each other, but it will be more than physical.

And he’ll love and treat you well.

Some of my friends voiced their thoughts, both directly and indirectly, about my man.

Because he wasn’t throwing money all over me.

But I love him because he’s good to me.

And now we have enough and live well.

Most of all, I have peace of mind that my husband wants only me.

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Conclusion on why you deserve a good man

This concludes my post about why you deserve a good man.

The truth is, there are good men out there.

But we must understand that they’ll not always come with shiny labels.

Focus on how he treats you.

Does he treat you well?

Do you like him?

Is he ambitious?

If your answer to the questions is yes, you’ve found yourself a keeper.

That’s all, folks.

If you like this post, please share it.

Thanks for reading

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