My Ex-boyfriend Still Wants To Sleep With Me – What I Did


It can be unclear when your ex-boyfriend still wants to sleep with you.

Because I wanted my ex back, I thought sleeping with him was a way to get back together.

But he only wanted a casual thing.

Which ended up hurting me.

And because we wanted different things, I had to cut all ties for good.

So if your ex wants to sleep with you, keep reading.

This post will discuss 13 reasons why your ex-boyfriend still wants to sleep with you and what to do.

Let’s begin.

My ex still wants to sleep with me – 13 Reasons why

1. Your ex-boyfriend wants to sleep with you because he’s lonely


When your ex-boyfriend still wants to sleep with you, it’s likely because he’s lonely.

Breakups leave us lonely.

So when your ex is lonely, who does he reach out to?


And because they’re someone you used to love, you’d end up in bed.

2. He wants to keep you close just in case

Another reason your ex-boyfriend wants to sleep with you is to keep you close.

So he may be dating someone else but keeping you close in case that relationship fails.

Which means you’re his second-best choice.

If he wants to be with you, he should be sure you’re the only one.

Instead of comparing you with someone else and only choosing you because that person left them.

That kind of relationship always leads to chaos.

Because you’ll never be enough.

And you’re together because it didn’t work with the other person.

3. Sex is all your ex-boyfriend ever wanted with you


Maybe you guys had a great sex life, and your ex misses it, so he wants to keep sleeping with you.

This means that your ex only wanted you for sex the whole time.

And it’s also part of why the relationship failed.

4. Your ex wants to control you is why he still wants to sleep with you

Maybe your ex is possessive.

Like if they can’t have you, no one else will.

So they’d somehow remain in your life even if the relationship is over.

So that they can keep you from dating other people.

5. He wants to keep you from moving on


Another reason your ex still wants to sleep with you is to keep you from moving on.

Some of us cannot watch our exes moving on without us.

Because if we’re still hurting from the breakup, we expect the other person to feel the same.

But that’s not how it works.

Some of us move on faster than others.

So maybe your ex hasn’t moved on yet.

And sleeping with you will keep you from moving on too.

6. Your ex is insecure

Your ex -boyfriend may be insecure is why he still wants sex with you.

Maybe you used to make him feel good about himself.

But with you gone, your ex might be doubting his self-worth.

And being with you now and then might be helping him somehow.

7. He wants to give your relationship another try


Your ex might be sleeping with you to try to get you back.

Some exes sleep together and somehow get their relationship back.

But it doesn’t work for everyone.

Besides, if your ex wants to get back together, it’s better if he tells you instead of disguising it with sex.

Because sleeping with each other doesn’t say much.

It might feel like it says a lot because you’re still in love with your ex.

But if your ex has not explicitly said they want to get back together, you’re warming each other’s bed.

8. Your ex might be seeking revenge

Some exes are petty to dangerous.

Maybe you ended the relationship, and your ex is still mad at you.

So they’d do anything to get close to you and hurt you.

You must be very careful when dealing with an ex that’s still angry at you for breaking up with them.

9. Your ex-boyfriend wants to be friends with benefits

Most people typically want to sleep with their exes to be friends with benefits.

Again, if your ex is not saying this explicitly, it might give you mixed signals.

Also, if you want friends with benefits, you can find someone else, not necessarily your ex.

Besides, how do you switch from loving someone to being friends with benefits?

Please read Does Your Ex Want To Be Friends Or Just Looking For Sex?

10. Your ex sees you as the nearest booty call

If your ex was the dumper, they might take advantage of the fact that you still want them back.

So when they crave intimacy, they’ll call you.

Again, they enjoy sleeping with you.

And because you want them back, so you’re easy to manipulate.

But after your ex relieves himself, the longing for you lessens until the next time he wants some.

So you’re the nearest booty call when other women in his life are unavailable.

11. Your ex believes you’re available

When you stay friends with your ex, they know you’re available.

Because if you had something going on in your life, you wouldn’t stay in touch with them.

So your ex might interpret your friendship as availability to sleep together.

It is one of the reasons I cut ties with ex-boyfriends because your friendship can be misinterpreted as being available for smash.

12. Your ex-boyfriend wants to sleep with you because he has no options

If your ex is the type of guy that sleeps with several women, he might have run out of options.

And he’s circled back to you.

But once he finds more people to sleep with, he will put your sex on the back burner.

13. Your ex wants closure is why they still want to sleep with you


Some of us can’t move on without closure.

So maybe your ex wants closure is why he still wants to sleep with you.

Your ex might be unsure if breaking up was the right thing to do.

And sleeping with you might be what they need to finalize the breakup or another chance to save the relationship.

What to do when your ex wants to sleep with you

Some of us like to remain friends with exes.

But one of the potential risks of staying friends with an ex is that you might start sleeping together again.

So here are some things to consider before sleeping with your ex-boyfriend:

Think about the risks.

Before jumping back into bed with your ex-boyfriend, think about the potential risks.

What if your ex wants sex, but you still have feelings for him?

Or maybe he still has feelings for you.

And he interprets sleeping with you as getting back together.

Do you want to send mixed signals?

Besides, if you don’t want anything more with him, sleeping together will keep you from moving on.

Think about what you want.

Another thing to ponder before sleeping with your ex is what you want.

Do you want to stay stuck with this person?

Or do you want a shot at a better relationship?

And if you’re hoping for a new partner, you may not get one when spending more time with an ex-lover.

Talk about it

If your ex wants to sleep with you, ask him why.

And if it’s to get back together, talk about it before jumping back into bed.

But think about what you want if you plan to be friends with benefits.

It’s not easy to go from being in a relationship to having casual sex.

The feelings will always be there, so you risk getting hurt again.

Set boundaries

Set boundaries if you’re not interested in sleeping with your ex-boyfriend.

Maybe you’re friends and still spend lots of time together.

You can set boundaries and make it clear that you’re just friends.

And your ex needs to be on the same page as you.

But if they won’t respect your boundaries, please cut them off.

Should you sleep with your ex-boyfriend?

I can’t say to not sleep with your ex because you’d still do what you want.

But understand that you might never move on if you don’t cut your ex off.

So think about what you want.

Is that the kind of relationship you want?

Is it normal to sleep with your ex?

I can’t tell you what’s normal or not.

Many people sleep with their exes every day.

But if you want more and your ex only wants sex, then sleeping with him won’t help you.

Conclusion on why your ex still wants to sleep with you

So that’s my two cents on why your ex-boyfriend wants to sleep with you.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Please share it; it would mean the world to me.

Thanks for reading.

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